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iRobot Roomba 890 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba 890 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Is this the way to a clean future or does it suck [Music] the Roomba 890 is the latest of AI robots mid-range 800 series robot vacuum cleaners it comes with a charging base station and one virtual wall barrier when it’s finished cleaning you can empty the bin with a simple press of a button okay it’s actually stiff as hell but it’s a nice bin though very well designed with a filter pre-installed and a spare in the box to set up your new pet you hit the power button put them on his charger hold the top and bottom buttons together for about three seconds and the Wi-Fi symbol will light up from there the Roomba app will take you through the brief setup process let’s get to it to run a cleaning cycle it’s a simple one button press or you can run it remotely from your phone even if you’re not at home no that’s cool and ruff I like that it has a handy little brush to get dirt out from the edges and the corners of the room and it’s super slim profile makes it low enough to get under almost all my furniture it knows when it’s near the edge of something that it might fall off so no need to worry about coming home to a suicide scene after work the app is actually useful letting you start and stop the cleaning and sending you alerts like when the bin is full or the Roomba is stuck on something the virtual wall barrier is a really useful tool.


iRobot Roomba 890 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum Review

My old robot vacuum cleaner tenido came with a comparatively primitive roll of magnetic ribbon the rumbas barrier feels like a big step forwards it’s supposed to detect spills and areas of debris and pay more attention to them but it didn’t seem to work for me in fact it never did find its way back to this sugar spill by itself not to worry though by pressing the spotclean button you can get it to focus on one particular area rather than doing the whole room it’s quiet compared to the old neato and it does a really good job of cleaning wherever it goes but the key words here are or ever it goes you see where I think the Roomba still needs a lot of work is with its navigation despite all its futuristic features the slick design and the smart technology that pars it when you really watch how it behaves it doesn’t really seem all that smart to me it seems to find its way around your home by simply bumping into things and going off in another random direction until it bumps into something else and changes direction again it bumps into literally everything on purpose it’s just not smart enough to be able to see the room and plan like an efficient course it’s like a blind man playing bumper cars and I get its methodology bounced around randomly for an aura – and you’re going to clean at least most of the space but it’s this random navigation that makes it terribly inefficient going over the same area three or four times while missing other spots entirely is just not an efficient use of time and energy what should only take half an hour takes three times that and it still doesn’t vacuum every spot sometimes it’ll go into one room vacuum two square feet then leave that room and head to the opposite end of the house and start cleaning there only to go back to the other end again wasting valuable battery power along the way by comparison the nido map site the room intelligently and cleans it in a methodical efficient way Roomba have been in this business for a really long time and I just don’t understand why they still use such a primitive type of navigation rumba have you got yourself stuck again okay you can do this left yep no no right no right back no that’s forwards oh come on open your eyes yes good job Linda now come this way this way no no Roomba Oh for Christ and not only does it get stuck under tables but sometimes it gets trapped in a room even though the door is wide open it was at least very minute is attending a with never see zero but he came while it was in that bedroom it decided it had finished the cleaning cycle and it was time to head back to the base station and it stayed in that small bedroom randomly bouncing off walls and furniture for 47 minutes trying to find the way out and then it ran out of battery and died so don’t expect it to be able to find its way back to the charger unless it’s right in front of it and even then half the time it still can’t find it okay you go in the right direction sort of left left [Music] try again okay it’s just over there to your right where are you going rumba [Music] no it’s not in the kitchen [Music] what was that [Music] [Music] bump bump and bump again [Music] it’s to your left remember no I don’t have it [Music] and it’s not in the hallway [Music] where are you going don’t go in the bedroom don’t go in the bedroom remember what happened the last time you went in the bedroom thank goodness for that okay this way yep that’s it come on no don’t go in the bedroom.

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