HP Pavilion x360 15-Inch Laptop Review

HP Pavilion x360 15-Inch Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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What’s up guys so this here is new dude 167 and today what I’m gonna be doing is a review on my brand new laptop which is an HP Pavilion x360 it’s a 15.6 full HD touchscreen and this here is also a 2 in 1 laptop alright so like I said I’m gonna be doing a review I’m gonna show you the different specs and then I’m gonna show you an actual video of the computer itself or the laptop itself alright but before we get started make sure to give this video a thumbs up make sure to comment and subscribe whenever you do comment though guys make sure you let me know your honest opinion about this computer alright tell me what what you think about the storage the graphics the options whatever it is just comment let me know your exact and your honest opinion alright so let’s go ahead and get started so this here is the right side of the computer ok we have a couple different ports on the bottom ok we have our HDMI port we also have a type C port as well then next to that we have our external storage port which is for like SD cards for your your camera stuff like that and then next to that guys is our volume up and down so that’s where you turn your volume up and down that’s just an additional way to turn it up and down ok this here is the other side of the computer ok and on the top left or on the left all the way in the back are our 2 USB ports ok then we have our power button and then we have our headphone our headphones jack ok really nice and like I was saying it’s a touch screen which is really really awesome and it works really really well.


HP Pavilion x360 15-Inch Laptop

Then when you get this computer or when I got this computer I also got this pin on the bottom as well and that’s really nice guys it’s an HP digital pen it works good guys it’s amazing ok then this laptop here also folds into a 360 degrees where you could put your laptop front the back which is really nice or you can set it up like a laptop however you want to do it all right like I was showing the front to back really really cool okay and these here are all the different specs okay let’s go over them so this here has an operating system of Windows 10 okay the processor it’s an eighth generation Intel Core it’s an i3 8130 you really nice guys the i3 it works really good guys it’s pretty pretty pretty fast ok then we have our display which is a 15.6 a 15.6 inch digital fhd isp Brightview micro edge with an LED backlit touchscreen it’s nice guys and that’s 1920 by 1080 ok the memory case it’s 4 gigabytes ddr4 2400 SDRAM ok and that’s 1 by 4 gigabytes it’s a 16 gigabyte Intel op 10 memory really really nice guys pretty decent ok internal storage guys this here is a big big plus okay it’s a 1 terabyte hard drive guys really really nice a lot a lot of memory ok then the graphics ok it’s the Intel u HD graphics 620 not too bad guys pretty good pretty decent ok then the audio ok it’s a bno play with dual speakers this here is another big part guys I really like this the battery life ok when you’re you when you’re using it as a mixed usage it’s 10 hours and 30 minutes up to a battery life video playback guys 8 hours and 45 minutes and then after using it as wireless streaming it’s 7 hours and 15 minutes which is pretty decent guys really really good really good battery guys alright and then all the way at the bottom we have our wireless connection which supports Wi-Fi am bluetooth and it’s a 4.2 combo all the way at the bottom we have our web cam okay it’s a front-facing HP wide vision HD webcam okay it’s wide vision guys it works good and it has integrated dwell array digital microphones I’m telling you guys it’s really good it works really well to guys it sounds good looks good awesome guys awesome okay and then it weighs about four and a half pounds alright it’s not too bad guys and it’s really really sturdy okay and then we our keyboard it’s a full-size island style backlit keyboard with a numeric pad okay so in other words the the keyboard lights up alright so if you’re ever in the dark and you want your keyboard to light up it lights up really nice and really really bright okay and like I was saying included is an HP digital pen and natural silver okay it’s really nice guys you could get onto the program you could write anything you want guys it’s really cool really really awesome I’ve used it a couple times so far and it’s work really really well alright and this is the pen here it’s on the bottom and like I was saying though guys it’s a really really nice setup the specs are awesome guys and I could tell you this guys this is probably one of the better computers I’ve run across it’s really fast like when I change from one page to the next it there’s no lag it goes almost immediately alright but what I’m gonna do right now guys is let’s go ahead and show you a video of the actual computer or I should say that actual laptop okay so like I was saying I’m gonna show you that actual computer itself okay so here it is the really cool thing about it is it flits all the way back 360 degrees it goes front to back really really nice okay then we have like a shown earlier we have our HDMI port right here we have our type C port we have our external port for like your SD cards or your whatever you’re using it for maybe your camera whatever and then here this is your volume up and down as well as a volume on top of the keyboard itself okay on the other side we have our two USB ports right here okay then we have our power button and then we have our headphone jack for our our headphones all right so really cool really awesome another thing I wanted to show you is right here okay it lights up it lights up really nice when dark at night all you have to do is push the button it turns on and off really cool guys I’m telling you this this is a really really nice upgrade to any of the computers I have for probably the past couple years all right and I wanted to show you another thing as well okay so look at this guys so I’m gonna go ahead and I’m just gonna type in Yahoo just really quick look how fast it is guys it’s really fast okay went pretty much immediately all right but anyway I just wanted to show you the actual computer itself and I kind of tripped out the first time I was kind of it’s kind of crazy to me oh I accidentally pushed a touchscreen it was pretty crazy to me that you were able to do this to your laptop really crazy that’s awesome stuff guys really really cool alright and as you could see it kind of look like a tablet there for a second alright but anyway I just wanted to show you all the different specs of this computer like I was saying it has a terabyte of RAM okay it has a touchscreen it has the black light for the keyboard alright really nice it has the i3 processor which is really cool as well and then one more thing – guys check this out alright so this here is the pen that it comes with are a it’s the digital pin comes with extra tips for the end really cool guys whenever you use this it’s like using just like a regular pen and pencil on paper but on your computer really nice really cool right that’s just an extra as well all right so anyway though guys I just wanted to show you like I was saying my brand new computer I just bought it over couple days ago and this is definitely an upgrade I would definitely recommend it to pretty much anybody needing a computer ok so I wanted to show you one more quick little T ok so whenever you get this tap this laptop it turns into like a tablet okay well it does ok so I’m gonna put it right here ok I flip it upside down and if you look on the bottom right at us do you want to switch to tablet mode so what’s gonna work exactly like a tablet okay and that’s the exact reason they say this is a two-in-one all right I know it’s kind of weird it’s like really awkward the way you move your your laptop to a where you fold it like in half and it’s kind of crazy it just feels weird all right but anyway the base I just wanted to show you that that’s really cool it’s two and one kind of like a tablet slash laptop it has everything of that top house and you could use it as a template as well alright in anyway though guys I just wanted to show you all the different specs okay I wanted to show you the internal memory as well as everything else the front-facing camera is really amazing as well guys and like I was saying earlier it has a really nice speaker system to it okay so if you want to do like some type of videos with I don’t know maybe FaceTime or just anything like that it’s perfect for that guys it’s amazing the video quality is excellent guys really really nice alright but anyway like I was saying I just wanted to do a quick review on my brand new laptop slash tablet it’s amazing guys I would definitely definitely recommend it so if you’re looking for a laptop definitely 100% get this one all right so I’ve had a few different HP laptops in the past and I could tell you this right now this is definitely by far one of the best ones I’ve come across and the best thing about it is you have the light-up keyboard that’s really nice so if you want to use it at night it’s gonna light up and you can see everything and anything on the keyboard right.

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