Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone Camera Review

Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone Camera Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal
Written by zeeshan

Local park cuz I’m gonna fly a drone today and this is a little bit different well it’s different because you know I get a lot of drones for reviews I tell companies if you want to send me a drone great if it’s a great drone it’s gonna get a great review if it sucks well that I’m just not gonna review it so sometimes companies don’t send me drones but sometimes they do and they just show up and I don’t even know they’re coming so I got a drone the other day from Holly stone right here and I looked at and I said man that’s an awesome drone who sent me this and I’ll be darned I can’t figure out who – heck sent me the drone obviously was Holly stone but that was a long time ago I was talking to them so they sent me this drone I took a look at it last night I did an unboxing which I’ll show you in a second and it is freaking awesome the stuff they include in here they went above and beyond for anybody that wants to buy a drone these guys included a pile of crap that you probably wonder why is that even in the box but it’s in the box it’s so cool so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go find a spot probably someplace over there not over here with the Pirates behind me and go fly this they can show you so while I’m walking over there here let me show you the unboxing watch this HS 700 drone with a 1080p camera brushless motors super long-range and some cool features inside the box you get the instructions taking off the lid you can see the contents of the box take the drone out of its protective cover this drone has really really smooth features everything is so smooth on it looks very very alien even with this little light on the front pretty cold brushed motors one thing very apparent with this drone is the brushed motors are about the size of the good old phantom 3 that phantom 3 had big brush motors and this has huge brush motors battery in the back and very nice battery release system in the back and having a closer look at the battery we see that it is a 7 point 4 volt 2800 milliamp battery.


Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone Camera

It’s supposed to get you about twenty minutes of flight time bottom of the drone you can see the LED lights indicator lights and here is where you attach your camera and there’s also the locations to attach your legs include what the drone is you have here the charging system for the battery on this side you have the landing legs the props plus the spare props here you have a tool kit with a screw driver and a proper mobile tool on this side we have the gimbal for the camera put the camera in here and here is your 1080p camera right here on this side you have something very different Holly stone and it says thank you for your purchase and it says open right here I can open it so I’m gonna pull this out then let’s see what it is well let’s check that out now that’s pretty cool this is a little place where you can write you have your pen here little sticky notes here in fluorescent colors another sticky pad that says Holly stone Edie you have a little note here that says to my dear friend we appreciate that you have walked into our lives with the purchase of your new drone that’s pretty cool and it’s got all this information to help you out when you’re flying and you can actually make notes in here about all your flights or whatever else you want this is very usable and back here is well something different as well check this out it looks like a lipo bag this is yes it is they actually included a light pole bag for your batteries nice touch and over here.

This is your usual connector for your controller so you can attach your cell phone to the controller speaking of the controller it’s underneath right here there we go very nice controller has the GPS control here you can turn your GPS on or off your headless mode you have your takeoff and land start the motors return to home and start and stop the camera a location for your batteries and it takes four double A batteries not included alright we have the battery in the drone let’s weigh it it weighs 471 grams what if we add the props stay there don’t fall off what do we add four hundred and ninety four grams well if we add the landing legs you can fly it without but if you want the landing legs you can put them on five hundred twenty-eight grams and finally what if we add the 1080p camera of course all this plastic bag weighs a bit but who cares about that red 564 grams take away the plastic we might be at about five hundred and fifty nine or 560 grams all right I’m all set to go I’ve got fifteen the GPS is on so I’ve got fifteen GPS I’m recording the little cameras going and I’m in mode 2 which means my throttle is over here and I have full power on the receiver and the transmitter we’re all set to go so let’s just start the motors hit the little red button we start and then hit the UH P button and there it is now let me show you what happens that’s a GPS stroke if you don’t have GPS this happens you ready now it’s windy out here watch what happens when I turn off the GPS bye bye see ya drone I’ve got no control over it it’s God put the GPS back on there we go and it stops right in place.

So that is the benefits of having a GPS drone and this Holly stone is a GPS drone now the weird thing about this drone is it looks a lot like a bugs 3 Pro except it’s a little bit more refined here I’ll bring it up now you can see me it’s got the 1080p camera it’s got all the features of a bug 3 Pro and the weird thing they say the transmission range on this is half a mile I could fly at half a mile which is pretty incredible for a drone like this so I don’t know here let me fly it out backwards so you can see me it’s not facing the Sun actually no I should have pointed that camera facing down I’ve got it facing up a little bit so you’re probably seen oh man that’s fast so I could put it in follow me mode so now it should follow my phone so if I walk this way it should well should be following me and if I walk let’s say if I walk this way towards it it’s going to fly backwards because all of a sudden my phone is coming at it and it doesn’t know what to do so there we go so you have the normal following modes on these drones which are handy a lot of people like that if they’re riding a bike are out doing hiking or activities this little drone will do that for you I’m gonna give you an example of orbit mode so I’m gonna orbit the park so I’ll get over here you can see it below me so there’s the park all right there no really should have had this camera pointed down but we’re gonna go with that so I’ll put in orbit mode and there we go it’s kind of windy out here so these drones are like wobbling around even though their GPS drones they’re trying to fight the wind but there you go so it’s doing an orbit I’m not touching anything here I can show you.

I’m not touching anything it’s over the drone is over there it’s just spinning around the park I’ll bring him back to me I’m gonna aim the camera down a bit because I’ve got it facing forward these things have a 20-minute flight time so you can really have a lot of flying around with them alright so I’ve got the camera pointing down a little bit here we go it’s out of GPS mode now so what I want to do is I just wanted to let us go with the wind that’s gonna fly away with the wind but I’m gonna fly it I should be able to fly a little bit more radical because in GPS mode you’re sort of limited by the actual GPS so now this is me doing everything if I’m rotating around myself Here I am right here I like to fly I fly most roans in GPS but I’m also a guy that I’ve been flying for so long I prefer to fly without GPS a lot of times that way I have full control of the drone to do whatever alright so you have 20 minutes flight time you’ve got GPS you have no GPS you have beginner mode which is headless mode it will tell you when the battery’s low will vibrate beep do all the great stuff as a 1080p camera as you can see right here at 1080p camera you can take that off and put a small GoPro or some other camera that you’d want to in there it has the ability that if it loses signal with the controller it will come home returned to halt the little return to home.

We’ll just hit that you should go into return to home mode there it is it drones away over there it’s going up in the air it’s got to come back to me here it comes I hit return to home it’s above me and it should come down now I have to warn you my landing pad is pretty small if it lands on that landing pad I would be beyond impressed I doubt it because it looks like it’s gonna land on my head but we’ll see what happens it’s fighting the wind going down you know just keep staring at it watch it not doing anything are you gonna land on me are you gonna land on the landing pad where you gonna land so you never have to worry about losing these drones because with return to home they will come back if they go too far they’ll come back if they the battery gets low they’ll come back you totally missed the landing pad I’m still impressed but I would have been more impressed if you land it right on the pad all right so the battery’s low right now you can hear it beeping and you could probably even hand catch these drones here by hand catch it’s very small so it’s easy to use so there you go all in all a really good drone by Holly stone I hope you enjoyed this review and if you did give it a thumbs up like this kind of hard hanging onto things but there’s my thumbs up and if you have any questions about this drone just post your below and I will answer them keep watching this channel because I have many more drone reviews on the way of the very expensive drones as well as the inexpensive drones.

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