Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Review

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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What’s up guys I’m Jeff Roselle from business calm today we’re reviewing the Fitbit ionic so I think on this channel we’ve reviewed like every single Fitbit device in the last four years I’ll link a bunch of them down below in the description but in all honesty this is the one that got me the most excited because it felt like Fitbit was finally giving us the features that we wanted they weren’t like holding back a few things and stringing us along to the next model I think they had to do that because there’s a lot of competition in the smart launch space but still really excited about this device so we’re gonna cover design fitness features SmartWatch features and at the very end of the video we’ll go over our verdict if you’re new you should consider subscribing I really think you’re gonna like this channel we spend hours and hours and hours working on all of our videos and we produce a lot of them and if this video is helpful make sure to click that thumbs up button down below that always helps us out let’s get to it [Music] okay so first up the ionic is $300 at retail at least that’s the price that it is right now I’ll link it down below in the description so you can check the pricing to see if it’s changed over on Amazon for me.


Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

I think the price isn’t too bad it’s actually cheaper than the Apple watch Series three and so far even cheaper than the series two I mean we keep an eye on on prices all the time and it still is a little bit cheaper than the best deal that we’ve seen on that Apple watch series too so I don’t think the price is egregious but if you’re looking for deals on Fitbit Apple Garmin if you’re looking for smart watches GPS watches fitness trackers all of that you should check out our website we find the best deals every single day and we tell you about them we also have a completely free iOS and Android mobile app you can download that whenever you get a chance and I can save you a heck of a lot of money on all of these products we don’t sell it we just help you save money on them so the link is here on the screen I really think that you’ll get a lot of value out of our website and our mobile app but getting back to the ionic specifically we’re going to cover design in terms of design I think it reminds me a lot of like the Fitbit blaze or the first generation Samsung gear SmartWatch that’s not necessarily a bad thing it’s just that I kind of think it will always look like a SmartWatch or always look like a sport watch it does have interchangeable bands so you can have a different band for the office and then a different one for when you’re going to work out but I still always think it’s gonna look like a sport watch I did a quick search on Amazon though and there’s a bunch of already third parties out there that make cheaper bands for it so Fitbit sells our own but down below in the description I’ll link that Amazon link to all the different third-party watch bands for it now me personally I’m not in love with the design of it I have warmed up to it but I typically prefer that standard round watch face look to it but I think that men and women universally will be open to this band that’s kind of what favorite was going for they don’t really want to exclude anybody and with that here is what it looks like on my girlfriend’s extremely petite wrist I don’t think it’s too big it’s obviously a little bit bigger but I do think it looks really nice it does have a full color touchscreen display it is sunlight-readable which is great and they’re using Corning’s really glass three so that’s gonna be hopefully really resistant scratches I haven’t gotten any scratches yet but I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re going really hard with this device and you do get a few like hairline scratches on it at some point I would consider it decently durable but it’s not going to be a burly watch and in the box it does come with a small and a large watch band so if you have a smaller larger wrist you can at least make that adjustment it’s gonna be water-resistant down to five atmospheres or 50 meters which is great because it’s only the second Fitbit device to be waterproof it’s gonna sync via both USB and bluetooth and I’ll show some clips of that Fitbit app but I don’t think you’re gonna have any problems with it like it syncs really quickly it’s super easy to use and has everything that you want like all of your fitness stuff way diet all of that and it’s available for iOS Android and Windows 10 the ionic also has a wrist heart rate monitor so on the underside of this device is actually a heart rate monitor that’s reading your heart rate through your wrist it’s using the optical technology we’ve seen it in the past it’s the pure pulse sensor from Fitbit but this time I’ve got some pretty awesome news to report so I’ll talk about that in a little bit unfortunately however it’s not gonna pair with any external fitness sensor so it’s not gonna work with a chest strap heart rate monitor or like any cycling sensors on the positive side though I think the battery life is pretty good it’s not great I have devices that last an entire week on a single charge but this guy Fitbit says is going to go for plus days on a single charge and I have to concur like we’ve been using it like crazy I mean we used every single feature on this device and we’ve been using it multiple times per day playing music working out with it everything and it’s gonna go for days it’s gonna go for days for us it’s gonna go more than four days for you and probably every single person out there so I think the battery life is good it’s not fantastic but it’s at least what Fitbit said it’s gonna be on the downside it does use a proprietary charger which sucks thanks ups and always falls off and it’s just another cable that you have to remember to bring with you when you travel or go anywhere now as far as fitness features go this is really the bread and butter a fit that right I mean they’ve been doing it forever and they’re really good at it so it’s your all-day Act vidiians sleep tracker and I think it’s really good here it’ll track all of the stats you see here on the screen plus you do get a daily goal that can be steps or distance or calories or whatever you’d like and it does have a really cool move reminders feature which typically for most devices is just a general like hourly reminder to get up and move for Fitbit they make it a goal so every hour you have to hit 250 steps we’ve seen it before but it really is a highlight feature for Fitbit for me now as far as sport features and like proper fitness goes there’s two things here so it supports a bunch of different sports so you’ve got GPS based activities like running cycling and hiking and then activities that don’t use GPS like pool swimming like the treadmill like weights and a bunch of other things and one thing I really do want to highlight which is pretty freakin awesome is that in the past the heart rate sensor from Fitbit and from Garmin and a bunch of other brands have been pretty bad like they’ve been okay for running and for walking and everyday use but for strength training weight training for abs CrossFit all that stuff they really weren’t that helpful this go around the pure pole sensor is actually pretty good it’s not on par with a chest strap or a monitor but I think for most people out there it’s gonna be pretty reliable and you’ll actually like enjoy using it like it will be useful to you so I just have to say a big thumbs up because the heart rate sensor is a lot better it’s still not perfect but I think a lot of people out there are gonna be really pleased with the wrist heart rate monitor on the ioniq now a couple of other things I want to point out for the sports for running cycling hiking I don’t believe it has GLONASS but it does have GPS and I found that that’s pretty darn reliable at least for most people out there for running in particular you get all the normal stats but you don’t get cadence I would love to see that in the future for treadmill running I’ve found that it’s pretty spot-on for gauging your distance which is pretty unique because a lot of devices can’t do that accurately without a football and for swimming it’s actually really good at counting your laps but you don’t get your ass wolf score but still it counts their laps for swimming it supports swimming I just think that’s really great and Fitbit has definitely made some strides when it comes to the fitness stuff now the other major fitness thing that it will do is it has something called Fitbit coach so on the device for free Reloaded are three different workouts which I actually think are pretty challenging I did a video on my personal channel and link that down below in the description where I did one of the workout so you can check that out when you the chance in the future there’s gonna be more Fitbit coach workouts for like training plans and all of that so if you check down below in the description I’ll post like an update or something whenever I get one for Fitbit coach but I still think that’s pretty cool and I do think that’s the future right having like a personalized personal trainer right on your wrist now as far as the smart features go this is where Fitbit was really looking to make some gains and I think they really implemented some stuff that’s cool but as of right now I do have kind of like an early unit and it is riddled in bugs with the smart features but I don’t really want to jump all over Fitbit for that because I think most of them could pretty easily be fixed with some simple software updates so instead I’m gonna stick to the stuff that’s a little bit more permanent it does relay the incoming notifications from your phone we’ve seen that in the past that’s like text calls calendar reminders and third-party apps it does control the music that’s playing on your phone which is great but we’ve seen that in the past but the big three new SmartWatch features number one is Fitbit pay unfortunately it wasn’t live when I was doing this review but as soon as I can test it I’ll post an update down below in the description essentially this is just like Android pay or Apple pay or Garmin pay it will allow you to pay for goods and services directly from the device to any vendors that have a contactless payment terminal so it’s going to NFC chip inside it’s going to support select banks and like Visa MasterCard and AMEX and again I’ll post an update about that in the future pretty cool and I like that they implemented that the second thing is the Fitbit app gallery so now third-party developers can create apps for this device right now there aren’t many but I did try out the Starbucks one and I paid for nitro coffees with deep pain the pain train and myself those are really good by the way it worked just fine just through my wrist right up against the terminal and it worked really well they also have a straw the one that doesn’t really do much for me they’ve got a key weather for your weather and then the big-time one is Pandora and that brings me to the third major smart launch feature and that is music storage so you can store music directly on the device up to like 300 or more that’s great so you can upload your personal audio books or your music directly from your PC or Mac onto the watch and then you can play those songs through whatever Bluetooth headphones you want or like the fitbit flyer headphones which I’ll link in the description or the second option that I think a lot of people will really enjoy is Pandora plus so if you have that membership five dollars a month you can download select playlists directly onto the device for phone free listening which is pretty cool now they only have select playlists so it’s not like anything you want but they do download automatically thumbprint radio which is personalized to you so I think that was a smart move I think people frankly don’t like download or own their music anymore they use a streaming service so make sense to work with Pandora I do have a few complaints about this whole music storage stuff firstly I had a lot of bugs when I was trying to set it up most of which I do think will be fixed but some stuff that you may be concerned about is I found the Bluetooth connection with my Bluetooth earbuds to be not that great like I switched out headphones and if I hid the watch behind my back sometimes it would cut out and just sometimes in general it was frustrating because the connection would jump in and out all the time and that other times it would be perfect so it just wasn’t really that good and I’m hoping it will get better but for right now I think people might be frustrated with the connection for Bluetooth also when you go to transfer music onto the device for Pandora it takes like 15 minutes per playlist so it takes quite a while and there’s a very limited support for podcasts so that’s the Fitbit ionic I’ve really enjoyed using it I love the fact that they added so many of these features it’s not perfect as of right now there’s still some of those bugs I think people will suffer through those at least early on but I’m pretty optimistic about what Fitbit can do with the ionic.

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