Garmin Forerunner 935 GPS Watch Review

Garmin Forerunner 935 Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Hey guys what’s up my name is Eric and I’m the techy agent and today we’re taking a look at the Garmin 935 the Garmin Forerunner 935 is the latest and greatest in the forerunner series to date however it will set you back a pretty penny you’re talking minimum five hundred dollars all the way up to six hundred and fifty dollars if you get the chest strap bundle and if you decide that you want the convenient quick fit disconnect straps you’re going to be looking at spending an additional fifty dollars because those are sold separately so this is expensive but it comes with a lot of features that really put this on par with the Garmin Fenix 5 as a matter of fact this has now been dubbed the baby Phoenix 5 because the layout of the buttons and the interface and the straps and just everything cosmetically and just the way that it functions is identical to the Phoenix 5 series really the only thing this doesn’t have on the Phoenix 5 in my opinion are the advanced mapping capabilities but that’s about it so let’s go over what this does have so out of the box you get a GPS watch that connects to both GLONASS satellites and US satellites as well as a barometer for elevation you’ll also get an altimeter and compass for heading direction and a built-in optical heart rate sensor so this comes pre-loaded with multiple sports profiles and we will go over that list here in a moment you’ll also get advanced running and cycling metrics like your vo2 Max and again we will also cover that this will also tell you your training status if your D training or your getting better.


Garmin Forerunner 935 Review

It will also let you know stress metrics such as your heart rate variability and miscellaneous features include two-week battery life which is actually better than the Phoenix v you’re going to get a waterproof device it’s got a color screen and lots of features lots of smart features you can go to the Garmin website and just see that there are gobs and gobs of features that this has and again this is completely on par with the Garmin Fenix 5 in just about every single way there is a charging port on the back of the device that happens to be the exact same charging port as the Phoenix 5 this is kind of what Garmin is using for their higher-end watches now it features an always-on colored display now this is the exact same display as the Garmin Phoenix 5 watch however instead of having a glass kind of protecting it it is a plastic which does get very smudgy and is prone to scratches now as I mentioned earlier this does come with baked in sports profiles and this tracks just about anything you can think of and you can reorganize the list however you like you can add additional sports profiles that might not appear in the original list this even includes stuff for trail runs skiing breadcrumbs for your GPS and some of the hiking features that you would get so really.

The Sports Watch Of Champions

This is a baby Phoenix 5 it really is and here’s the thing it only comes in at weighing 49 grams which is almost half of the smallest Phoenix 5 and it is about half of the larger Phoenix 5 X I took this golfing and I love Garmin’s interface which provides you yardage to the front middle and back of the green and to doglegs and layups you get shot distance as a digital score scorecard and a green view with pin position I really prefer Garmin’s golfing features on this it completely voids the necessity of having a golf watch this has it all baked in and it does have garments built-in optical heart rate sensor which performs really well for steady-state cardio exercise triathlon exercises you know cycling and running this doesn’t do great for gym exercises but neither does the Garmin Phoenix 5 X you’re going to want to pair this with an external heart rate sensor for those kinds of exercise but I did take this cycling and I did take it running and I got stellar results in terms of calculating my distance and calories as well as my heart rate information as well so I’ll go ahead and throw up some screen shots so you can see what the app layout looks like you even get some really cool map overlays with Google Maps to see where you’ve been and see your your route and then you get very advanced metrics you can you know take a look and pause the screen at any moment to see kind of what you’re looking at here but you’ll get also some really cool graphs that include your speed and heart rate information and then you’ll even get your training effect letting you know if your workout was more of an aerobic or anaerobic exercise so really Garmin provides everything you need and then is the best in terms of triathlon sports now I also took this through several short jogging sessions and I’ll put up on screen here some of the metrics and data that this collected similar layout to the cycling you’ll get an overall idea and then you’ll get some google map information and then you can dive in deeper with additional metrics if you want to look at specific metrics that it’s collecting to running so I highly recommend this for running and for cycling there’s nothing better that you could buy on the market than the Garmin 935 and now in terms of weight lifting I did take this with me into the gym specifically to pair it against my Garmin Phoenix 5x and it performed as well as my Garmin feed Phoenix 5x in the gym which is to say that it didn’t do great the heartrate data just wasn’t coming back great it was always much less than what my actual heart rate actually is or was and so if you’re going to use this in a gym context you are not going to want to rely on the built-in optical heart rate sensor you’re going to want to use a external heart rate sensor whether that’s an armband or a chest strap you’re going to want to use something that’s a little bit more accurate and this will pair with external Bluetooth and anti plus straps so since it’s both a nt+ and bluetooth compatible you’ll have a wide variety of external peripherals that you’ll be able to pair this with so the 9:35 really is a baby Phoenix v this really is that and offers everything that a Phoenix v does it’s just a little bit more plastic instead of glass the build quality is not quite as robust but if you want a Garmin Phoenix 5 X and don’t have six seven hundred dollars to spend this is your watch and if you want the best in that a forerunner series has to offer the 935 is definitely where it’s at so I’m going to put some purchase links in the description below where you can pick this up from my friends over at clever training comm they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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