Garmin Forerunner 35 Review: A Budget Running Watch

Garmin Forerunner 35 Review: A Budget Running Watch Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Preston $1.99 and designed for daily runners today I’ll be reviewing the forerunner 35 but answering the question is it worth it what’s poppin guys Jordan time is here during this off season one of the major things that I wanted to switch up was moved away from tracking my runs on my phone to a dedicated watch so like many of you I wasn’t sure where to begin so I started with Amazon so there’s some pretty good reviews on a four run to 35 once I set it on that and I’ve been using it now for about 60 days and I want to talk to you today about what I think about it so let’s get into this let’s start with overall design it’s available in a few different colorways active for the black option just got a new of a blend well we’re pretty much all my workout gear the risk based heart monitor to me was a major selling feature I want to be able to learn the maximum I can with my body using the least amount of equipment and having a heart rate monitor right on my wrist is a really great feature and for those of you that prefer to use a chest strap monitor give you still pair that with the watch and GPS is another major feature for me particularly when it comes to my longer ride I want to know how far did I go and how fast now when it comes to syncing up the GPS the first time you leave from location it may take a few minutes but once it’s all synced up and you go back to that location again it starts within seconds which is definitely something that I love.


Garmin Forerunner 35 Review

According to Garmin the watch will last up to nine days going from a full charge all the way down to no charge as well as 13 hours of active GPS use now for my cases I’ve only ever went about a week without charge ended up now about menu navigation and some of the performance features the watch is equipped with four primary buttons one being your own off slash light but kind of photos was a missed opportunity maybe if the front screen service back light then a couple of the screens from the menu button could have been moved up so let’s talk about button number two this is by far the button that I spend the most time using because it contains the workouts so you’ve got run outdoor run indoor bike cardio walk but then to run outdoor button in the opportunity to navigate through intervals although I was a bit bones find out that there was not a stopwatch however some of the other features started to win me over and one of the nice things is that you can customize the info desk that is displayed during your runs three being your menus and settings this is where you’re gonna find you’re running history your accomplishments your setup Bluetooth watch face and activity tracker and for being your information includes heart rate notification steps calories burn workout minutes per week last run and weather it all not connects to the Garmin Connect that which is the free application available and the nice thing about that is once you have that installed if you’re using another app such as Strava information automatically syncs and in terms of just additional features that I think that work well to watch it’s very lightweight the silicon material issues I didn’t feel anything like rubbing or snagging I do have some hair in my arms and so that type of stuff is important to me as well as the acrylic glass issues doesn’t produce any type of like weird glaring snow on a POW floor or run when it’s sunny outside I’m able to see my information fairly clearly the watch is a great entry level GPS watch for daily runners for my beginner session and immediate runner you’re gonna find the risk based heart rate monitor helpful to accurate GPS on point as well as the information when it comes to cadence intervals virtual pacer pretty helpful now my more advanced runners yes you’ll probably still find the heart rate monitor information helpful as well as the GPS but when it comes to getting information like stride length when it comes to your cadence or vo2 information or a stopwatch probably not to watch for you and I would suggest this check out something else in the Garmin line or just the overall different GPS watch so in terms of is this watch worth it listen for my needs is the watch perfect no but based on for the lot of things that I’ve mentioned throughout this review I think because of the risk based heart rate monitor the accurate GPS and the interval stuff for me is definitely worth it and if right now if you’re an Amazon Prime member the watch is actually on sale for one eighty eighty so you’re gonna be able to save a couple more bucks on the watch and so for that reason it makes the watch well worth it.

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