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What’s going on guys welcome back to the girlfriend channel and welcome back to our second showcase video of 2020. now as you can see i’m back in my studio due to lockdown restrictions and i will say that all clips filmed on the golf course on the driving range just managed outside were filmed prior to lockdown happening now before we get into the video if you guys haven’t subscribed yet please hit that button down below because we’re trying to hit 10 000 subscribers by the end of the year and we really appreciate if you could subscribe to our channel and keep up to date with all our equipment news challenges and everything else we’ve got a few really exciting giveaways coming up as well as this one this video so make sure you subscribe to keep up to date with all of our content now in this video we’re going to show you the top five wedges of 2020 there are a few controversial decisions in there but what we’ve done is we’re trying to give an all-around decision for someone who’s a high handicap low handicap wants a lot of spin and just wants different things involved with a wedge as well as this we’ve got a major giveaway at the end of this video cobra have been very nice and given us a limited edition king torment wedge to give away to one of our subscribers so keep your eyes peeled towards the end of the video i’ll tell you how you can win it let’s get right into the top five wedges of 2020 and number five is the ping glide 3.0 wedge although not the best looking wedge this club produces exceptional performance around the greens with a good amount of spin notice when jack tested these wedges at farley golf club the glide 3.0 wedge blends a player’s style look with game improvement technology also has a larger softer custom tuning port insert which provides a consistent strike even when you don’t hit it out the middle another benefit of ping is that you have a variety of custom fitting options for this club so if you’re looking at ping don’t just buy it off the shelf definitely go to a custom fitter the pin glide also has an i2 sand wedge inspired option which is a nice touch to an old classic you can grab the pin glide currently for 129 pounds which is a pretty fair price now at number four we have the titleist sm8 voki now the sm7s were one of the most popular wedges on the market in recent times so the sm8 had a lot to live up to there were only slight changes in the sma with the looks feel and spin control remaining pretty solid in comparison to the sm7 with many different grinds and lofts available the feel from the titleist sm8 was impeccable but we felt that we lost a little bit of control when playing in windy conditions sm-8s had a notably higher ball flight so flighting them down all the time seemed as a bit of a pain again with the amount of options available for these wedges it is crucial to know your grind and loft when purchasing a set so you don’t hinder yourself before purchasing the price of these wedges came in an eye watering 159 pounds as an rrp although you can get them 139 pounds currently at selected stores at number three we have the callaway mcdaddy cb wedges a somewhat surprising entry into the top three that may raise a few eyebrows and i’m sure some are wondering if i actually meant the md5 wedges but there is a method to my madness here these wedges aren’t the prettiest by any means and i wouldn’t utter the word tall or thin top line when talking about these clubs but they’re not chunky by any means and for any player looking for the utmost confidence when hitting a wedge this is the club for you when testing these wedges i noticed a pleasing but penetrating ball flight from mid to long range shots and a lot of spin i mean a lot of spin something you wouldn’t expect from a game improvement club but great to see nonetheless the spin did decrease for shots around the green but the strong feel on these clubs stayed the same it almost felt like it was near impossible to hit an awful shot with this club and trust me i tried these wedges come in as an rrp of 119 pounds but you can get them at selected stores and 99 pounds currently which is a far sight cheaper than any of the other products on the top five today at number two we have the cleveland rtx zip code wedge which we tried in the black finish cleveland is known by many as producing the softest crispes feeling wedges and the rtx zip core is just another amazing addition to this collection this wedge in my opinion is the best looking wedge released this year the teardrop design and compact face really complement the design of this club but of course it still has to perform now this wedge ranks similar to the titleist sm8 for feel which is a big comparison the club feels ever so soft and with multiple soul grind and loft options it’s definitely one to consider if you’re in the market for some wedges this christmas we noticed a lot of spin for shots around the green making the tall favorite one hop and stop seemed like a walk in the park for myself someone was prone to see the one hop and jump over the green not as much spin was noticed on full shots but this is by no means a negative an rrp of 149 pounds but you can get it 129 at certain selected stores this is a very fair price for a top quality wedge and finally at number one we have the taylormade mg2 tw grind wedge a wedge model from the extremely popular mg2 collection but with some subtle tweaks from the big cat himself now what’s different with the tw wedge the grind mainly the grind on the taylormade mg2 tw is a dual sole profile that allows tiger to play multiple shots in any situation probably pretty fair to say that it’s a 56 degree that can masquerade as a 60 in some cases with quite a bit of heel relief for a 56 degree wedge the taylormade mg2 tw grind is designed to be both an optimum wedge for full shots and offer a ton of versatility around the greens and this club is ever so versatile for this option and despite producing quite a low ball flight for chip shots you have endless amounts of options with the dual sole profile and this club spins a lot i have this club in my bag and i’ve had it in my bag for a few months now and i can say hand on heart that i now have the one hop and stop in my locker i play it when off the green impressing my playing partners before i sweep up but exciting nonetheless i wouldn’t necessarily recommend this club to the higher handicapper player as it is a tour inspired wedge but if you are a confident wedge player these should be at the top of your list to try out the rrp is a lot 159 pounds but again you can find them cheaper at 129 pounds at selected stores which is more than decent for the number one wedge that we tested this year so guys that brings us to the end of the video and the moment you’ve all been waiting for cobra have announced this weekend that they have released a limited edition king mim wedge as you can see it’s a stunning looking golf club and we’re offering you the chance to get your hands on it as long as you follow these easy steps so the simple steps are step one like this video step two subscribe to our youtube channel as i said we’re trying to hit 10 000 subscribers by the end of the year and the final step is comment down below your dexterity so if you’re right-handed or left-handed what type of wedge you’d like so gap sand or lob wedge and finally what flex you would like it in so regular or stiff well that’s the winner of this competition by the end of next week so when the masters is complete so keep your eyes peeled to see if you’re the lucky winner of this competition i hope you guys enjoyed today’s video let us know what you thought about the top five wedges of 2020. there were a few controversial decisions in there so let us know if you’ve ever tried any of the wedges in this video or if there are any wedges that you think are missing from the top five if you’re new around here make sure you hit that subscribe button down below to keep up to date with all of our equipment news tour news and many challenges for 2020 and 2021 i’ll see you guys at the next video

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