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Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum Review

Dyson V7 MotorHead Cordless Vacuum Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Hey everybody welcome to vacuum wars today i’m starting a short series on dyson cordless vacuums and while i’ve reviewed quite a few dysons in the past there are some models i’ve yet to check out and i wanted to start this series with one of dyson’s least expensive models the dyson v7 motorhead we put it through all of our usual tests over the last week and in this video we’ll go through all the pros and cons of owning the v7 motorhead so links in the description for current prices and let’s get started starting off with the pros the first and main thing is the v7 motorhead’s price it’s currently the cheapest way to get into a dyson cordless vacuum all of their prices go up from the v7 motorhead there are other versions of the v7 that have slightly different features and attachment sets some of which we’ll talk about later and will also be linked below besides the price the next pro is that the v7 motorhead is well built despite it being the cheapest dyson cordless the build quality is more or less what i’ve come to expect from every dyson cordless in general they seem to last longer than the fly-by-night brands and the consumer reviews are generally really good even after many years of being on the market the next big pro for me was its carpet cleaning ability i was really impressed by this for two reasons the first was its ability to pick up debris despite as we’ll see later a fairly minimal gate size it was able to pick up all the types and sizes of debris.


Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

That we threw at it on carpet without clogs or any issues whatsoever it also did well on both its low and high power modes in fact i wouldn’t hesitate using it on its low power mode in most situations unless i was deep cleaning carpets speaking of deep cleaning carpet i was really surprised to see that the dyson v7 motorhead effortlessly scored a 100 on our deep clean test where we embed sand into a fairly thick carpet and then weigh the bin before and after eight back and forth passes this actually outperformed the dyson v8 on the exact same test and i think the reason is that the head on the v7 is designed for a better seal on carpets compared to the v8 since it has less gates to let air through i’m not exactly sure but in any case i ran this test a few more times than i usually do and the v7 scored a solid 100 each time which in case i haven’t mentioned it is not very common among cordless vacuums in this price range another pro is the v7s power we test suction and airflow at several places on the vacuum and in both its low and high power modes and despite this vacuum being an older model its power numbers were impressive in fact the v7 had more airflow than almost all the non-dyson competitors that i’ve tested in similar price ranges which i thought was pretty impressive the next pro was its weight and maneuverability subscribers of this channel i know are tired of me talking about how these handheld cordless vacuums can be more tiring on the forearm than most people think but the v7 motorhead is the lightest dyson cordless vacuum i’ve tested we weighed the handle at about three pounds which is significantly less than the newer style dysons and you can really feel the difference on that point i thought it was also really good in terms of maneuverability and handling in tight spaces i also felt that it’s lightweight made it more useful for handheld tasks the next few things aren’t really pros or cons but they are important to mention dyson says that the v7 motorhead can get up to 30 minutes of battery run time on low power with a suction based tool and though we almost got 30 minutes on low power with a motorized tool in the test i would guess that the average run time in the real world on low power with the head would be more like 20 minutes and though we got a little over seven minutes on the high power test with the motorhead i would guess it’s more like six minutes in the real world these numbers are only slightly lower than the v8 and it’s fairly typical numbers for dysons in general based on the power output the so-called hygienic bin emptying system was fine i know a lot of people really like it i’m just kind of neutral about it the tools included were only the bare minimum for the v7 motorhead a crevice tool a combo upholstery tool with a brush and a wall mount so just the very basics as far as the things i didn’t like i would have to start off with its hard floor performance though it did good with fine debris on both low and high power it struggled with even a small increase in the size of debris on hard floors remember it did fine with all sizes of debris on carpet where it utilized the natural give in the carpet to get the larger debris but with hard floors because there is no give and because the head on the v7 is so geared toward carpet cleaning it was a bit of a disappointment on hard floors they do make an absolute version of the v7 which includes the fluffy soft roller which i think is terrific for hard floor cleaning but it does increase the cost another negative thing is the filtration system the v7 motorhead has the normal washable pre-motor filter but instead of the removable post motor hepa filter which is on virtually every other dyson cordless vacuum the v7 motor head just has a standard non-removable non-hepa filter and so it obviously didn’t pass our sealed system hepa filtration test though in the dry particle test i found that while again it wouldn’t live up to hepa standards it was nowhere near as bad as some of the other non-hepa filters it should be noted that there is a step up from the motorhead like the v7 animal plus which is the same vacuum but with a removable hepa filter which i’ll also link in the description the final con was that i felt it was a little bit worse with hair tangles than some of the other dysons i’ve tested this should be graded on a curve since i think dysons in general including the v7 are better than average at resisting hair tangles and although i’m still trying to refine this test i kept seeing a little bit more tangles with the v7 than i did with the v8 it’s anecdotal but it’s worth mentioning in my opinion so to answer the question is it worth it to buy the cheaper v7 motorhead over some of the more expensive dysons i would say yes in one situation if you have mostly carpets in your home and you live in a relatively small home or an apartment this is probably the vacuum for you you get most of the benefits of having a dyson with a lot less cost but if filtration is important to you.

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