HP Notebook 15s Laptop Review

HP Notebook 15s Laptop Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Hello everyone, This post will help you make a purchase decision of HP – 15s-eq0007au Let us unbox the laptop first before getting into the details This is the 65w charger that comes with the laptop Coming to the ports, on the left-hand side, a charging port and 2 USB 3.0 ports are available On the right side an SD card port, headphone jack, an USB Type-C port, and a HDMI port are available The keys are made of plastic and silver color coated. So it looks good and premium It comes with a number keypad as well which will be useful for accountants and who use number keypad frequently The key travel is also decent It is just that you have to used to the keyboard layout if you’re coming from another brand as the arrow, page up, page down keys are located differently The trackpad is also made of plastic, but smooth while using and very responsive The laptop has a 720 pixel front camera and the clarity is not that good mainly in low light You have to sit in front of bright light for better portray And You’ll not be able to set up a window hello face unlock as windows says it is unable to find a compatible camera The laptop has a 15.6 inch screen with a resolution of 1920*1080 pixels and the bezels are so thin..’ll see a large screen only and the frame will go unnoticed.


HP Notebook 15s Laptop

The clarity is good but the brightness and viewing angles are not that great You can see change in the screen brightness and clarity even with a minor tilt When you don’t have a high-resolution screen to compare you shouldn’t be noticing any issues with the display Here is a sample video clip On the speaker’s quality the sound is pretty loud but.. can feel the vibration from the speakers that comes with the sound when the music is extremely high Here is a sample sound from the speakers with levels set at 100 and without any editing Coming to the performance of the laptop, the area where this machine shines because of its 256gb SSD and AMD Ryzen processor Initially, the laptop was a bit slow and also I could hear the fan noise But after removing the pre-installed applications which are not useful.. ..and windows software update, I didn’t notice any lag at all I’m not a techie.. and for the basic tasks that I do.. Ms-Office, Browsing, Watching videos the applications opened so quickly and the machine is buttery smooth I’ve not tested the video editing or Gaming capabilities of this machine but with its 4GB RAM and low-end configuration I’m not sure multiple applications or intensive tasks will perform like how they do in high-end laptops Here is is a speed test of copying a 10 GB file from an external hard disk to a local drive It took around 8 minutes and 24 seconds to complete The machine boots up very quickly and takes not more than 3 seconds to shut down The laptop did not have any juice when opened from the package which was surprising !!! We had to charge it up to boot the machine for the first time But on Battery performance – With power saving mode on, low brightness setting, Chrome opened, …and working in Ms-Word for around 45 minutes, The battery drained only by 9% which is very impressive Overall with medium use it should last for 6-7 hours Another highlighting feature is Ms-Office Home & Student 2019 version is pre-installed in this machine that bundles.. Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote applications You just have to activate which will take a few minutes Link for the activation video is given in the description below This review is posted within a very short time of purchasing But so far I’m having a good experience with this laptop To summarize, If you’re a Gamer or Video Editor or going to use the machine for some other intensive tasks then this may not be a perfect device for you But If you’re a student or a Teacher or a Person looking to own a personal laptop within a limited budget for your basic tasks like Ms-Office, Browsing, and Watching videos then this can be a good pick The drawbacks of the front camera, display angles are not deal breakers for light or medium users The performance with SSD and Ms-Office package gives a pure value for money deal The MRP mentioned in the package is around ₹ 37,000 but currently, it is selling on Amazon for ₹ 28,990 You can buy this laptop from Amazon through Cashkaro or using my affiliate link given in the description and If I get any cashback I”ll pass it on to you Also, use Amazon pay ICICI credit card.. ..if you have, to get flat 5% cashback into Amazon Pay for Prime members Buy doing this you can save few more thousands.

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