HP Chromebook 14 Laptop Review

HP Chromebook 14 Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Hey guys I have my very first laptop review post right here yeah I normally reviewed TVs monitors soundbars projectors but this time I got a brand new laptop so yesterday I went to Costco I was actually looking for a hard drive an external hard drive and I saw this Chromebook for $200 and I say you know what let’s try it let’s see what I can get for $200 and this is for me this is my very first Chromebook I ever owned I know its limitations but I wanted to try to see if this is actually useful for me and so far I wanted to share my experience with you because so far I’ve been having a really good time with this but like I said it has its limitations I’m gonna explain more in the video so if you’re interested in something roughly around $200 maybe for a gift for your kids for your teenagers this video is for you welcome to the channel guys I’m just ER let’s do this one of the biggest reasons that I bought this laptop is because one of my daughters she asked me for one of this Chromebooks and one of the biggest differences between a Chromebook in a windows-based laptop.


HP Chromebook 14 Laptop

It’s just the limitation so basically with this laptop you can’t use for example so Photoshop if you want to edit pictures or maybe you want a program that for editing video and is based through Windows you can’t use this type of laptops these are mostly just for surfing the web using Google Docs using all the Android applications from your phone basically the way I see it your phone in the form of a laptop that’s not the way I see it because you can use pretty much everything that you have on your phone in here you open this up and you can browse through Google Drive your Gmail Chrome there’s a Play Store of course the Google Play Store Google Docs and everything there’s a lot of every order at every single app that you use on your Android base phone you’re going to find it here so that’s basically what it is now this laptop is all plastic the body is plastic I mean for $200 I wasn’t expecting anything superior but don’t be fooled this is a really good plastic now this has some texture here and what I like about that is that it’s not gonna get fingerprints except for maybe this part right here but it’s not gonna get any kind of fingerprints it’s gonna stay clean and it’s very very basic look at this from behind well you can see some kind of fingerprints here but other than that is very very basic now on this side you’re going to find a one USB type a and one USB type-c and a micro SD card and your 3.5 millimeter port just in one just in case if you want to connect your headphones on the other side there’s another USB type-c in a USB type a now that you can charge your laptop through the USB type-c and you can use either side either this side or this other side now this is very interesting that they haven’t used micro SD card and the reason being like I said this is kind of like a phone in just a laptop format so this one comes with internal memory of 64 gigs of internal memory and if you want to expand the memory you’re gonna have to get one of those micro SD cards you can buy one of those like 128 gig for about 30 dollars right now as a matter of fact I purchased one Black Friday for 20 bucks so the cool thing is is pretty cheap you can also use Google Drive to expand your your memory maybe download your photos there now talking about photos you can sync your photos from your Android phone to here you can make everything sync so that’s very useful if you want to do that too now the keyboard on this it feels good it doesn’t feel cheap at all guys trust me and to use this is very very basic over here you have of course a speaker volume and the speakers are sitting right here in the front and they sound good too as well I mean it don’t expect like I blown you know sound Chris but it sounds very clear I like that this is the mute this is the screen brightness right here you can kill the whole screen if you want to talking about the screen this is an IPS display now I notice some other Chromebooks they come with a TN display stay away from those ones those TN displays they’re very bad they have very bad viewing angles so whenever you’re looking at the laptop the different angle they just the the colors they just shift it look very very bad so a stay away from TN panels IPS display like this one look beautiful the colors are vibrant unless you guys can see this is this is actually pretty bright I don’t have it all the way up there it is actually all the way up right now but it gets very bright trust me over here all this other options right here is to pretty much use them us when you’re browsing the Internet this one is to reload the the website the webpage go back or forward it’s really easy super easy to use it also comes with the of course this touchpad right here and a touchpad it has little like clicking buttons right here but what I was surprised mostly about this also is that HP also included a wireless mouse which to me this is super useful because I don’t I don’t really like using this this touch pad right here sometimes I get my fingers my handle cam so this is uses one of this devices to connect to the mouse you connect this on the site and you are set to call my friend there it is set to go very very useful and also that’s not it they also include one of this carrying cases I mean it’s very basic don’t expect you know the most high-end or best looking but hey it’s already included everything for $200 honestly I thought I just couldn’t miss this deal another thing I noticed about this Chromebook since everything is based on the cloud you don’t have a lot of Nick you know like like a powerful GPU or inside well then there’s no there are no fans so it’s quiet this thing is super quiet you’re not gonna have any fans going on as my other laptop it it gets hot so their fans are going like crazy with this one nothing it’s like having your phone you know your phone doesn’t have any fans or at least my phone doesn’t have any fans but it is something very similar now to use the laptop is super super intuitive very simple guys I cannot tell you how easy this is until you you experience it yourself you can change the background you can pretty much customize this as a regular laptop and another thing that I I already mentioned about the screen look at all these colors look how beautiful this is now the screen itself is I feel like it’s like same a semi-gloss it’s not fully glossy so the light reflection it’s not bad but it’s not the best either so if you want like the best light reflection or like rejection screen you might want to go to something glossy that is probably worn one of the negatives about this but like I said I don’t think this is a deal-breaker I still think that it looks great IPS display probably the best choice you can get for a especially especially for a laptop there’s also a camera right here on top if you wanna if you want a video share with someone super cool that it has that and another thing that I will prefer on a laptop is that a backlit keyboard this is something that is missing I know I’ve seen some other models that they do have a backlit keyboard which becomes very useful especially if you’re working at in a dark place at night a backlit keyboard becomes very useful this one doesn’t have it there are some other models that they do of course it’s gonna cost a little bit more money but man I can’t complain for $200 this is great so if you’re looking for a laptop especially a Chromebook that is affordable for this holiday season maybe your kids need one maybe you need one and you don’t even know like me I don’t even know it didn’t even know that I needed one but honestly this is a great gift and it’s not gonna break your wallet so I take for this video guys I hope you enjoyed it let me know in the comments below if you already own a Chromebook what do you think about him is it useful for you how much are you willing to pay for them because this is probably one of the entry levels of Chromebooks and they go up there’s the pixel Chromebook as well so they go up like eight hundred thousand dollars for a Chromebook alright or if you prefer a Windows laptop.

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