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Jackery Explorer 240 Review

Jackery Explorer 240 Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
Written by zeeshan

Hi everyone so today I’m gonna do a review on the jakhary 240 and just my overall thoughts I’ve had this thing for probably about a month and a half now and I’ve been really really happy with it I’m gonna also compare it to something at a very similar price point which is the Omni charge 20 plus and kind of go through what some of the differences are and which one you should buy I also purchased the solar side of 60 so that is a 60 watt panel which pairs with us really nicely and something that a lot of people probably don’t know is it’s able to be used on a lot of other devices it does have the Andersen connectors which means with adapters you can charge pretty much anything that accepts a similar charge so some of the things that I really really like about this is the fact that it has a pure sine wave inverter which is a big deal because at the same price point I got both of these for $200 so this was $200 and this was 204 so very comparable in price this has a pure sine wave the Omni charge does not so what that means is when I try to charge my macbook pro it actually makes a buzzing sound when trying to charge through this through the power port there through the 110 outlet which I don’t like so I do not charge it that way I’ve stopped charging it I have no issues with the jakhary on that obviously with the Omni Church you’ve got a form factor here that could fit into even some cargo pants and that’s not the case with the jakhary so that’s that’s one kind of the jakhary but honestly this is tiny at six pounds you know this could go in a backpack even I would have no problem carrying this around at all one other thing one other advantage of the Omni Church is going to be the display so on the display of this you actually get a little bit more readings as far as temperature and what they have noticed is that the display on this when you’re plugging things into it actually updates quicker than solar on the jakhary so the jakhary seems to take maybe like five to ten seconds to kind of read what the wattage is besides something to consider but beyond that there’s no thermal control with something like this there’s no built-in fans which is an issue on here you do get a fan and it is very very quiet so I’ve had some devices some power stations that actually make a very loud sound when the fan is running and not a really big fan of that and I’ve also had some that admit kind of an odor to them some of the sealed lead-acid options and with this being a lithium battery you don’t get any of that you also don’t have to worry about it tipping over or being you know rough on it it is very very durable but that being said this is a very simple to use easy to read device which I really really like the other thing I like is that this is 240 watt hours so 240 watt hours out of something this small is awesome it’s awesome so at a 85% efficiency you’re talking over 200 watt hours so basically if you’re using this in a power outage situation just take your wattage of your device if you have 10 watt bulb you’re gonna get 20 hours out of it you know so just divide that out by the 200 watt hours roughly and you should be pretty safe the other big advantage of this over some of my other power stations is passed through charging which basically means I can my solar panel hooked up to this and charge devices at the same time and it’ll actually give you a reading of your input versus output watts so I will show you that here which is really really cool so if you can see that we have our input on the top our output on the bottom our total battery percentage and away we go the other cool thing is that you can turn on and off these plugs independently so you have three options there to turn them off and to turn them on and then our input is the same for the solar as it is for the wall plug now the wall plug charges at roughly 40 watts you know so that’s gonna take a little bit of time to get this charged up it is twice as fast as my two other sealed lead-acid chargers which are the big cons with those if you’re using them at a power outage situation it is gonna take you a long time to recharge and I found that out the hard way when we had a five-day power outage and we’d use I’m during the day and at night we’d have to drive him to a family member’s house and let him plug in all night essentially to get a full charge and I actually had over one of them took 24 hours to fully charge which is no good in those situations this will charge a lot faster and I was actually getting close to the full 60 watts out of the solar charger so I can charge this faster on solar than I can plugged into a wall outlet which is awesome another thing here is these feet on the bottom are kind of like a rubber silicone feel does a very very good job of keeping this thing from moving around at all which is obviously a big deal so you know what I consider this to be better the Omni charge or what I consider this to be better overall if I could only have one I would take the jakhary hands down and I paid for both of these out of my own pocket so I’m not being paid to review these in any way but by far the jaggery is just a better option it’s very simple so I think you know maybe older people are people that aren’t into this technology and just want to use it for the power you know for emergency backup I think this is the better option and honestly it’s been more reliable I’ve had a few instances with the Omni charge work just went totally flat the battery went from right around a hundred percent to zero for no apparent reason and the only thing I can figure is it’s a thermal issue both times it was just getting a little bit warmer out it was not in direct sunlight but it just flat out just died I have not had any issues with the jakhary and I’ve really put it through its paces I’ve done a lot of pass-through charging which you know that generates a lot of heat you have input watts and output watts and I have had no issues with it whatsoever and something like this when it does die there’s no way to get into this as far as I know on this it has just standard screws all over it so I just get a sense that if I really wanted to tear into this five years from now if the battery is dead I feel like I’d actually have that option alright everyone so as you can see we do have some Sun going here and I’ve got the solar saga 60 out and I really really like the solar panel it is expensive it was a hundred and eighty dollars so for what you get it is pricey but it does have these nice buttons that hold everything in and the panel’s themself have a really glossy easy to clean tech texture to them which I do like and then I also really like this pouch and they do have a weatherproof or waterproof zipper to on which is really really cool and again it’s connected with an Anderson plug so if you’re on Amazon and you want to get any sort of an adapter and get the right end that you need for whatever device that you’re charging that’ll work the other thing is does have a nice stand all right as you can see we have that in full Sun we’ve got a really long cord so what I’m gonna do is we’re gonna go ahead plug this in and I’ll try to get it in the shot without putting any shadow on but as you can see right now it is not even nine o’clock in the morning and we have 45 Watts already which is really really cool all right so now I’m gonna show you what the pass-through charging looks like so we’ve got the solar panel on the Sun again it’s only about 9:15 now so we’re not getting full sunlight and I have a completely dead laptop won’t even turn on so we’re gonna turn on the inverter and I’m gonna go right on ahead and plug this thing in there we go so we’ve got a laptop charging laptop is charging and we are getting passed through charging and as you can see we have 34 watts coming in we have 24 watts going out so we are actually charging the battery on the jakhary and also so we’re putting a little bit of juice in we’re putting about 10 watts into the battery per hour and we are charging up this laptop so let’s let this go for a little bit all right everyone I just want to say thank you again for watching and tuning in to my channel I’ve been really happy with this jakhary product and specifically I wanted to mention that they very often on Amazon as well as their website will have sales so this is typically going for about 240 250 bucks I got it for just over 200 I believe it was 204 so keep an eye out there usually have pretty good deals and they seem to rotate so it’s not necessarily all the products at once going on sale so keep an eye out what I like to do is add it to my Amazon cart and have them notify me if the price goes down so maybe that’s something you want to do if you’re not in a hurry to get it but I do highly recommend this very very happy with that all the power stations I have this one by far and away is the best at being a power station does not have a compressor built-in doesn’t have a jump-starting capability but just strictly for power this is hands-down better so thanks again for watching through in mind smash that like button and hit subscribe if you’d like to see more videos thank you

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