Furbo Dog Camera Review

Furbo Dog Camera Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal
Written by zeeshan

What’s going on YouTube today I wanted to talk about the foreboding camera and go over things I like and things I dislike about the camera if you guys don’t already know the Ferb o-dog camera is a treat throwing dog camera which connects to an app on your phone it retails for about $249 but I was lucky enough to get a coupon from Zak George on one of his videos I don’t think that coupon is still valid I did check their website and they have a Black Friday sale coming out so if you guys are interested in getting it I think you can save like $100 I will say that this is not a sponsored video I’ve had the fur bow I buy it with my own money and I’m gonna tell you guys what I really think of it whether or not I would recommend it what I like and what I don’t like this is what the furball looks like I like that it’s white it looks pretty aesthetic it just looks like an air freshener to be honest you have the camera I think the mic is there somewhere and then this is where it spits out the treats.


Furbo Dog Camera

I will be completely honest with you guys and tell you that this is 100% a luxury and not a necessity if you’re bringing home a puppy or you’re bringing home a dog you do not need one of these what you need is a crate a food bowl a water bowl food toys that’s about it you do not need a fur bow however if you do have the extra money and you don’t mind spending and you know you’ll get a lot of use out of it I highly recommend it my husband and I picked up our little puppy mid-august we’ve had the furball for about three months we use it every single day so this is where I would say it’s worth it because it’s something that we use daily and we really enjoy using it that is where I find value in it my husband and I use it as a camera just to check in on her we actually don’t use the treat throwing function but I think it’s like super fun and super cute I’m gonna go over three things I like about the fur bow and three things I don’t like about the fur ball.

What I love about the fur bow is that it’s camera is very high quality the fact that when I open the app and have it fullscreen on my phone it is such a good quality that I could zoom in while she’s sleeping and I could see her breathing I don’t know that’s super neurotic of me but I was just really worried when we had to leave her and so I’d always just zoom in just make sure she’s okay the second thing I love about the fur bow is that the app is really easy to use and you can have two people on the same account so my husband is connected to our farewell and so uh mine I’m gonna do is just attach a screengrab as to how easy the app is to use and kind of go over that with you guys so right now because I have a firm o next to me I’m not going to show you guys like the main screen because again it’s not connected I’m going to show you guys the really cool functions so there’s a really cool activity section where it picks up any movement and records ten seconds of what she’s doing and I really love it cuz it’s almost like we don’t miss a beat hello look she’s eating it’s like super cute just to see what she’s doing especially when we leave her this function is really great because I work from home and I’m lucky enough to be with her all the time but my husband is at work so my husband can go into the app and see what she’s been doing so he doesn’t really miss anything it can pick up any barking that she does there is a section where it picks up people it also has this really cute function where if your dog is looking directly at the camera it takes a selfie like that is fucking adorable I don’t know who the hell came up with that but it’s super cute the third thing that I love about the fur bow is its function called the doggy diary what it does is it takes all the activity my dog has made during the day and it makes it into a one-minute time-lapse and they make a cute ass video out of it.

This function helped my husband and I get through our very first vacation leaving her we were in Maui for about six days and we missed her soul so much we hired her dog sitter and she stayed here with Eevee while we were gone for six days when we were in Maui we were so grateful for the verbo cuz we missed her so much and it was so nice to be able to just check in on her see what she’s been doing and then at the end of the day we got this cute little video of everything she’s done in the day and it’s played to like a really happy go-lucky song moving on to dislikes as much as I love the high quality camera I don’t like that it doesn’t record down or the angle of the camera isn’t low enough for me the camera is definitely really why I wanted the fur bow right on the ledge and my play pan to be up against the ledge so if you like a square like this however the angle of the camera kind of comes down here so you’re missing everything right below it as great as it was for the treats to come out and be directly in the play pen the camera wasn’t picking it up so I actually keep the furball on the ground facing the play pen so I could see everything that Evie’s doing but because it’s like on the other side of the play pen I don’t actually use the tree throwing function I would say that the second thing I don’t like about the fur bow is that it can get warm which means the treats inside and get warm when I first got it and I was using the treat dispensing function I was putting soft treats in there just because those were the treats on my puppy with like and I noticed that after a couple hours the treats were warm and kind of sticking to the inside of it if you are gonna use this for treats.

I highly recommend just using the harder treats and like the biscuit style treats not the really soft treats also I would keep in mind that the fur bow shoots out like a handful of treats at a time almost three to five treats at a time that’s not particularly good for my puppy because she’s really little and I don’t want her to be eating tons of treats all day I would say that the third thing I don’t like about the fur bow is that the app is quite glitchy as great as the functions are inside the app the app tends to lag a little bit and sometimes it takes you exiting the app and restarting it for it to work I wouldn’t say that that’s exactly a deal breaker but I would say that it’s a little bit of a nuisance however it is pretty common for apps to just have glitches and bugs and all you can really hope for is that the developers are trying to fix the bugs and upgrade the app at the end of the day I would highly recommend the fromo to any of my dog loving friends I find that it’s really fun to use and my husband and I use it every single day the question is would I pay $250 plus tax for this thing in my honest opinion I would wait for a sale for example they have a Black Friday sale coming up or wait for someone to put out a coupon I hope this video was helpful for anyone looking into getting the fur bow or perhaps buying it for a friend my husband and I honestly use it every day and we absolutely love it if you guys found this video helpful please give it a thumbs up if you guys have it for a bow or have a different dog camera please let me know in the comments below what you like or don’t like about it we love seeing what she’s up to we’re not home isn’t that right bit bin.

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