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Today I am reviewing the new Kate Spade SmartWatch is my first video so bear with me I’m used to recording podcasts so this is a little bit out of my comfort zone but whenever I search for tech device reviews I always look on YouTube so I figured this would be the best way to reach the most amount of people so I wanted to film a review about the Kate Spade SmartWatch the scalloped because when I searched and I was like doing my research to buy this watch everything I could see online was like tech blogs and not from a normal woman’s perspective and I figured that you know what I was looking for was more of a everyday functionality perspective and not just on tech because especially a lot of the tech blogs were written by men which I thought was interesting because Kate Spade historically has catered towards women and women are their target audience so I figured that I am probably their target audience so I would be a good person to do a review on this watch and I’m glad to know that the watch works from a tech perspective but let’s be honest if I want to watch purely based on the technical side then I would probably be buying it from Amazon or Apple or Fitbit and not from a fashion company the reason why I went to buy the Smart Watch from Kate Spade is because I value both the functional side and the style side so I figured what better company then to look at than Kate Spade because I love their brand also they’ve always been on the forefront of tech even though.


Kate Spade Smartwatch Review: Stylish Hybrid Watch for Women

They have been a fashion company like if you think back to all the phone cases that they used to make I know I owned then they boys made tech accessories so it makes sense that they’re now digging into the tech world the scallop runs on Google OS so I was pretty confident that it would work from technical side and then of course having Kate Spade being the one who makes the watch I knew that it was going to be really cute and really functional and that it would wear well I’ve owned quite a few regular Kate Spade watches and this is my first SmartWatch that I’ve ever owned the only other wearable device that I’ve owned have been fitbit’s so top questions that I’ve gotten about the watch I posted on my Instagram stories if you want to follow me it’s not Jacqueline humble I posted on my Instagram stories that had gotten the new Kate Spade SmartWatch and i asked what kinds of things people would want to know about it one of the top questions was how does it work with Apple products and then also like how does it compare to an Apple watch because Apple watches are probably the most mainstream wearable tech on the market so pairing with the iPhone I haven’t had any issues pairing with my devices it is the Google OS so it syncs seamlessly with my gmail account I use Google Mail Gmail for my business email and so all of my contacts calendar stuff is already in Gmail and in G suite so if I wasn’t gonna get an Apple product because I have and I’m at or I mean I had a an iPhone a MacBook an Apple TV iPad a pretty much a mall Apple so in like to veer away I would probably only veer to a Google based product because I use Gmail so much so I already have a lot on there I feel like I would probably be starting from scratch if I was gonna use like an Android or something like that so this was a little bit less daunting so pairing with the iPhone I haven’t had any issues I have not synced my texting to it though it does alert me when I get phone calls it only has a mic no speaker so I can’t take the calls on it but it does prompt me that then go find my phone and pick up the phone call but I probably wouldn’t want to be talking on my watch anyway because that was in public or whatever like I don’t know I feel like that would be kind of weird to have on speakerphone automatically and I would want to at least warn people that they were on speaker and my I messaging is messed up so that’s why I haven’t connected my texting to it I read that you can only read the text from iMessage and that you can’t respond so definitely do your homework if that’s something that you’re very interested in because I haven’t really played around with that functionality but it’s not something that was really important to me phone calls and alerts and stuff like that like are more important if I’m waiting for a text message I’m probably gonna have my phone and looking at it anyway and like who wants to type on this little screen not me so things that I love about the watch my favorite thing is probably the different watch faces that you can choose from my favorite watch face is called the core digital face and I’ll try to insert footage of that here I love that I can choose different things that are immediately available to me like information there’s four areas on the watch screen where you can pick different information and right now okay I have displayed are the date with the day of the week which I love because sometimes you forget what day of the week it is so it’s just easy I could just look right away and then also I have my steps also I have a countdown going so I have a countdown to my birthday which is in 13 days by the way and at the bottom I have the weather and so it not only does the degrees like it’s 85 degrees Fahrenheit outside it also says partly cloudy so I like that I can see if it’s pretty stuff like that and you can those are totally customizable you can change what information it displays and that is just available by tapping my screen and it just pops up or if you kind of flick your wrist a certain way it gestures it to wake up so I absolutely love that another’s really cute watch screen home score whatever you want to call it is the Daisy and the Daisy actually like counts down I’m like the petals kind of go away depending on how many steps that you take that day so it’s like a very infographic visible that if you will and I just think that’s adorable and really cute and there’s some other really cute ones like there’s a taxicab there’s this one with this woman’s face on it and she winks at you if you have a notification so that’s pretty cute too but I like having everything readily available so like the core digital is the one that I usually have the screen on and kind of as a disclaimer I’ve only had this watch like two weeks so I’m pretty new into it but I feel like I have a good enough grip to post a review also if you tap the while I’m talking about my core digital screen and you tap the weather it shows more information like the percent chance of rain the wind chill and then also like a forecast four days out so that’s kind of nice and that’s using the weather app and then if you click the date on this screen then it shows how many events you have coming up that day and they start tying stuff like that so I love those two functions that it’s just one tap away to get more information and not all that information is just readily available right on your wrist so my besides the poor digital screen my favorite function of the watch is the ok Google function probably it’s gonna like alert basically having that function you can also press in this little button and then it pops up and then you can speak into the mic and ask it to set a timer you can ask it pretty much anything that you want the watch to do so it’s very similar to like a Alexei my hearing or Sri or whatever other assistant that you’re used to using so I absolutely love that I have that right on my wrist for if I need to set the timer if I’m cooking something or I set an alarm for later that day I love that I can just do that on with just speaking into the watch and then it’s right on my wrist so I don’t have to keep up with my phone to alert me and it just vibrates it does not have speakers it only has a mic I don’t know if I set that yet so now to the part about the things that I think that the watch needs to improve I have it written down here cycling it’s down that’s why so one of the things that I read online and a reason why I got the watch is because it says that attract attracts calories and I kind of read that I was like logging calories like a MyFitnessPal but that is false it only tracks the calories that you burn based on your steps your workouts and then it just guesses that based on your height weight metabolism whatever and so to me that’s not really tracking calories that was a little bit misleading but I’ll still use My Fitness Pal my phone it’s whatever not a big deal okay something else is that it doesn’t have interchangeable bands you only have the band that you buy it with now it is very easy to take the watch face off there’s just little pinchers you take it off it’s very easy under a minute you can change the band no problem I got the metal the dual colored metal because I liked that the best and I’m kind of a dressier person as you can maybe tell so I wanted a little bit of a dressier watch I also didn’t want it to look like a SmartWatch I just wanted it to look like a regular watch and the price was great because the price was pretty much the same price that I’ve paid for other Kate Spade watches now as you can see I mean it fits pretty easily under my sleeve it only sits up a little bit more than a regular watch so as far as the aesthetics it’s great but it does I thought that that was a kind of huge oversight to not have changeable bands because Kate Spade has changeable stuff for like almost everything else in their line so I kind of suspect that the reason why they maybe don’t have changeable pants at the moment because I’m not sure if they’re like in a contract with Apple that they can’t make any other change of bowl SmartWatch bands as long as they’re making them for Apple watch that’s purely speculating I don’t know anyone that works at Kate Spade I haven’t read that anywhere that’s just kind of what came to my head because it does seem like a huge oversight kake’s they usually values versatility and they did make it pretty easy to take the band off so I think that’s probably coming soon another thing I don’t like about it is the no speakers I think I said that before on the battery life only lasts a day which my fit that would last like two or three days and I get that this is more you know involved in a fit but I wish that the charges would last longer it is not waterproof that is probably my biggest complaint I know I keep saying that everything’s my biggest complaint but really not being waterproof I think is puts you at a disadvantage basically overall I love this watch I think it’s great it’s cute people don’t realize it’s a SmartWatch until they see me tapping it so I would definitely recommend buying it if you care about both function and fashion I really didn’t have high expectations for this watch I kind of just saw it as like a fancy Fitbit when I was buying just a little bit more calendar whatever so I didn’t have huge expectations going in so depending on what you’re looking for you might have a different opinion an interesting question that I saw someone asked on Instagram about smartwatches is if it’s another thing to get addicted to like if you feel like you’re tied to your SmartWatch just like they’re tied to your iPhone and I would say definitely not it almost helps me not be on my phone as much because I have a lot of information available on my wrist so I don’t have to check my phone and then I’m not tempted to like check the weather and then also if I open up Instagram and then 15 minutes later I am productive so to me it’s like it kind of takes that temptation away and it makes you not as tied to your phone because you can get some alerts on your watch so I would say definitely not something else to be addicted to though now I don’t want to live without it but that’s probably just more about kind of being spoiled I guess not addiction and one of the main reasons why I chose this watch rather than getting an Apple watch because it is about the same price I thought that Apple watches were way more expensive but they have some models now that are in like the three hundred dollar range which is what the metal watch was with like 295 is that I think the Apple watch is just kind of ugly it looks like a calculator to me you remember those calculator watches and I just didn’t like it I even if you could change out the band’s I just wasn’t a fan to me this just looks like a beautiful watch and it has all the capabilities that I’m looking for so that is why I went with it and I do not regret my decision and I would recommend it for anyone else so I hope that you enjoyed this video feel free to leave me a comment with any questions about the Kate Spade SmartWatch scalloped and I want to start making more review in haul videos so if you enjoyed this then give me a like or subscribe or whatever it is that you do on here and if you want to follow me off YouTube you can find me on Instagram which is where I hang out the most online at Jaclyn humble and I hope that you all have a great day and then if you get your watch that you enjoy it as much as I do I swear Kate Spade is the only company that will like make me buy something that is not Apple so Bravo to you Kate Spade bye

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