HP ELITEBOOK 8470P Laptop Review

HP ELITEBOOK 8470P Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Hello everyone and welcome back to another video in today’s video I’m going to be going over the HP EliteBook 84 70 P and seeing if it’s viable to use and even game on in 2020 as said earlier this is the HP EliteBook 84 70 P the successor to the elite book 84 60 p this was released in 2012 and this laptop was designed for business use and retail for about $8.99 or about 1023 dollars in May of 2020 for a few years now you have been able to get a lot of good deals on eBay for this kind of fun Peter some of them going for less than $100 so what are you getting for your money and is it a good Buy in 2020 let’s find out originally this computer came with a I 530 320 m clocked at 2.6 gigahertz a four gigabytes of ddr3 RAM a 320 gigabyte 7200 rpm hard drive upgraded HD 75 70 M with one gigabyte of gddr5 Ram upgraded from the base intel HD 4000 an upgraded 14 inch HD plus screen with a resolution of 1600 by 900 upgraded from the base 14 inch screen with a resolution of 1366 by 768 and a 62 watt hour battery as for port selection you have your power input on the left side firewire 2 USB 3.0 ports under those you have an SD card reader a DVD drive and an Express card slot which laptops of this age tend to have this port coming around the front here you have your indication lights for wireless power charging and disk activity.



You have the release hatch for the screen and on the right side here you have your separate headphone and microphone jacks under there you have a secure card slot an eSATA port which will also double as a USB port another USB port which will also supply charging power to your devices and a full-size DisplayPort and some beefy cooling and a Kensington lock port which has seen some use apparently coming around back here we have a modem port which would be a legacy port if I ever saw one VGA and Gigabit Ethernet which was pretty cool even back in 2012 and your batteries right here opening the laptop up now we have a trackpad with four buttons which i think is a business thing or that’s a really weird design choice by HP you have your stickers a fingerprint reader which will not work on Windows 10 because it is not a verified Windows hello fingerprint scanner so it will not work with Windows 10 you have your almost full size chicklet keyboard without number pad it’s I find it very easy to type on uncomfortable you have your hole in the middle of the keyboard where the trackpad nipple would be this computer did not come with a trackpad nipple and I was very disappointed and upset so we have our power button up here with a little tiny LED indicator to let you know that it’s on and three buttons here one to shut off Wireless this one will actually just open a web browser which I guess you need to have access to a web browser very quickly that button would be good and a dedicated mute button which I do like you got your 84 70 P logo right here HP logo and in right here in the metal you can see EliteBook I also forgot to mention here that there is a little tiny 720p webcam and this little button here so when the laptop is on there’s actually a light so if you see there’s a light so if you ever really needed to sign any important documents on and didn’t have any lights so I guess your laptop has a light now so just to show you guys how bright this light is turn the light off and if anything the backlight on the screen is brighter the set the webcam is also 720p it’s not great but it will it’s it’s fine for most video calling and zoom calls for nowadays so I have had this computer for about a year now and I believe it costs us around $200 when we originally bought it which was good for the upgrades that I got which was the screen and the upgraded graphics cards so I think that’s a really good price speaking of upgrade since this is a business machine this is very easy to upgrade so all you got to do is flip it over and you will see to release hatch release switches here this one will release the battery so you can swap it out with something bigger or replace it if you need to and this one will release this bottom cover so you can get access to all the internals of the machine I really like this screwless design and it stinks that this has really gone away in newer laptops so upgrades you can pretty much upgrade everything in here from the CPU a ram the Wi-Fi card the storage even the disk drive is upgradable so you can swap this out for a caddy to put in more storage they’re all over Amazon or you can actually swap this out with a blu-ray drive which is insane because this came out in 2012 and I think my family still on DVDs like we don’t even have a blu-ray player the only thing that’s not upgradeable unfortunately is this GPU which really holds it back from being an actually decent gaming PC but you’ll see in a little bit you can play some lighter titles and get away with it so as for upgrades that I’ve done in this machine the DVD Drive battery Wi-Fi car have all not been touched this has been upgraded to a 240 gigabytes and disk SSD I added some more RAM so now have 10 gigs so one 8 gig stick and one 2 gig stick and the CPU was upgraded from that I 5 to a quad core i7 3610 QM and with the SSD and the processor alone this thing lies like this thing is unbelievably fast opening programs starting up you know when I upgraded from the dual core to the quad core the battery life took a dump but you know you could you know replace this with a higher wattage battery and speaking of batteries this is a secondary battery port you don’t see that on laptops now you can have a second 100 watt hour battery on this machine at the same time and this is a docking station port which I don’t have which I don’t know I I guess it just adds more ports I don’t know what it does but yeah for for a laptop in 2012 you can upgrade this to be a pretty decent school machine you know you you can do some stuff on this so let me get it all back together and I will show you some gaming performance the first game I tested was minecraft Java edition with the render distance set at twelve chunks and the graphics set to fancy I averaged between 30 and 60 FPS with the game running at the full 600 by 900 resolution the second game I tested was minecraft Windows 10 edition or also known as minecraft bedrock edition with the render distance set at 28 chunks and the graphics set to fancy I got a very stable 60 FPS this was also at the full 1600 by 900 resolution the next game I tested was The Sims 4 and this game surprised me The Sims 4 is by no means a demanding game but because the machine is so old I didn’t expect it to run but the game booted up just fine and the game automatically set the graphics to medium at the full 1600 by 900 resolution originally there was some screen tearing but turning on vsync fixed that I averaged between 30 and 60 fps with some dips into the mid 20s so honestly it was quite playable if you want a higher framerate you could always lower the settings the next game I tested was descenders a mountain biking game on Xbox one which is available through game paths on PC the second miss game started it was literally a slide show I went to the graphics settings and found that they were all set to high automatically and the FPS was 8 yes 8 frames per second it was completely unplayable I lowered all the settings to their lowest but it still kept the full resolution and I managed to average 15 fps it was more playable but far from ideal first I lowered it to 720p and managed to get 22 FPS next I decided to go all the way down to 800 by 460 and finally managed to get 30 FPS so if you want to play this game on this laptop you better get used to it looking like crap the final game I tested was you guessed it Resident Evil Revelations it wouldn’t be one of my videos without it the game set the graphics to what I would call medium to high the resolution was at 720p and the texture quality was set to highest I hopped into a level of raid mode and the average FPS was sitting at around 35 FPS with dips down to 30 or spikes up to 40 this laptop wouldn’t be my ideal choice to play this game on anyway but it does run and runs well enough to play hello everyone just one last gaming kind of related thing so here I have my xbox 1s hooked up to the HP EliteBook a 470 p using a elgato game capture hd60 so I got the wires going to the extension cord so so this is a technically a another way you could game on this system it’s basically just using your computer as a TV but you know this is completely you know I’m not at my house you know I’m just using an extension cord to get the power the laptops running on battery and the Xbox is getting power so it’s really not that bad of a experience here like if I boot up a racing game here Forza horizon you know it looks good on the screen I mean to my eye it looks good and I’m sure on the video will look even better you know it’s it’s absolutely zero latency so it’s another technical way that you could game on the EliteBook and this opens up the horizons for games you can play massively so it may not be natively on the machine but you know you could make it work you know this is kind of portable so yeah here’s the final verdict is the HP EliteBook 84 70 P a good laptop in 2020 well yes but if you’re using it to watch videos or movies or through school work or zoom balls since we’re all in quarantine yes and light gaming like minecraft very light gaming so if you have 150 bucks to spend and that’s your budget for a school laptop this is a very good choice in 2020.

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