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Greenworks 20 Inch 40v Review

Greenworks 20 Inch 40v Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
Written by zeeshan

Hello everyone Mike here gadget guru when we talk about the Green Works battery-operated a lawnmower so here it is fully assembled hold this when it’s an operation press that target so here is the battery – it’s 4.0 I think I have a unknown one it’s 2.5 and then open this up and that’s where you put one of the batteries when it’s in operation this is another storage compartment for another battery now I suggest not storing one in here while you’re operating keep it on the charger because these things don’t last that long I am in Florida and it is hot down here this 14.0 last I’d say 30 to 40 minutes it’ll last alright so the other one seems to last like 20 minutes practically or less so that one I have charging and then if this one runs out I go ahead and put this one on the charger and then put the other one in here so that up there put it in there I’ll snap it into place now it also has battery life indicator there there should be it’s a little harder with the Sun but it should be full because it’s been charging and I haven’t used it in a couple weeks or so but I’m go.


Ahead so here we go so overall it’s not that loud there is a bagger you can actually bag as well I don’t have the bag with me I usually don’t bag the grass [Music] all right there’s a quick demonstration as you can see it’s pretty powerful I did have an old school lawn mower you had to pull the string to start it had the oil so you don’t need any of that for this thing for the most part it does come assembled with the wheels on and everything and as you can see as I just demonstrated all I gotta do is put the battery in there basically press the button to hold the bond starter right up and you’re pretty much good to go so you know assuming this thing lasts a long time it’s a lot more convenient to have so I would recommend it I definitely think it’s a lot easier than the the previous lawn mower that I had but let me know if you have any questions and thanks for watching [Music] you Up next

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