Fitbit Flex 2 Review

Fitbit Flex 2 Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Hey there I’m Jeff Rizzo today we are reviewing the Fitbit flex – which is an activity and sleep tracker with a few extras tacked on but really you’re going to get this guy if you want those standard activity tracking metrics you want the social motivational aspects and you don’t necessarily want to showcase that you’re wearing a fitness device it’s pretty simple overall but it’s definitely a meaningful improvement over the original flex it won’t be my go-to device but I could see a lot of people really liking it and finding a lot of value in it so let’s go ahead and talk about what you can expect from the Fitbit flex – all right so the flex to you is one of the smaller fitness trackers out there and actually the device itself is only about an inch long and it does detach from the wristband so you can get different ones if you want to and I fully expect that a lot of people out there that end up with the Flex – you will purchase additional accessories for it so the Flex – at retail comes with a small and a large silicone band in the box and that’s $99 but then they also have a necklace option in something called a bangle which apparently is just a metal bracelet and then there are also other colors of the silicone bands those are all just optional so a lot of them available to you and I’ll have some of those linked down below.


Fitbit Flex 2 Wrist Band

As well as a bunch of other stuff that you’ll want to check out by the way if I see a deal on the Flex – I’ll try to post that on rizz nose deals and so you can just head over there periodically we seem to have a lot of fitbit stuff on their day to day and I think most of you guys will find all of the other deals relevant as well at any rate though if you don’t end up with additional accessories for the Flex to the standard silicone bands that come in the box are pretty durable and they’re comfortable although I did have them pull my arm hair but I think the overwhelming majority of people that end up with this device probably won’t have that same problem now one cool thing the flex 2 has over other fit bits out there is that it is water-resistant down to 50 meters and is swim ready so all you have to do is jump in the pool and start swimming and it will automatically recognize the activity and the start tracking it for you so it’s pretty much effortless and I’ve had at work with other styles of swimming – not just freestyle and I have to say the metrics I’ll be it very limited are decent I did ride around forty four laps in the pool and the device put me at forty eight so it’s not spot-on but it’s not bad now the auto sport recognition feature is triggered by other workouts as well so if you go running or walking or play basketball it will automatically track those for you it’s not perfect again and the metrics are pretty basic like you won’t even get distance for running or walking but I think the simpler maybe the better for this device one word of warning though if you are working out with it sometimes you’re going to want to take it off let it air out take the fitness module out because over time gunk and sweat water will build up and it will start to stink pretty bad that’s smell ah that’s a smell of desire milady god no it smells like like a used diaper filled with Indian food oh excuse me you know desire smells like that to some people now I recognize that not all of you will just be content with the metrics from the device itself so if you want to go running and map that run you can do that directly within the Fitbit application just bring it along with you on that run so I think all of the sports stuff for the Flex to you are pretty good but this is really only the secondary feature for the device the first thing and I think most of you guys actually know this is that it tracks your steps your calories burned your distance traveled active minutes and your sleep throughout the day and it will log all of that within the Fitbit mobile application and look Fitbit is really good at the stuff they’ve been doing it for a while and I have a separate video also on the Fitbit mobile app and I’ll have the link to that down below in the description if you want to check it out but just so you know it’s good and the flex to work seamlessly with it and that is using Bluetooth so you may have noticed earlier I did not mention heart rate tracking that’s because this device unlike the charge to the blaze surged the charge HR it does not have a built-in heart rate monitor and it also does not pair with an external heart rate monitor but it does have reminders to move and I really like how Fitbit actually sets us up it reminds you pretty much every our kind of keeps you motivated every single hour and there are silent alarms which you set within the mobile app and they will vibrate to wake you up the other thing is that although the flex 2 does not have a screen it does have 5 LEDs on the face of it which Fitbit has kind of played around with a little bit to display more information for you so first up if you double tap on the face of it it will show you the percentage of your daily steps goal that you’ve achieved so 3 out of 5 dots is 60% last time I checked and so you get it also if you receive a text message or phone call and your smartphone is within Bluetooth range like 33 feet the Flex 2 will vibrate and light up white and blue to alert you of that incoming notification now a screen would be more convenient and other fitbit’s will do that for you that way you could see whose phone call you’re ignoring but at least now you can see that you’re getting some sort of notification in this case a call it’s not a game changer for this device but it’s nice to have if you ask me now if I do have one strong complaint about the Flex 2 it is battery life it’s underwhelming it only lasted 4 days for me on average and it requires a proprietary charging clip so it’s kind of annoying for travel I don’t know four days was just not what I was hoping for you should expect to charge it at least twice a week and that’s really it for the Flex 2 like I said before it’s pretty simple but that’s what this one is all about I think the price point is fair some of the accessories might be interesting to you and it’s good at the activity and sport tracking stuff I think mostly women will end up with this device because of the nice jewelry and accessory options but I think it might be right for some guys also that want to wear this on one wrist it’s more covert and then have a nice watch.

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