Holy Stone 2K GPS FPV RC Drone HS100 Review

Holy Stone 2K GPS FPV RC Drone HS100 Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
Written by zeeshan

Hey drone here what’s going on guys so this camera on this drone this Holystone gps drone is looking very promising so hopefully it is I don’t know what we’re gonna do I don’t know if we’re gonna show the camera I don’t know if we’re gonna show the app I don’t know if we’re just doing a hat cam video or we’re gonna do all of it and one for any reason you don’t see the camera in this video you’ll have to look for another video showing just the camera and we’re actually going to turn off the gunner mode light distance we’re gonna max out the 400 meters flight out 220 meters return altitude they’d like 52 meters click Save save success it says ready to fly upper left now it no longer says the Chinese lettering so maybe we’re locked onto satellites maybe we’re good to go so let’s go ahead and one key takeoff and landing there’s a little bit of wind blowing this way I’m just gonna do a little walk around there [Music] turn it this way raise it up a little bit dropping and outshoot brightly but I think that’s just because the winds blowing this way and it’s pitching forward so what we’re going to do we are going to go over this way we’re gonna put it up and I’m actually going to fly it almost out this way.


Holy Stone 2K GPS FPV RC Drone HS100

So I have the Sun to my back the sun’s not going to be in the in any camera at all it’s behind us so we are going to record on the screen we’re going to go up this is going to be a basic recording we’re going to pan this way and go up a little bit higher this is the X 8 size drone does take an SD card so we’re like that and let’s our camera let’s see if we can tilt our camera down there we go that’s decent and then I’m just gonna do a full pan check out the panning is see if it’s jumping it looks like it’s jumping on the thing over this way is where the Sun is and it seems to be doing a fairly good job with the Sun so what we’re gonna do we’re gonna stop that recording we’re going to turn it this way let’s see turn it this way I’m paying attention my fpv here and we’re going to do a little bit of a run with it this time I’m going to press the record button on here which it also showed in there and I also get a beeping sound so actually I want to turn this way just a little bit ooh alright so that’s not good fpv range if that’s my fpv range that’s garbage we’re gonna stop the screen recording hopefully that stopped it on the drone although it still shows it a nap because I haven’t got my app connectivity back so we’re gonna backpedal on this and now I got my app app connectivity back at fifty six point three meters I’m side pedaling here just to get it right in front of me see if we get that back we’re gonna bring it down because the app still shows that it’s recording so we’re going to stop on the app and hopefully that didn’t actually start it so I’m going to look underneath the camera see if there’s any type of LED indicators so as far as fpv range with the app it’s borderline terrible as far as fly ability it’s it’s flying nice hopefully the camera is nice on it we’re gonna go ahead and get underneath this okay today it’s just drifting that way there it finally held so with it holding I’ll get underneath it and I can see a red light now I think I see it blinking [Laughter] stop it yeah so this will control the camera let’s Apple probably do it as well but let’s go ahead and do a little range run with it regardless that this app is going to fizzle at short range let’s see what the controller will give us and we’re going to be pitching forward so I’m going to want my camera up let’s see that’s as high up as it’s gonna go so we’re gonna go up a little bit higher then go over this way I kind of want it directly in front of me up a little bit higher we’re going to record and we’re just gonna go forward I’m gonna pay attention Isleta know when the app freezes up 56 metres 58 meters we’ve still got good app connectivity 74 point 179 that’s glitching a little bit 89 93 a hundred so maybe I was just over there nope there we go 110 meters we’ve glitched out but I’m gonna continue going I’m gonna continue going I can see the drone really clearly it’s a large dark drone in the sky over there and the sky is really clear so I can see it really clearly hopefully it’s still recording I can still hear it from back here too which is crazy so it’s really easy to see in the sky I wished our telemetry on the controller so I could let you know how far out we are it might have hit the geofence I don’t know we’ll go ahead and pull back hopefully my I think my role has moved because I don’t know if it’s coming back seems like it’s going back over that way so now would be a prime time test return to home so it’s rising up I can see it rising up we were only at like 17.8 altitude and I think I have it returning home at much higher the guy have a returning home at like 50 something so see it rising up I don’t know if you guys can see it kind of darted this way for a second but then came back this way it is it’s acting a little bit weird I think it seems like it’s kind of essing but it does seem like it’s come back now it’s going that way now it’s going this way a little bit it’s going that way a little bit it could be the wind up there maybe it’s the wind that’s growing with it I’ve never seen a drone return-to-home like that though it’s going this way and it’s stabilizing and now it’s going this way it doesn’t seem to be toilet bowling either so I’m not sure what that’s about maybe it’s a lot windier up there and again it’s turbo lling this way and we’re going to actually stop return to home and we should still be recording as far as on the drone goes so what I want to do I want to actually stop that so there’s a three minute and twenty second run out we’re gonna bring it down I still haven’t gotten my app connectivity back which it may not I mean it was disconnected for a little while might actually have to manually go into it so with that said I’m actually going to stop the screen recording stop screen recording screen recording has been stopped and we’re gonna crank this up in a higher speed I kind of would would would like my app to come back that way I have some type telemetry on the drones battery it’s not coming back I don’t know if there’s LEDs on the back that will indicate it so we’re at 2 or 1 we’re at 11.5 so we have to lit but the ones blinking so what I want to do here is just go ahead and we’re at max max fly ability I think good and just buzz around here show you a little flight characteristics of it obviously it’s a camera drone it’s not a it’s not a sport drone it’s not a race drone but get up and go a little bit nothing crazy though I think it’s definitely not a burner turnings nice on it we’re going to let go two sticks that’s pretty good GPS crap really good it didn’t drip forward we’re going to actually fly towards myself and do that so we’re flying towards herself towards herself towards us up let off the sticks that time it drifted a little bit and I also drifted that side a little bit and now it seems like it’s orbiting slightly kind of toilet bowling just a little bit just a little bit that seems like it’s steady definitely a cool drone and again I would really like to get my Fleming tree back but I guess I don’t know I guess I will we’ll go ahead and close out of the app go into settings go into Wi-Fi connect sitting there nicely we’re connected and go into the app I hear quads yeah over there gonna hit Enter going to record and see if we could go after this guy on a yeah and it froze up we should have got him a little bit so I’m gonna stop the recording I’m gonna go ahead and come back that’d be cool if I got a little bit of it I think I did though I absolutely think I did got the guy on a bike so will I get well I get it back we haven’t been disconnected too long nice turkey vulture up there we did get it back and again I want to see what’s going on under here when we lose connectivity but still blinking so I’m gonna stop it on there yeah so we’re actually gonna sit down uneven see what it does definitely uneven it’s pitched this way had a hard time sitting down on an embankment this way but it didn’t flip over that’s why I was worried about but it definitely did well I’m still beeping like I’m taking video but I don’t think it is so that’s something you’re definitely going to like I’m gonna hit it again just to shut it up yeah it’s blinking so that’s kind of like a light switch effect now I’m gonna turn it off and it’s beeping like it is still connected I’m just gonna turn the controller off turn off controller turn off controller see I don’t want to corrupt the SD card I’m just going to shut the drone off now I’m going to press that again I won’t think there okay maybe DoubleTap it um so now Skloot oh that was a nice flight this again hopefully that cameras good that cameras good this might be something considered it was on sale where I think I was like it right around 130 or 140 and for GPS on Amazon retailer setting that’s a good price obviously if you shop from China you’ll get a lot cheaper if you go to your local mall you’re gonna get a lot more expensive that’s kinda how the prices work.

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