Inspiron 14 5482 Laptop Review

Inspiron 14 5482 Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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This is Lisa from mobile tech review and something that’s not so high-end we’ve been doing a lot of high end laptops lately and this is the dell inspiron 54 82 so that’s their mid-range line they have the 3000 the 5,000 in the 7000 series and obviously the 5000 falls in the middle the price starts around 540 dollars and that’s probably a configuration that you won’t be that excited about unless you’re really on a tight budget so for five hundred forty dollars you can get a core i3 four gigs of ram and a spinning hard drive now we have the model that lists for $8.99 this sells for around eight hundred and sixty-five dollars that gets use a new core i7 whiskey like quad core Ultrabook cpu inside eight gigs of ram and a 256 gig nvme SSD this is a full HD IPS display this compatible with pen and they switched over to n-trig pens again this is getting confusing now we’re using Wacom IES at Dell now is entering much like the HP spectre x360 line and the surface pro 6 used and it’s full HD only that’s your only option it’s a mid-range laptop look at it now so there are actually a lot of Inspiron 5000 models again this is the 54 82 there’s also a 54 81 that’s about 150 dollars cheaper for starting price that one doesn’t go up to the core i7 level which is what we have that’s Core i3 Core i5 that one doesn’t have the active digitizer for the pen.


Inspiron 14 5482 Laptop

So if you’re trying to figure out the differences those are the differences they’re primarily there’s also traditional non 360 degree 15 inch and 17 inch models and available with your choice of AMD Rison or Intel Inside now I’ve seen mention of Inspiron 5000’s with NVIDIA MX 130 and 150 graphics however they’re not on the dell US website and we don’t have it that says Intel UHD 620 integrated graphics like most ultra books and this is an ultrabook with the 15 wants CPU inside the new whiskey like architecture what does that bring you a little bit higher turbo boost speed this is still Intel eighth generation that’s it’s not that big a jump so don’t get too excited about that and it brings you the better more strong Intel AC 95 60 Wi-Fi then that is worthwhile that’s Gigabit Wi-Fi inside it sort of competes with the HP 13 inch that one doesn’t support the pen and then there’s the Asus Zenbook flip also this one being a 14 inch is a nice size for those of you who want saying a little bit bigger obviously the 13 inch but you want to go as big as a 15 inch 14 inches are kind of popular these days it’s not the lightest but it’s not super heavy and spreads used to be built kind of tanky I always said they were great for students for that reason a little bit hard to damage you can see the weight and the measurements it’s not ultra thick this is not premium this is not XPS 13 but the upside of that is actually some pretty good stuff because it doesn’t have to be super light and super thin there’s actually room for more so called legacy ports the ones that most of us still use all the time so you have three USB a ports two of them are 3.0 and one of them is 2.0 with charging capabilities you have a USB C 3.1 gen one no Thunderbolt 3 at this price range or Gen 2 USB C even you have an HDMI 1.4 B port so that’s pretty good too but it’s 1.4 beam not 2.0 so it’s not gonna drive a 4k display at 60 Hertz but it will do it at 30 Hertz or lower resolution displays at 60 Hertz as well of course there’s a headphone jack and yeah there’s an SD card slot so that’s good there another thing that having not the skinniest chassis in the world brings us is when you take the bottom off which isn’t too hard unlike HP who makes it kind of hard with their consumer laptops you unscrew the Phillips head screws on the bottom and we’ll show you that inside but what you’ve got is a 2 and 1/2 inch hard drive bay and an m2 SSD slot inside and 2 RAM slots as well so if you buy the 8 gig model which is what we have it’s a king so Ram the 256 gig SSD you can just buy another 8 gig module which isn’t as painfully expensive and throw that in there you’re up to 16 gigs just like that or you could go for broke and go for 32 gigs something I like about the Inspiron models they’re kind of designed for the tinkerers out there who might want to upgrade after the fact you’ll note we’re looking inside on ours that we have a really short height not the full length 2280 SSD don’t worry there’s enough room and there’s a mounting screw point for the normal full-size 2280 SSD if you want to pick up on aftermarket in terms of performance is a quad core Ultrabook so it does when most quad core ultra books do in the 13 14-inch size ranges which these days is pretty pretty much a lot honestly since we do have four cores and a pretty healthy turbo-boost range so it’s up there for those of you who want to use this for coding for example Photoshop yes it has the horsepower and premiere sure but especially for 1080p video which is the sweet spot for ultrabooks but the display isn’t all that we’ll talk about that in a minute so it’s powerful enough again this is not the premium line so this isn’t like the XPS 13 93 70 or some competing models that actually maintain higher turbo boost so you can see in our PC mark 10 graph we see the usual see-sawing that we’ve seen a lot of ultrabooks where it’s dropping the clock speeds down and up and down and up and down up because it can’t maintain a steady turbo boost again that’s pretty normal for ultrabooks but it’s not one of the premium ones that actually goes beyond and manages to go higher the core temperatures on this one is running something like a PC mark 10 benchmark will hit into the 90s centigrade 100 is allowable this is pretty much standard for today’s ultra ebooks it doesn’t get that hot to the touch though in part because it’s quite thick and as a decent-size fan it does not get loud either the fan noise is not annoying there’s a little bit of coil whine on ours now for the keyboard and trackpad the trackpad is a Microsoft precision trackpad is perfectly Pleasant and people love Microsoft position track pads these days the keyboard I’m never a big fan of the inspiron keyboards it is backlit but it doesn’t have a lot of actuation for it so it feels a little bit mushy and the key travel isn’t that deep it’s not a terrible keyboard but it’s certainly not like a thing pad wonderful kind of keyboard so the display there’s good news and there’s bad news the good news as well as the 360 degree convertible so you can use this in tent mode and tablet mode all that sort of thing versatile the optional intrigue pin which Dell sells and you can use the surface pro pen if you want there there others they walk on bamboo ink supports into them it’s your typical intrigue pen is decent you’ll see some jitter on diagonal lines palm rejections ok not super fantastic that’s just the way integrals it’s decent enough it’s fine if you want to buy it for note-taking diagramming and all that sort of thing so the not so hot news is it’s a very glossy display and that’s not unusual but it’s also not a very bright display maybe in part of business bronze have never had the most fantastic battery life but this is only 200 nits so for those of you were planning on working outdoors this wouldn’t be your choice you want something with a brighter display the some of the metrics are very good the gamma on this the white point all that stuff is really very good its spot on the color gamut though is kind of weak now the good news is to look at it you’d say oh this is a pleasant looking display if you’re looking watching a movie or something that’s not gonna pop off the screen like a premium display and say well beautiful but it’s decent enough but you can see the color gamut metrics on screen and yeah it’s it’s not all that 49% of Adobe RGB when you’re in the 60s for srgb this is not your pick for photo editing and video editing if you’re pretty serious about it we just don’t for fun you know upload stuff on YouTube or Facebook whatever as to share with your friends yeah it’s okay for that but if you’re doing with more serious intent no speaking of that battery life again it comes with your usual 45 watt charger brick style and it has a 42 watt hour battery which is again a pretty average you see the forties to the 50 watt hour for ultrabooks in this size class’ battery life on this isn’t too horrible and part you got 200 nits display it’s not like you can possibly drive this super-bright and kill your battery life right we tested 115 it’s a brightness and do a mix of productivity work Word Excel streaming video on Netflix or Amazon Prime doing a little bit of Photoshop work and typically it lasts about 6 and a half hours it’s not stellar but it’s not horrible and either the laptop has stereo speakers that are down firing and the waves max audio and they’re pretty decent actually the volume is pretty good and the base is not non-existent which you know and a 14 inch laptop is a good thing I it’s not bad actually so that’s the dell inspiron and 14 inch model the 5000 series the 50 482 2 and 1 you know always I like the Inspiron because there’s a lot of value there and you get a pretty good build quality they’re still fairly tanky you got a metal chassis on them and you’ve got the latest Intel whiskey like CPU inside it’s a capable enough Ultrabook the display is a little bit of a letdown but like I said if you’re looking at it it’s not that bad actually and given the price tag its fair enough and the other thing I really love about Inspiron is the fact that you can upgrade them after the fact so if you’re a little bit taking in an enthusiast and you wanna put a hard drive in afterwards or a bigger hard drive or an SSD or upgrade the riddim.

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