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Greenworks Pro 21 Inch 80v Cordless Lawn Mower Review

Greenworks Pro 21 Inch 80v Cordless Lawn Mower Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
Written by zeeshan

Hey friends Jim zelner here to review the Green Works Pro 80 volt brushless motor along with the string trimmer and the blower in my 30-plus years of home ownership grass mowing I’ve only bought one other new mower that was a hundred dollar craftsman that served me well up until last season when it hit a stump and that was it so as an electrical engineer I thought the technology was ready to make the switch from fossil fuel to electrons or battery power I wrestled long and hard to make the decision and I thought I would help out others making that decision – and show you my decision the Green Works Pro 80 volt price wise I think it’s a little bit expensive the mower and the four amp hour battery were about 500 off of Amazon the blower I think I paid about 135 and the string trimmer about 110 so it is quite even investment but we’ll see you know if it lasts 10 years or so I think it will be well worth it so you’ll have to come back to my channel in 10 years to find out if it’s still running I’ve used it about five or six times now and here’s my spoil alert I really like it I like it primarily because it’s quiet it’s quiet and it’s quiet it almost makes mowing the lawn enjoyable plus I don’t have to deal with the gas the fumes I think it’s a little bit lighter than a gas mower it seems to be well built and it does a decent job of mowing the grass and I’ll show you that later I also like the blower a lot not messing with the cord is really helpful it’s not compared to the blower I was using the corded AC it’s probably a little bit louder but it’s not too loud I do like the string trimmer but not as much as my Old Faithful Shin da wa that still runs I find that it spins up slowly I have trouble aiming the string I know that’s probably me and then the I don’t really like this bump head I was using a setup like this before that was pretty simple maybe it was easier to aim so I went to try to switch that out but it looks like there’s a guard in there to maybe keep dust out of the motor and it looks like this is the only bump head that will work on it so I’ll use it for now it’s not it is pretty good like I said then we have the battery over here and battery charger I got the 8080 fault I got the four amp hour it’s a little bit heavy it’s it does last long enough for me to do my whole lawn which is about a little over 4,000 square feet of grass that I have to cut I think I’ll show you at the end I’ll still have battery left on that it’s pretty simple to operate just take the battery in and you’re ready to go and just a press of a button and it’s easy to say like the blower I do find that in the blower and the string trimmer that it’s a little bit heavy maybe a 2 amp hour battery would be nicer in there so with that I’ll show you how it cuts I’m in Virginia my grass is probably a creeping red fescue or something like that probably actually it’s some special blend proprietary blend and the see it’s measuring in probably can’t see it about 6 inches now so the grass is longer than it should be to cut I’m gonna put them over on four I will mulch it I always mulch the grass so we’ll see how it does probably a little bit long this is going to be a stress test for it apart I’ve been waiting to show you how quiet it is so to operate it you press this button pull back the lever and go I’ll see if I can do that let’s see one-handed with the trying to take a video [Music] dinner’s ready chick-fil-a that have a conversation mowing is ready for me to eat no one with the weight and now a few passes from the neighbors perspective [Music] my one complaint is that there are no headlights on this mower it’s so quiet I could mow my lawn my buddy Glen has headlights on his mower I have to wear my Petzel headlamp so there’s the cut probably hard to see on a video and this see I went from six inches down to about three inches maybe two and a half probably more more of a cut then should be in a lawn but you see actually you know spring in Virginia it’s been pretty wet the grass is a little bit on the heavy side but no clippings even showing so I think it’s done a decent job actually a very good job I’m very pleased with the cut I’m not real picky about my lawn but I do like it I do enjoy this mower so I hope this helps you all out in your decision to switch from gas to battery-powered alright when all is said and done I still have one bar left on the battery and it will take right about the 40 minutes to charge this fully probably a little bit less since they’re still a barley’ I hope you liked this video don’t forget to Like and subscribe and I will see you all next time [Laughter] [Music] [Music]

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