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Welcome to vacuum wars today we’re reviewing the iRobot Roomba 960 we put it through all of our usual tests and found that it was way above average in several categories though there were some drawbacks as well so stick around for the cons section if you’re interested links in the description and let’s get started before we get into all the tests and features let’s talk about where the 960 fits into the Roomba lineup so the Roomba 960 is right in the middle in terms of price and features it’s now the only 900 series robot available since the 980 was discontinued the i7 and the s9 are the models above it and the e series in the 600 series below it the 960 therefore is the cheapest Roomba you can get with a camera assisted smart navigation everything below it is a random bounce navigation robot which we’ll talk more about later let’s jump right into the pros the first really good thing is that the Roomba 960 is absolutely amazing with carpets and there are a few things to note here the first is regarding surface debris it was well above average at giving debris of all sizes off the surface of carpet often even picking up our large unrealistic test piles of debris on the first pass but the really cool thing about the 960 is its ability to deep clean carpets since we have updated and standardized our carpet deep clean tests we have consistently found that Roombas outperform every other type of robot vacuum with deep cleaning carpets and by quite a lot and I’m pretty sure the reason is because of the dual brush system that iRobot has patented all the other robots.


iRobot Roomba 960 Vacuum Cleaner Review

We’ve tested only have one brush presumably because they can’t infringe on I robots dual brush patent so anyway the Roomba 960 scored a 91 on this test second only to the Roomba s9 plus and way ahead of every other robot vacuum brand of any price the bottom line is that rumbas are the kings of carpets and the 960 is no exception in fact it’s a bit better than some other more expensive Roombas as well the other big Pro for the Roomba 960 is that it’s particularly good with avoiding pet hair tangles this is something that most cheaper robot vacuums struggle with we use one gram of five inch dyed human hair in our tests we run the vacuums for five minutes and then weigh the amount of hair that gets stuck on the brush in two tests the 960 got 20% and 29% which is extremely I was also interested to see that the hair didn’t get caught in the axles which is something that happens a lot with other rumbas so the 960 is also really good if pet hair and human hair pickup is important to you another Pro for the Roomba 960 is navigation the 960 uses what iRobot calls iadapt 2.0 which utilizes a camera and an advanced algorithm to navigate around your house and clean in straight efficient lines this is opposed to cheaper robot vacuums which bounce around more or less randomly to clean we tested the navigation in two settings and in both cases it really exceeded expectations it was well above average in terms of coverage as well as navigation efficiency it completed the small room test in 18 minutes which is the fastest I’ve ever seen a camera bot clean including the i7 and the s9 there were similar results with the big room test it had nearly perfect coverage and it did so in 34 minutes which was 1 minute faster than the Roomba s9 3 quick pros are that it’s extremely well-built Roombas have always been really solidly built and the 960 is a very nice piece of engineering it also has a much bigger dust spend than average at 600 milliliters and like all Roombas there are a ton of spare parts available online before we move on to the cons I want to mention some things that are just kind of neutral the battery life is less than you typically see with robot vacuums in this price range at 75 minutes the reason I consider this neutral and not a con is that with smart navigation robots like the 960 they have something called recharge and resume meaning that since robot vacuums know what rooms they have and haven’t clean in your home if they ever do run low on battery power they will automatically return to their base and recharge and then resume cleaning exactly where they left off so battery life is a lot less important with smart navigation robots like the 960 moving on to the cons the first thing is that the 960 isn’t a very powerful robot vacuum the way we measure power is by using an anemometer to measure air flow we found that the 960 had about 9 CFM of airflow which is better than the cheaper Roomba 690 which only had about 7 CFM but in general that’s pretty low lower than most robot vacuums on the market as we have seen Roombas don’t need a lot of power to carpets but that lack of power does show up when cleaning hard floors now first let me say that the Roomba 960 was as good or possibly even better with getting larger debris from the surface of hard floors which is mostly a mechanical operation and interplay with its side brush and it’s dual brush system but when it comes to heavy fine debris like sand the lack of air flow shows a little and it consistently left a pretty good amount of sand behind after its full run this lack of airflow also showed up in the crevice pick up test where it wasn’t able to clear any debris from the eighth inch or quarter inch crevices it’s not really a con but it should be noted that the Roomba 960 is the only smart navigation Roomba on a robot’s website that does not have the so called imprint mapping which means that it’s not in line to be updated with the keep out zones feature which is much better and more useful than the one dual-mode virtual wall barrier included with the 960 you can see our video on the keep out zones update above or in the description below so there are actually very few cons for the Roomba 960 I really think it’s an excellent choice.

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