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And here it is! The GoPro Hero Black 7. A lot has been changed to this new GoPro on the inside, but as you can see, it does not look that different compared to previous generations like the Hero 5 Black, the Hero 6 Black or the Hero 2018. The only difference is that this time they actually made it Black. So, not much has been changed to the design, and that’s a good thing, because it already was pretty good. To be honest, the Hero 5 has been my favorite action cam for the last two years. I’ve actually used three of them and we took them with us on every trip, to Iceland, to Mauritius, to Corsica, it was always in my camera bag. I really loved using them and I also appreciated the design. So, I don’t mind that not much has been changed there. And this identical form factor also means that you can reuse the same accessories like rechargeable batteries for the Hero 5, Hero 6, Hero 7 and Hero 2018.


GoPro HERO 7 Camera

You can reuse your filters, mounts, sticks and more. And that’s a great thing because GoPro accessories are not cheap. Ok, so each year we get this same message from GoPro. -Well this is the best GoPro we’ve ever made. It’s called Hero 6 and it is awesome! Oh, man, Hero 7 black’s the best GoPro we’ve ever made. Ok, is this Hero 7 the best GoPro that they made so far? And is it worth the currently priced 400 dollars? Well, I bought one and we took it with us on a trip to test it out. In this video I’ll tell you all about it. After this quick message from our sponsor Squarespace. If you want to create a beautiful and professional-looking website in a few simple steps, then definitely check out Squarespace. You can use one of their award-winning templates and create your own masterpiece, even if you don’t have any experience with web design. Use the link and you’ll get 10% discount on your first purchase, links can be found in the video description. Let’s jump right into the biggest improvement. And that is video stabilization, or, as GoPro likes to call it: HYPER SMOOTH STABILIZATION. Uh-huh, yes the previous GoPros do have stabilization, but this is nothing compared to the GoPro Hero 7 Black. Although the Hero 7 has a slightly improved but similar processor to the Hero 6, the stabilization performance is a combination of new hardware and software, so, not just an improved firmware or a patch. And you can use this up to 60 frames per second, even in 4k. And that’s another difference with previous versions of stabilization.

But still, it does have its limits. So, it’s not available in higher frame rates like 120 or 240 frames a second. However, you can still use the older electronic image stabilization, or also called standard stabilization on some other resolutions combined with a higher frame rate, like 1080p with 120 frames a second. Let’s take a look at the video or image quality. On the left we’ve got the Hero 7 and on the right the Hero 5. Both cams record 4k video with 30 frames a second and they both use the same GoPro color profile. The Hero 7 has a lot more vibrance or saturation in the picture. I prefer the color profile of the Hero 7. But if this is not your taste, you can always use the Pro Tune option. This option lets you manually control color, white balance, shutter speed and more. Also, in low-light the Hero 7 performs pretty well for a small camera. This shot was recorded after sunset and I think it’s totally acceptable with the ISO noise. And yes, like with previous generations, this one is waterproof out of the box. This means that you don’t need an external case to put it directly into the water. This works until the depth of 10 meters, or 33 feet. Unlike one of my GoPros Hero 5, the Hero 7 survived all the underwater crash testing and it kept working perfectly. [Music] Although it wasn’t very sunny that day, the GoPro handled the recording of the snowy area very well. On the Auto settings nothing was under or overexposed.

I’ve seen a lot of action cams turn this into a white washed out nothingness, just like the clip that you’re watching now. It’s recorded on a Hero 5 Black and it’s recorded on similar circumstances. But on the Hero 7 we get a lot more details in a snowy surface. So, it seems that they improved a lot on that part. But still, if you’re going to record something in full sunny daylight conditions, then I would recommend to pop on an ND filter. I’m using these high-quality easy to remove or add-on polarizers or ND filters by Sandmarc. These filters were sent to me for free, but I would definitely have bought them myself if I knew how good they are. And nope, I’m not paid to tell you this. If you want to learn more, then check the links in the video description. Let’s talk about audio, let’s say that on the previous GoPros the microphone needed some improvement. I mean, it wasn’t awfully bad but still, if you only looked at the camera it already made this rumbling noise: On the Hero 7 this is still there, but it has improved a lot. And I also think that it sounds a lot clearer. Let’s have a listen to a few examples. -Hello Creative Filmmakers, thanks for watching Orange83. [water stream sounds] [footsteps sounds] [escalator sound] [Forest sounds] GoPro also introduced a new UI on the Hero 7. It’s a simplified and improved version of the UI that you will find on a Hero 5 and 6. I already liked it on the Hero 5 and 6, and I like this one even more. Now the menus are even more clear and easier to use. They’ve also added some new features, like a timer in Photo mode. Finally, GoPro! The touchscreen also seems to work a bit better with this new layout.

It’s not as good as a screen on a high-end smartphone, but still one of the best that I’ve seen on any action cam. And also voice control still works as good as before. -GoPro: start recording. -GoPro: stop recording. GoPros are best known for their video capabilities, but they can also shoot photos, of course. And for this Photo mode GoPro added a new feature. For this one they came up with the name ‘Super Photo Mode’. This mode improves your photos with automatic image enhancements. In most cases this worked very well. But if you like some more control, you can also shoot photos in RAW mode, which you can improve manually in post. In the background you’ve already seen some random images that I took with the GoPro. I still don’t think that anybody will buy a GoPro for the images only. But it’s still nice to shoot a photo now and then. Another more interesting feature, in my opinion, is the new Time Warp video function. We already had the Time-Lapse video function, which were essentially a bunch of photos stitched together. But this was only great when you would lock the camera down. If you used it while moving, then it would look like this. But now, with this Time-Warp video function you can also create stabilized time-lapse videos while moving. Also, the old-fashion time-lapse video still works fine, as long as you can put down the camera. Like with the previous versions, the GoPro app still works fine.

After connecting, you can remotely control your camera, change the settings or browse your media. And, inside Quick Stories, you can now add stickers to your video. You can add things such as a speed tracker, a compass or a mini-map. One final improvement that I want to mention before we get to the conclusion is the new Portrait mode. If you turn the GoPro in this orientation or sideways, you can record in Portrait mode. This might be useful for apps like Instagram, for example. Ok, and now it is conclusion time! I think that GoPro did a great job on the new Hero 7 Black. It does bring a lot of new cool features and it also adds a lot of small and big improvements to previous versions. And it also still has the same premium build quality. But is it all perfect and flawless? No. I’ve experienced multiple times where the camera got completely stuck. It didn’t respond to any button or input. All I could do is take out the battery and restart the camera, which resulted in a damaged video file. So, yes, there’s still room for improvement. But overall, I’m very pleased with my purchase. Especially, compared to the Hero 5 Black, the Hero 7 Black is a big step up. So, overall, I can highly recommend the new GoPro Hero 7 Black.

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