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Let’s go come on what the freak how’d these get so heavy those are not yours didn’t you get the email yours are down below oh there we go let’s go [Music] [Applause] that’s what i’m talking about guys this is coop from garage and reviews welcome today we’re going to review one of my favorite adjustable dumbbells now i know what you’re thinking coop you talked about the best adjustable dumbbells video like two weeks ago i got a problem like you i’m having trouble finding dumbbells so there’s still two sets of dumbbells that i want to bring in so we can compare all of them so if you’d like to see that video make sure you subscribe but today we’re talking about one of my favorites and this is the power blocks [Music] now this is a very unique set of power blocks this is a custom set with a custom knurled handle which i’ll talk more about in a moment but power blocks as you can see has a very unique design i will say i’ve had a set of power blocks since i started my very first garage gym in fact when i started my first garage gym i had a sml2 squat stand i had a rogue ohio power bar 1.1 or something like that and then it also had some rogue hg plates that was my gym but i went on craigslist and i found a set of power blocks because i wanted dumbbells those were the only ones i could find and i beat the absolute living crap out of them regardless they still lasted a long time so that kind of turned me into a big fan of power blocks because of their durability now i will say power box has a very unique design and for some people it’s not an ideal design in fact i do think there are some downsides to the design but basically all power blocks have a square type shape the way they work is you just have this handle here with all these different weight increments that you then are able to quickly adjust your weight to that allows you to adjust the weight by five pound increments so it works really well but i’d say my biggest reason that i like power box one of the outside of durability one of the things i like the most is how quick it is to change weight there’s so many adjustable dumbbells but one for instance is iron masters iron masters go really heavy in fact they can go heavier than power blocks without taking as much space as power blocks i have a set of 125 or 175 pound power blocks up at the gym they are massive okay they’re really big but iron masters because the way they’re adding weight plates they can be a little bit easier for adding weight on but reason that i like these in one instance more than iron masters just for this specific feature is that adjusting the weight increments is so much quicker so if i’m doing a drop set or i’m doing a superset or something like that with iron masters you have to set them up they do have a quick lock system which is nice but you still got to turn it pull them out you then have to like you know okay i’ve got this much weight you have to do some quick math in your head put them back on everything like that whereas with power blocks i look on here they’ve got a quick you know basically finder here to tell you what weight you’re on based on the color i pull this little plastic piece out with magnets i put it in i’m ready to go i pull it out that’s what she said if i want to go down to the next weight i take it out i put it in i’m ready to go that’s what she’s saying no so it’s extremely simple to adjust the weight extremely simple to see how much weight you have on there and it’s very quick some people who have never used power blocks they like throw this out there and that is how can this little piece of plastic provide any sort of you know resistance how could this work i’ve never had a problem with weight coming out so these different stacks coming apart overhead i’ve never had that happen i’ve used these for so many things like i said including dynamic movements now i’m not saying it’s not an issue nobody’s ever had it’s just one that i’ve never had now this set in particular is unique amongst power blocks this is a commercial set this is my favorite power block set they make this one particularly goes up to 90 pounds i’d love it if they went up higher but honestly if you go higher than that with these urethane plates they get really wide usually they use like metal plates sometimes metal can be thinner which is nice because it doesn’t have the coating on the outside and honestly for most people i’d recommend the ones that are metal just because they’re thinner they’re cheaper everything like that these look better i like the you know just the black urethane that’s on here and they are going to provide a little bit more durability so this is really i think just for looks and touch and everything like that it’s got more of like a commercial gym feel but i think for most people the metal plates i think are going to be just fine most power blocks you see do not have metal knurled handles they have this grippy rubber plastic handle i’m not a fan of it it’s okay my old power blocks had it i’ve got a few sets that do still it’s okay but this feels like a barbell it’s actually really nice knurling it’s somewhat aggressive it’s just it’s like what you’d want in a barbell it feels great so i would like to see them use this on more of the you know items they have now one thing that does separate power blocks from some others is the fact that the actual block can be used on different accessories so they make a barbell that you can attach for the blocks i’m not a fan of it it doesn’t work extremely well they make this kettle block that allows you to pull this out take the handle out place this in really quickly and then put the slider piece in like it’s it’s nice i’ve used it for swings i’ve used it for farmers carries suitcase carries that sort of thing but it’s not a perfect replacement for a kettlebell you can’t do like cleans or long cycle snatches or any any of that sort of stuff um that you can with a normal kettlebell so i don’t think it’s a replacement but it is kind of nice to have for carries and things like that so amongst all of the power blocks that are out there the ones i’d recommend most are probably their sport exp series that can get you up to around 90 pounds with the adiron weights so make sure you get one that’s upgradeable that way as you get stronger you can add more weight other than that i’m a huge fan of power blocks they’re not the quickest way to change weight in fact the new bells which we did a review on just recently is probably the quickest way to change weight however like i said in that video i’m not positive on the durability of those just because they haven’t been out long enough power blocks have been around a long time these are used in some of the best gyms in the world a lot of universities use them because they just work really well in a compact form and you can stack a lot of weight on them so i’m not going to say these are the best adjustable dumbbell that’s out there i’m going to talk about that more in the future video but for now if you’re looking for a set of dumbbells which these aren’t always in stock right now because they’re high demand i do recommend power blocks they do have a downside which i want to speak to and that is the difficulty in using them for one arm movements so because they have this like shape like this and this one is unique most of the time they have bars here as well for structural integrity using them for like two-handed exercises is not all that great so using them for like goblet squats it feels really awkward using them for like french press behind your neck kind of awkward some of the more one-handed like bodybuilding isolation movements are a little awkward if you’re a bodybuilder and you’re doing a ton of different bodybuilding exercises and changing between weights isn’t all that important you may want to look at something like iron masters but i’m a fan of power blocks they’re great i like the knurled handles the best there’s all options out there if you can afford it go with these bad boys the commercials all right this is coop from garage and reviews we’ll see you next time [Music] you

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