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Hunting Equipment Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Hunting is a beast of an adventure and knowing you have the right gear puts your mind at ease so you can focus on the hunt backpack hunting requires quality gear hunting prowess and a willingness and tenacity to explore the vast off trail wilderness in pursuit of game these animals are often found in areas that are difficult to access due to either distance changes in elevation or vegetation density by carrying a hunting camp on your back you can adapt to where the game lives or where your instincts may take you this prevents tiring hikes to and from a base camp each day and vastly improves your odds of success but when you’re out in the market for new hunting gear you’ll quickly find there are a lot of options out there that’s why we put together this list of the best hunting gear on the market we’ve spent many hours researching to narrow this list down to the very best of the best at a variety of price points we guarantee that even the most experienced hunter will find something on this list that will enhance their hunting adventures [Music] smart breasts Quadra stances all the challenges of shooting from an ATV it holds your rifle securely and out of the way then swings into action in seconds and provides a steady accurate shooting platform the quadrat suits all kinds of ATVs and can also be adapted for use on vehicles an optional UTV adapter kit makes it ideal for side-by-side vehicles the quad rests zedd fold structure locks solidly into its storage position and with the assistance of the gas strut Rises instantly to its shooting position utilizing two pivot points that keeps your body steady and brings your rifle to you minimizing the need to shift your body your rifle is helped tightly in smart rests unique cradle the standard mounts accommodate bars of different sizes and shapes from 14 millimeters up to 40 millimeters heavy-duty construction ensures the quad rest will last ride confidently over any terrain with your rifle secured safely but ready to use the moment you need it badlands XL rain suit is our lightweight packable option for those times where you want to throw some rain gear in your pack for that unexpected weather the EXO jacket and pant has a new and improved face fabric which is both quiet and durable another feature that EXO rain suit has has a Teflon DWR coating which is going to repel both water and stains and also dry extra quick on the inside of the jacket we have our new heat wave ceramic technology lining which is going to give you increased warmth without increased weight other features of the EXO jacket include the hood and the compressible sleeves you can compress those buttons down get rid of that excess fabric moving on to the EXO pant you have a lot of great features built into those as well you’re gonna have suspenders reinforced knees for those times you’re crawling around also a full length leg zip for getting them on over your boots that side zip also has three zipper heads which is going to allow you to move those zippers up and down so you can ventilate however much or however little you want both pieces the EXO jacket and pant are going to zip into their own interior pockets you basically unzip that inside pocket turn it inside out zip it back up and you have a nice compact pouch to throw in your hunting pack that’s not going to take up a lot of weight that’s the new EXO rain suit it’s available in badlands approach camouflage and as always is covered by our unconditional lifetime warranty Oh gang gear cocoon sleeping system Paxson at just 1600 grams and will give you an incredibly comfortable night’s sleep I’ll cocoon is super functional and can be used either in a hammock configuration or pegged out like a bivy on the ground [Music] the cocoon is unique in its design as it features suits 7-series alloy support rods that frame up the high density polyester mesh bug screen giving you heaps of volume and space in the sleeping area it comes supplied with a removable and fully integrated waterproof cover this cover fits snugly over the cocoon completely sealing out the weather [Music] [Applause] [Music] the addition of an under quilt provides warmth and insulation when used in the hammock configuration or add an inflating sleeping mattress which fits perfectly inside our cocoon for on-the-ground sleeping comfort the CRKT endorser is a no-nonsense knife designed by matthew lurch that took home the Best Buy the Year award at the blade show the drop point hollow grind blade style provides exceptional everyday utility and has a satin finish the high carbon blade steel maintains an edge that is easy to resharpen the knife features outburst assisted opening with the patented fire safe mechanism the blade is safely locked by the fire safe Tim once the safety button on the end of the thumb stud is firmly depressed and majd outward the blade Springs open for instant use the handle features contoured g10 scales finger grooves and a palm swell that makes this knife comfortable in hand the locking liner keeps the knife open securely and is easily closed with one hand CRKT knives and tools are fully backed by a limited lifetime warranty the endorser an award-winning knife that provides exceptional everyday utility at a comfortable price for your pocket summary no axe kill mid weight 250 as our new do-it-all lair the successor to our best-selling Chama this piece is constructed of merino axe for improved structure and resistance to tears and begging perhaps the most versatile baselayer component within the first light layering system the merino XQ mid weight 250 simply cannot be beat as a do-it-all piece for any outdoor enthusiast with its 250 grams of merino fabric the merino xqm mid weight 250 can be either your first or second layer and will keep you comfortable and order free from September through May this piece is available in a men’s qz a hoody Kru and a woman’s hoodie if you’re looking for a true Ace of Spades in your layering system look no further we’ve packed the all new status echo from axle to axle with industry-leading technologies and designs you won’t find anywhere else starting with our line lock technology convenient and easy to use the onua line lock technology is integrated directly into the bow this level is built into the riser to aid in the setup process while working in conjunction with the beau-site to align second and third access levels the all-new contraband strings made by headhunter bow strings are constructed with the perfect blend of materials engineered for performance and durability even in elevated temperatures and finally our most revolutionary and highest lead off cam yet the echo cam system this innovative technology allows let off customization to four different positions 75 80 85 or 90 percent without sacrificing performance comfortably hold at full draw no matter how long it takes your prey to come into sight representing equalized kinetic orientation echo cam technology eliminates cam lean through the entire rotation for consistently accurate Aero flight shot after shot release after release the echos revolutionary spiral cable track keeps the payload right on track as the cable payload goes up the spiral cable track moves the cable load closer to the center of the cam preventing cam lean the status echo gives you more performance and more customization than any other bow on the market period as your hunt changes and as seasons change your gear needs to change with you that’s why we designed the Badlands Vario modular pack system which consists of four different packs that can attach to the Vario frame as well as several accessories starting from smallest to largest the first is the Vario day pack the Vario 33 the Vario 50 and Vario 65 inside this pack you have our new magnesium alloy frame stays which are going to give you the support for any weight you need to be we also paid very close attention and a lot of detail into redesigning this back suspension we used our channeled molded foam to give you comfort at all pressure points and give you those channels so that you get air flow behind your back we also used a very comfortable memory foam shoulder strap and of course it has the load lifter straps for transferring that weight through the frame and onto your hips the memory foam transfers down into the waist belt let’s give you an ultra comfortable fit it’s only gonna get better over time as that conforms to your body we also introduce the reverse tighten waist belt we’re gonna be able to pull from the outside in instead of the inside out get that leverage get that nice and tight in that waist belt you’re also gonna find a pocket storage and our handgun holsters built-in on either side so you can carry if desired the pack system comes in a large and a medium so you can get the frame that fits your torso length we also have extra adjustability built into the Vario in the shoulder strap yoke which can move up and down and the waist belt where you can adjust from a medium to a large size waist belt the accessory system for the Vario that’s going to consist of a meat shelf system for easy carry that can work with or without a pack in conjunction with it and our backcountry game bag which is going to be able to slip over the frame and work to carry your game out to accomplish the pack attachments it’s a simple over-the-top sleeve system that gives you a complete attachment at the top a quick attachment at the bottom and you can literally swap packs in and out within minutes [Music]

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