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Lacrosse Equipment Reviews Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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It’s that time again where lacrosse season has started Syracuse took a Nelda Colgate sick but now it’s time to do a what to my lacrosse bag video we’re gonna go and start out with a helmet I got Cascade are pretty cool decals are kind of like Syracuse I’m a Syracuse fan I’m really happy they lost a Colgate that just made me really disabled over to room be more organized as well if you’ve a big open lacrosse bag no I’m not good not a lot of pockets put it right in the little cross on it Bing Bing and now you know where they are you have to go looking for the other one you never have a missing one beater SDX assault armed guards no pads I’m pretty sure the pads all right I’m pretty sure they don’t sell these anymore but they sell stallion merchants which are basically the same you can go and count those if you want these are more interchangeable when comes to how much I love these like I like these a lot but they’re not like that oh my god I can’t live without these they’re just tall and you know they get the job done I’ll leave these below because people always ask about these these are actually amazing I think they look clean I think the design school but who cares about design but like they’re very very comfortable very flexible that they never got in the way I made the fatal mistake of actually using like crappy a shoulder pad so it really looked really long time and that was a mistake because these changed my life life was never the same there’s my Seahawks penny I don’t play anymore but number 1818 who’s repping out there number 18 got a rep got a rep I have love for these like these favorite lacrosse clubs I’ve ever used in my life the Maverick in threes they do have in force now so like basically what I say to you is if you want like the newest best thing I’m sure that informs our amazing valve never use them so they look pretty identical they just look like a little bit updated whatever but these you should be will fine I sing on La Crosse monkey you might go find some of these for a good deal so if you can’t find em threes just get in force I promise you you will not be disappointed the M threes are the best that’s when you know in threes and fours great job by maverick frickin love these forget to laugh than you guys what’s up you the best part of every video ever when it comes to these is the lacrosse sticks but I got that’s where that’s where it’s in to juicy yeah let me tell you I’m actually kind of proud of this one cuz you don’t wanna be caught slippin you know you can go to the game maybe you need to retake your stick I’m not even cops laughing you know I got colored tape because a little faceoff guy Facebook guys have to have different colored tape them the lacrosse gloves and shaft in lacrosse head so there that is also have Burghley tape i got options as well drinking strings my shooters shooting nylons and signed alongside like that and then hero mesh strings not here a mesh here are strings shooters you guys get the point let’s be honest this is what we all came here for everyone want to see the little cross state setups and this your abs you’re pretty interesting ones alright let’s start out with I guess my main stick I don’t really have a main stick right now but this would be if I had to pick one it’s a shrinking mark to V with shrinking mesh and this is all shrinking this whole stick of shrinking with a composite parole this is there like a newish shaft I believe and it’s all it’s 135 is a weight but if we composite Pro this is the first composite shaft I’ve ever had and I’m actually really enjoying it so far so I do think I like this better than the mark 2a which is our attack version I’m more I have a I was always a midfielder I’m used to like this more of a narrow throw to the head so I really like this it does have shrinking tech for mesh which I really really like actually I think this is such a huge upgrade from type 3 because I do have type 3 and I didn’t like it nearly as much as this I didn’t like it about like it could be better this nail of it this is this is exactly what I would hope from shrinking upgrade of mesh by the way I promise this is not a shrinking promo or anything like that they’re not paying me to say anything I just really really love their products I’ve always loved their products I’ve been saying it for years so there you go also if you were to ask me what to mesh I like better string Kings or East Coast dyes I I don’t know it’s very close they’re both really really good I just test both meshes out and see which one you like better and then just stick it out with whatever company you pick it’s definitely between hero mesh and shrinking type for mesh type for not type 3 type 4 this is my backup stick I guess you can say this is a shrinking metal to shaft which I’m in love with you guys already know streaking in my opinion makes the best shafts period no one even comes close to me they have everything you need in a goodwill cross shaft which is great shake which out feels in your in your hands and then also lightness and durability it nails everything there’s not one thing I’m like oh I wish this had whatever let me go and summarize this whole stick mark to a shrinking metal to tank 3 mesh semi-hard which impartial belt it’s better than most mesh it’s just not what it could be like type 4 is the type force perfect your faceoff guy there’s only one thing I can recommend to you and feel completely confident about and that is the no Naz – I love it but I will say the no-nos is hard to find now so you probably would have to get just the nos – which would still great strings up amazingly super easy string by the way so does all the shrinking sticks they string it very easily but this when it comes to face offs was my love I freakin love this lacrosse head in it the reason I love these because there’s more than just a base off head I could actually use it for shooting and ground balls passing everything was perfect and there’s nothing I was like again and this is why I look for and everything there’s nothing I was like oh I wish it was blank it was perfect this is a shrinking metal Pro which is the first version of this shaft is a little bit weak but that is just because there’s their first at-bat with it and they fixed it in the newer version so I wouldn’t recommend I don’t think they sell they definitely L these anymore but just get in the metal – or the composite pro shafts this obviously has hero mesh with like the strikers which I really like that’s like the one thing I’m like oh that’d be cool I love the strikers but how much is great it’s same with drinking type format both great you guys can pick which one you guys like better on that just buy two pieces of mesh I mean it it’s very well worth it in my opinion if you guys have any questions or anything I will answer them down below I respond to all the comments and then if you have any suggestions or anything also you can comment those down below I will catch you guys on the next video though [Music]

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