Garmin Approach S60 GPS Watch Review

Garmin Approach S60 GPS Watch Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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What’s going on guys it’s Sam here from golf magic and today we’re going to be looking at GPS watches in particular the Garmin s60 approach now we’re going to look at how it works and how to get the best out of this watch because it is one of the best looking GPS watches on the market so [Music] so the first feature that really kind of stands out for me is the pinpointer so if you’re of course you’ve never really played before or you’ve playing a dogleg and you can’t see the green it kind of almost acts like a compass so if you move around you can see it actually pinpoints the center of the green which is so useful you know it saves a lot of time and also a few shots off year round I think it’s a really good feature and definitely that’s gonna help a lot of golfers out so just finish the par-3 3rd it said 137 yards on the plaque and it was definitely not playing that the pin looked at the front what couldn’t really tell where the bottom of the pin was so use the green feature on there to kind of pinpoint roughly where I thought the pin was and it give me the exact yards are there so you can kind of drag it along and see exactly where you you know the yardage is to that certain part of the green which is so handy especially when you’ve you know got a pin at the front back or you know in the middle or you’re not really sure where the pin is it’s a great feature to to use on there so on a 6 hole and 471 yards short par-5 pretty narrow greens kind of over this direction.


Garmin Approach S60 GPS Watch

So slight dogleg right to left but on the watch here you can actually see it’s saying I’ve got 263 yards and that will give me kind of 200 yards left which is pretty cool but from middle and back on here and if we touch this right inside of it the hole you can see that it gives you kind of a full layout of the hole 235 past that bunker if we kind of just scroll a bit further we want to be laying short of that that gives us kind of 190 275 left so really useful tool if you’ve not played the hole before and you can kind of pull out of that and then go a little bit further down the hole zoom back in you know if you want to hit driver from trying to hit driving fat let’s go a little bit further back so there you can really kind of zoom in and see the full hole there we go see the full hole in view so you can carry those bunkers to 8287 from there it’s great great or feature there so as I’m playing this par-5 you can see at the top of the screen the yardage there and how far hit the ball so as I’m walking you can see it’s 94 95 it’s going up in a track how far you hit the actual full shot so when you go into the app at the end of the round it’ll calculate all your shots for you just full shots and also you can see the front middle or back kinda coming down there as well as we play this hole so we’re yeah and really enjoying the watch actually and it’s good oh what I’ve got here some kind of Cup I’m not really sure that is I think that’s maybe all my steps that I’ve done so far like I say it’s a it’s a great-looking watch and I’m loving all the features on it this is a really good kind of tracker to see how far each Drive goes well as truck in the shots it can also track your score so if we go into the settings here and have a look at score you can see all the scores down on the right side you can move the cursor round to say the fourth hole and adjust it if you need to so I’m really have a look at all your scores see how you’re doing all in there watch as well and that’ll connect to the app at the end of the round as well so I’ve played a few holes with this watch now and all in all I actually really like it it’s a really cool lightweight watch that I could probably wear all the time like I’ve never ever wore a GPS watch or a lifestyle watch I’ve always kind of had my old traditional watch and it’s so lightweight and the answer if you all that didn’t even think that it won’t still book the features on there as well as kind of the widgets that a lifestyle stuff like you’ve got the running cycling the steps it’s all kind of making out to be a really quality watch and it does look pretty cool on the wrist as well you know it looks like one of these new tech watches that you’ll see all the time with the new manufacturers bringing it out but again it’s it’s not the cheapest it’s at the high end but if you think about all the features you get with it then you know it’s quite a reasonable price and I’ve got it in the silicon strap it does come in the leather strap I think for about 40 or 50 pounds more but yeah definitely check it out give it a go and I’m sure you’ll really help you with your game.

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