Flash Furniture High Back Black Mesh Executive Swivel Chair Review

okay guys what max I left sort of thinner than that and yes something about the Reebok flash suitable chair of the Mashable chair so yeah um we’ll be doing the unboxing the setup that’s basically the assembly and definitely the review which we’re looking ATS the comfort level the style the price definitely and of course the variance out there the options and a point of view on the chair and yes can pretty much take it up from there so let’s get into business [Music] so yeah [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] the best route that’s what I’m ad before [Music] so go set up and actually have a check this out for the last three days now since crime affection arsenal that is test with this to 1100 slings me down reserve now I got you dad trusts for backpackers water way back was a good solution to carry me tonight but if you do this well no different place at all we second push this without a chance and if I miss this one actually stops back when in the ocean just easy defensive use it’s actually I just so it’s just fats and then we mix it stuff ingenious it’s also very very first both the mesh finish pretty much just allows you to be able to relax and have a nice time on it so yeah like this because for me no my program that looks really pretty together is more like the goatee have on the back of the iPhone so it’s pretty much so if I sit at a time which actually all that this was retailing news in 131 and 185 dollars for a chair and I think that is actually pretty much very expensive cup explained is and I think that’s the other color options are annoying icicle option stop we for this All Whites move away to the black one which goes sweating 185’s is just massive one and then goes all the way down to the 151 which is the all black line and also depending on what you want the relation which you like and that several callers to this this is [Music] actually what happens there one parameter witness our game plan videos or your specs TV news and this was probably the best mid-range price by who gets that wasn’t too expensive for soaking tub and and a lot of the reviews we had been through we have split mythologies you guys have any question if you know current parameter description which shares you guys will let you units which also activity like this will be a symbol and show of DIYs or what does just put in the comment section a little bit I definitely get my hands on processed and put on with me you guys so thanks for watching and as you guys turn 3 now on Saturday [Music]

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