HP Stream 14-ax010nr Laptop Review

HP Stream 14-ax010nr Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Hey guys when it comes to laptops you can spend a lot of money or you can spend not a lot of money I’m interested to see just how much of a bargain you can get out of a low entry laptop so today we’re taking a look at something around $200 the HP stream and we’re gonna see just how much power and functionality that gets you so let’s find out so for this price point I expect a machine that gets the job done absolutely nothing more but basically nothing less so expectations aren’t crazy high there’s no hints about the price point from the outside of the machine although it clearly isn’t an aluminum high-end ultrabook the plastic casing that comes in blue or purple is clean simple and I’d say pretty elegant it isn’t very thick at around 0.7 inches and not too heavy either at 3.2 pounds the left side houses an HDMI port 2 USB 3 ports 1 USB 2 port a combo headphone jack and the SD card slot while the right side has the charging port lifting up the lid which is a two-hand operation reveals more of the same vibrant color there’s a white chiclet keyboard that really isn’t bad at all.


HP Stream 14-ax010nr Laptop

I can definitely type pretty quickly on it the trackpad below has a little bit of drag when using it and I’ve used Chromebooks at the same price point with a little bit better trackpads but it’s not a deal-breaker the display is fortun inches and it’s exactly what you’d expect for this price point which unfortunately means poor viewing angles low resolution and very reflective but you’re never gonna find a laptop or a Chromebook at this price point with a standout display and this one just fits in with the rest and it’s running Windows 10 now with only 32 gigabytes of internal storage on this you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the included one terabyte of onedrive cloud storage but Windows 10 provides a nice compromise to the long-living Windows 7 and controversial windows 8 by providing a desktop with some tile incorporation as well Cortana is one of the highest advertised features of Windows 10 and while the voice recognition was consistently pretty inaccurate it provides a nice culmination of relevant information in a quick hub for a variety of topics and because it’s Windows you can do things that you can’t do on a Chromebook so just having access to Microsoft 365 products on which you’ll get a free year of access to and you can download programs like iTunes even if it might be pretty slow but for the basic tasks like browsing the web typing documents and watching YouTube videos the stream 14 does a pretty good job although browsing the web isn’t always as snappy and responsive as I would hope it is usable at the end of the day and at the end of the day you get a nice-looking functional computer with a good keyboard solid 9ish hour battery life and access to Windows 10 so I meant for anybody looking for gaming or video editing or even photo editing or anybody who might have 30 tabs open to get a lot of stuff done but for basic tasks and limited expectations for your limited budget it’s a pretty nice overall machine not as a responsive and snappy overall as a Chromebook but offers more functionality in new scenarios and that is the HP stream 14.

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