HP Stream 11 Laptop Review

HP Stream 11 Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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The stream 11 comes in a basic brown box with some paperwork and documentation on top and the notebook itself on the bottom and on the right side you have your AC power adapter let’s start by breaking down the specs you’re getting an Intel Celeron n 3050 clocked at 1.6 a gigahertz two gigs of ram and 11.6 inch HD display 32 gigs of EMC flash storage and one free year of office 365 all for 200 bucks sounds like a great deal right HP is aiming this laptop towards consumers I want something affordable to do schoolwork or processing 720p HD video streams and maybe even some very light duty gaming we’ll find out on the gaming performance later on in this video the design and build quality at the HP stream 11 is actually very good it does not feel like a cheap notebook at all this year you get two color choices blue and purple the exterior feels very durable and it looks pretty slick for a low cost notebook the weight comes in at 2.6 pounds and a thickest point is 0.72 inches the latest HP stream 11 looks much better than its predecessor with this redesigned palm rest pattern and darker cobalt color scheme as you can see the top of the HP stream 11 is pretty tough it does not flex that much like other cheap laptops the interior is chest as impressive the keyboard flex is very minimal overall the stream 11 is a well-designed budget notebook that can take a beating here the port’s.


HP Stream 11 Laptop

Here on the left side of the notebook he goes York instinct and security lock slot USB 2 headset microphone jack combo and power status LED indicator on the right side you’ve got a full size HDMI USB 3 a micro SD card slot unlike last year’s model which was an SD card charging status indicator and your AC charging port the micro SD card slot in this notebook sits almost flush mount with the device making it easy to travel with and less worrisome after Windows 10 and system files are pre-installed you’re left with around 15 gigs left to store your apps and documents I would recommend storing your big multimedia files on the external microSD card slot for better storage management the flash storage on this notebook is quicker than the standard 5400 rpm hard drive the boot times are quick and the overall system response is adequate the HP stream 11 level six inch display with a resolution of 1366 by 768 with a small screen the resolution is not too bad text and images are fairly sharp and the overall user experience is good for a budget notebook the srgb coverage came in a 64% and the Adobe RGB came in at 49% this is well within specs of other budget notebooks since this is the TN panel the viewing angles are going to be poor with this kind of pan you’re gonna have to tilt it at a right angle in order to get a good view out of it the nice thing about this panel compared to the competition is the anti-glare coating it does an excellent job of reducing glare the keyboard on this nova has been excellent ki travel is good and the overall size is great for a small notebook compared to the Xu’s x 205 ta lenovo 100 s HP has the best keyboard out of all of them the trackpad has been improved compared to last year’s stream 11 two fingers scrolling is good Harvard the tracking can be a bit sensitive at times with that being said the overall trackpad performance is much better overall the late 2015 stream 11 features a Brazel based Celeron cpu clocked at 1.6 gigahertz it’s actually a tad slower than last year’s and 28:40 however from day-to-day performance it’s not going to be that noticeable what you’re getting from these newer chips is efficiency thanks to the new 14 nanometer process the end 3050 offers just enough power to get basic productivity apps and HD video streams to run just don’t expect around AutoCAD or other high-end 3ds software better life has been excellent this year’s Brasil based processors offer a great efficiency on average I’m able to get around seven to eight hours out of full charge with medium screen brightness that’s some very good better life for a small compact notebook last year’s version I was getting around 6 to 7 hours next up is Minecraft running on the snow play with Optifine plug-in installed as you can see here the game is quite playable however certain scenes will dip to around 16 to 20 frames per second in order to have a better experience make sure you turn your settings down even when installing the Optifine plug-in you’ll get much better frame rate and here’s League of Legends running an action on low settings at 1366 by 768 I’m getting around 25 to 30 frames per second and some scenes will dip to around 19 to 21 frames per second only during high intense action scenes you’ll suffer from framerate issues however during the rest of the game you can expect around 30 to 35 frames per second for extended gameplay videos on notebooks that I review be sure to check out my second channel I’ll post a link in the description box there you’ll find gameplay commentary and more from next gen consoles and PC games for the heat test we’re going to use the Fleur 1 heat sensing adapter for iOS here you can see what section of the notebook gets the hottest the hottest section of this notebook during league of legends gameplay was the middle right section it was usually around 43 degrees Celsius besides that the overall temps were great for fanless notebook you can thank the efficiency of the new Brazel chips as well as the folks at HP the two bottom facing speakers are actually a decent set to listen to they offer adequate sound quality and the sound levels are good here’s a quick sound test [Music] so let’s get to the conclusion of the late 2015 HP stream 11 this is the best budget notebook you can buy right now for under $200 in my opinion it beats not all the nova 100’s and Asus X 2 of T a you get an adequate Intel Celeron processor that can handle mini daily applications like Microsoft Office HD video streaming and web browsing the keyboard is great and the screen is good for low cost notebook on top of that you get excellent battery life as well as one free year of office 365 only knock I have here’s the trackpad can be sensitive at times however it is miles better than last year’s version another minor complaint is the switch to micro SD card slot I wish HP would have just left it alone and put a standard SD card reader like last year’s model overall HP did just enough to keep the stream 11 on top of the budget notebooks for late 2015 we’ll see what Asus does today Sue’s x2l 5ta but for now this is gonna be an excellent Buy this Christmas season all right guys this completes my floor view in the new HP stream 11 like 2015 Edition.

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