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so I know this is not a sneaker related video I actually have no sneakers on my feet right now I’m barefoot but I wanted to bring you guys this video for the 4th of July figured just be a fun one for those people out there on the market for a pellet grill and if you don’t know what that ELLs are try to explain that in a second but basically I wanted to do this video on top 5 reasons why I chose the GMG Green Mountain grill versus the Traeger and you know people that are on the market I know for sure it’s a heavy investment this is more expensive than a pair of Yeezys for me so it took a lot of investigating for myself to actually determine which one I wanted to buy and now that I’ve had it for a couple months I wanted to give you guys my final thoughts on 5 reasons why the Green Mountain Grill was a choice for me instead of the trigger what is going on guys this is has collective kicks and I know this again is not a sneaker related video but hopefully you guys don’t mind me bringing you guys a little bit different content for those people that follow me on the Instagram and Twitter I’ve been posting a lot of my meats that I’ve been smoking on the weekends and I did some try tips and some chicken wings and some ribs just having a lot of fun on the grill but I know choosing this grill you can see behind me for a reason and I wanted to give you guys five reasons why this is the one that I chose over the trigger just a little bit of a background for you guys that do not understand what a trigger is or what a pellet grill is I’ll try to explain that real quick Traeger is actually the originator of the pellet grill what a pellet grill is they actually have these little teeny pellets like this these little wood pellets they’re 100% wood and they actually go inside of the hopper behind me the pellets actually go in this hopper right here and when you put the pellets in there it feeds into a fire pit and from the middle of the grill it lights on fire and then it smokes inside the chamber of this so inside here and then it comes out the little chimney stack on the side but basically it’s a wood smoking grill and it uses those little pellets as a fuel and the pellets last probably four or five smoking sessions quite a few hours for like a $10 bag so it’s a pretty good deal but I ended up choosing this one over the trigger which is the originator for the 5 reasons that I’m a lay out for you guys in this video I will say from the beginning of this video though that you could choose which or the GMG with or without Wi-Fi and you’re gonna have a winner like they’re both really really good brands and the quality of the meat that you get is really really good so you can’t really go wrong with either one if you guys want to buy either of them check the links in the description again Amazon has them for about six or seven hundred bucks depending on the models but let’s go ahead and get into the video so number five reason why I chose the Green Mountain Grill over the trigger is because the steel is actually thicker on this then the the trigger this thing weighs a lot like 150 pounds or so so this is definitely a heavy-duty grill because this has a thicker steel on the unit I believe that it is a lot more durable because of that thickness and it will have a lot more wear and tear I’ve heard a lot of times that the triggers that people have had from four or five years ago have worn through the metal because they’ve just used it too much just too much heat and then it just burns through the grill so I think that this is gonna be a better investment because it is a thicker steel so the number four reason that I chose this over the trigger is because of the heat temperature it goes much higher than what the trigger goes a lot of people said that the trigger only goes to like three hundred and fifty degrees or so and you can’t actually get a sear on the grill with the trigger I’ve also read that that’s not true you guys if you have a trigger leave a comment can you sear a steak on a trigger or not leave a comment let me know because a lot of people said it wasn’t possible from what I’ve seen this however you can get up to 550 and you can also get it up to 800 if you get the pizza of an attachment for those people that want to have a really really hot grill so for that reason alone this was definitely a winner for me because the fact that I can heat it up to the point where I could actually grill on it versus using another grill which we actually do have a weber as well and we’re gonna get rid of it and we have kind of an all-in-one grill slash smoker with the Green Mountain so it was definitely a great way to go to be able to utilize this for both types of things and get rid of the grill I will say however it there is a ramp up time starting this grill and there is a shutdown time if you’re trying to grill something really quick then having a propane grill on hand is definitely handy but if you have the patience and you have the time this is definitely a one-stop shop where you can use this for all of the above number three reason for myself personally is the Wi-Fi capabilities of this I did buy the Wi-Fi enabled version which is a little bit more expensive it was 685 with Wi-Fi enabled versus the $6.99 for the Traeger that I saw at Costco but I have to say that the Wi-Fi is a pretty awesome thing to have why would you even have Wi-Fi for a grill a lot of people are asking that question so the main reason why you would have Wi-Fi for a grill is because you can actually set profiles for your meats so you can actually set a profile so it says let’s say start off at 225 and and cook for 3 hours and then automatically switch the temperature from that 225 to 350 for an hour and then switch it back down to 150 and leave it there or it will switch it down once the internal temperature hits 170 degrees which is really awesome the fact that you can tailor all of the different temperatures if you can time everything right this is definitely a really really powerful feature to be able to have kind of a remote control with the Wi-Fi capabilities and you use your phone basically to make all of that happen which is pretty awesome they actually do have a server side connection that you can do now so you don’t have to disconnect your home Wi-Fi and then connect to the Wi-Fi that is enabled inside of the device you can actually just go through your home Wi-Fi it will find your connection through Green Mountain and then connect you right through I will say however it is really difficult to use it is not very easy and is not user friendly and it’s something that the software can improve upon for sure so you really do have to disconnect and then start it back up and make sure everything is good to go before you can actually use that Wi-Fi so the number 2 reason why I chose this over the trigger is because it has the ability to read the meet temperatures because it has an integrated meat probe so all you do is you plug in the item right there and then you have your meat hook here and this goes into this little section right here on the side and then it snakes through and goes into the grill and then that goes into the meat as you open the lid you can see this is where it would go into the meat so that’s kind of a nice little accessory to have in order to see the internal fukken temperature you just hit food once and then will actually display what that is so you basically plug it in to the meat and it will tell you what the internal temperature of the meat is you can push a button on the grill and it will actually tell you what the internal temperature of the meat is as well and you can use your app also and it will tell you the internal temperature of the meat you can also set it so once it hits a certain temperature it will notify you when the internal temperature hits 145 for salmon or whatever it might be that you’re cooking I really think that’s an awesome feature and the fact that you can just have that give you the gauge of what the internal temperature is so you don’t have to just constantly go back and forth and check it I think it’s a really powerful integration in the smoker so the number one reason why I chose the Green Mountain Grill over the Traeger is because you have to use trigger pellets in the trigger grill otherwise it Boyd your warranty I’ve heard and that’s actually kind of a bad thing I mean there’s tons of different flavored pellets out there that I’d want to try and trigger just doesn’t have all of them so the fact that you if you use another brands pellets it voids your warranty I think that’s just kind of silly and that’s just one of those things where it’s like okay you’re kind of driving consumers away because there’s so many other things out there that people want to try so because of that I was like you know what it’s so restricting this this one definitely has a lot more advanced features and it’s more durable it just seems like a better buy all-around [Music] [Applause] it’s one other accessory that we recommend for sure is the pellet grill cover definitely a must because it’s important that you keep the pellets dry I’ve heard if you have the pellets wax then it becomes the nightmare you have to vacuum everything out they get really really soggy so you definitely want to have them covered and we live in Oregon so definitely important considering how much it rains so definitely a necessary accessory and it is 60 bucks on Amazon if you guys want to check the link in the description you can check that out right here soon there’s an you’re soaked dude man at the end of the day like I said you can choose either one of these grills and they have phenomenal meat that you can create from such a thing it’s very very easy to create I have somebody that’s never smoked a meat in my entire life I’m not even good at grilling and I’ve been able to make a really nice tri-tip off of this I’ve done smoked salmon I’ve done baby back ribs and I’ve done smoked like wing chicken wings and and even beer can chicken and some regular chicken on here it’s just done a lot of really fun things on this already and I can’t wait to do a brisket and stuff like that and it’s just it’s just really fun to be able to have and create some some meats for my family and my extended family to enjoy so that is the reason why I chose this grill over the other ones leave some comments to let me know what you guys think are you guys on the market for a grill or not have you been curious about one of these things or not if you guys have questions or comments leave them in the comments section I’ll be actively monitoring that because I had a I had a ton of questions when I was on the market for one of these I mean so I wanted to make sure that I got the right one and I have to tell you after using it for a couple months I’m very happy with my choice and hopefully you guys found this video insightful if you guys are on the market and I helped sway you guys one way or the other and then you guys made that purchase come back to the video and leave a comment let me know was it worth it or not I’d love to hear the feedback from you guys but thank you guys for watching much much appreciated have a good one we’ll be back to the regular top five Tuesday sneaker videos next Tuesday thanks for watching guys peace

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