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Greenworks 16 Inch 40v Mower Review

Greenworks 16 Inch 40v Mower Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
Written by zeeshan

Hey guys welcome back to the channel got my Greenworks 40 volt electric lawnmower here it’s not all rainbows and sunshine we’re gonna talk about a little bit of the downsides of using an electric lawnmower over a conventional gas engine let’s start talking about it [Music] alright guys so here’s the skinny you’ve got an electric lawnmower you’re thinking about getting one not quite sure you want to know what the downsides are one big upside is never having to go to the gas station again it’s running on electricity however the batteries are only gonna last so long and even wherever you go to recharge them you can’t just pull them out of here and throw them straight on the charger these batteries are not liquid-cooled like in a Tesla these things get hot whenever they get warm they need to cool before you can charge them again and then once they’re done charging they need to cool before you put them in here warm battery just isn’t taking or in my experience more better just isn’t taking the charge like a cool battery does it either says it’s full and it’s not or just straight doesn’t get charged at all it just stays low and you go to put it back in you get 30 seconds worth of moyen and it stops again not good however I have done review videos comparing the whatever brand this is I remember what brand this is it doesn’t even say on it what brand it is I want to say it was something like energy up energy up it’s spelled funny but its energy up but comparing that battery to the battery that came with the llama where both of them are two and a half amp hours yeah two and a half amp hour batteries they’re not bad if you’re the type of person that only Mo’s when the grass is dry and you mow your yard regularly like you’re supposed to if you are the type of person like me like me who doesn’t always get the yard mowed exactly what it’s supposed to happen or like this year we’ve had quite a bit of rain a wet grass is bad on any mower it sticks it clogs it doesn’t eject like it’s supposed to and causes things to run like crap on the electric lawnmower it just causes the batteries to run down fast so the other day whenever I mowed the yard I kind of did a little timer on it to see because I so the other day whenever I mowed the yard I decided it was time to try a different battery something a little bit bigger just a little bigger it’s twice as big it’s not physically twice as big but it is bigger what I did do I got on Amazon and I ordered the lasya 5 amp hour battery which is a little bit bigger physically but still work within the mower what I discovered however even though this is twice the capacity of the smaller ones the bigger battery doesn’t get hot as fast it feels like it’s got more power whatever it is mowing and I got between three and four times the run time and it felt better while I was mowing what that tells me is this battery because it doesn’t have to work as hard isn’t getting as hot as fast which allows everything to just work better now whenever I mowed my yard the other day with the new batteries comparing the new and the old batteries I measured the grass before I started my front yard as you can see here was fairly short the backyard however a little taller and this is what I was cutting the yard down to I set the mower down to level two which is only about an inch and a half high the grass was completely soaked horrible do or will do all over everything it rained also worst case scenario I was like all right I know I’m not gonna get the whole yard done I’m gonna run out of battery but I’m gonna do this anyway and I’m gonna compare and see how much longer these batteries last compared to the Green Works brand and the energy of battery because both of those perform identically they are almost exactly the same across the board the only difference that I could see was the energy of battery doesn’t have the little rubber it’s a hard plastic on the outside where this one’s got that little bit of rubber cushion to it and the new one has the rubber cushion on it so if that’s something you need whatever but anyway went to mow the yard I don’t remember if it was Green Works or the energy of battery on front yard lasted roughly eight minutes with the first battery second battery was only seven minutes and some change because I finished the front yard went around to the back and started on it which as we remember quite a bit taller continued to mow the backyard with you know sequential other batteries because I’ve got multiple batteries of each and they were lasting the smaller batteries we’re lasting roughly four to five minutes maybe and that whole time it’s just it’s not performing as good as it should because a I’ve got this thing set all the way down to the two and I’m going through grass that is super tall so I’m expecting it to get hot and die what I didn’t expect is whenever I put in the black battery the five amp hour twice the capacity you assume it should last twice as long so if I’m getting four to five minutes out of the smaller batteries you kind of guess it’s going to be around 2:10 that wasn’t the case whenever I was going the backyard with the bigger batteries I got 14 minutes and some change on one battery 15 minutes and some change on the other one that’s right I bought two battery two more batteries I think we’re up to six or seven batteries now maybe I didn’t keep counting anymore there’s so many of them but the point is the bigger battery way outperformed the smaller one so if you have one a Greenworks 40 volt electric lawnmower or you’re considering buying one definitely look at stepping up into the bigger an power battery that makes a huge difference but like I said a while ago the biggest drawback for me is when the batteries get hot you go out and you use them you mow your yard if you don’t get the yard finished you’re left with some grass that’s not cut a battery that’s warm that you have to let cool I set mine on the hardwood in the house and it sits there I give it two or three hours to cool down before I take it out and put it on the charger once it’s done charging I like to let it sit for at least an hour before I go to use it again so basically that’s most of the day if you can’t finish your yard with what you’ve got planned on it being the next day before you can mow again if you’re the type of person that’s one to put it off a good idea but if you want to get things done you need to have multiple batteries you need to have options you need to be set up for the worst-case or play on taking more time to do it you can’t just fill it up with gas and keep going but you’re not having to change your oil every year you’re not having to worry about a carburetor that’s getting gummed up with crap because it’s said over the winter you put it in the charger and you’re good to go a short while later and if you’re a tree hugger you’re helping the environment because you’re not burning gas I’m not a tree hugger I like the electric lawnmower I think it was a good move if you’re the type of person that struggles with starting your lawnmower let’s say your lawnmower is not tuned as good as it should be and your wife calls you whenever you’re not home says I can’t get the lawn mower started well with this you really don’t have that problem you simply put a battery and you’re good to go that’s that’s it that’s as hard as it gets push your button pull lever and off you go this thing weighs next to nothing a small child can push this thing who’s that literally weighs about as much as a child’s toy but even with the new batteries working so much better I still found a problem it’s a little bit bigger you see how it’s just a little bit taller just a little bit just a little bit taller it’s only a little bit taller just a little bit I see it wrong it wrong in all right there you go there you go flat on the bottom a little bit taller see that just just that little bit just that little bit taller goes in just fine no problems at all but wherever you go to take it out there’s not enough room and getting a handle on it it’s kind of a pain in the butt lasya I think I’m saying that right if you’re watching this video and you should be because I’m talking about your product put a handle on this thing just a little loop something I can grab and pull it out I can squeeze the little release lever little release lever and grab a handle and pull it out that would make things so much better because this is kind of a pain to pull out of there not a lot of room under the hood and when you’re trying to squeeze your fat fingers my fingers fact are they do I have that finger no they’re trying to squeeze your fingers in there it gets a little bit tight unless you have little dainty hands which I don’t I don’t have I don’t have huge hands but they’re not doing but there you go the Green Works lawnmower it’s not all rainbows and sunshine look if you’re willing to put up with a little bit of headache and you go ahead and spend the money and get the bigger battery get the bigger battery if you want to spend all that money and get the Greenworks brand you go right ahead if you want to save some money like I said this one’s a lasya la si si I don’t have to spell it there’s a picture get a bigger battery anyway I know most of you subscribers we’re expecting a card video today it’s got wheels or wheels it’s got adjustable ride height it’s like heaven coilovers or air ride or hydros or something I don’t know but hopefully if you’re thinking about getting a lawn mower this will kind of open your eyes a little bit and if you’ve already got one in here just playing with that stock battery it stop wasting your time until next time thanks for watching if you got something out of them hit that little like button and you should totally subscribe totally subscribe for more amazing awesome content just like this I’ll see y’all next time thanks for watching

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