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oh ah lighting good lights are on check check check lighting displays funky lights neon lights basically i’m like a butterfly and i’m attracted to the light cut take two welcome everyone to the channel my name is julian melly and this this this is the future space collective in today’s video we’re taking a look at article they are a online furniture company specializing in modern mid-century and scandinavian design i ordered the sven charm tan sofa there’s a mouthful sven charm tan sofa the sven charm stan charmay sten this this one this no actually you know sven charmay sten sven oxford which one did i buy now the sven charm charmay a charm i don’t know how you say that let’s just put it let’s just put an e on it to make it seem more fancy the sven charm tan 72 inch sofa i placed that order about a year ago a year ago that’s right folks a year ago i placed that order roughly a year ago this is my in-depth review of this sofa couch let’s get started [Music] okay so digging in article has some great furniture to offer they’re a pretty solid company i was a little bit uncomfortable at the beginning with buying a couch online not being able to see it in person not being able to sit on it um but i took a chance anyway and boy am i glad i did because it all worked out like many of you are probably doing looking for reviews looking for more information on the couch um i did the same it was really well reviewed and it looked great in photos the couch is definitely going to be used in photos so it was important to have a couch that looked good felt modern sexy and just had an all-around nice aesthetic to it so anyways i placed my order on article roughly a year ago here’s my order confirmation it took about two weeks to get to me as you can see i paid extra for the inside assembly which we’ll reach back to that later no troubles there with the speed of shipping everything was straightforward they kept me updated i’m happy to say it was a pretty solid experience the e-commerce experience ordering from article online let’s get to the sofa itself shall we i went with the 72 inch uh charmay tan sofa which is the smaller it’s a two and a half cedar they also make it in a three seater and they offer it in a few different materials such as fabric and velvet velvet couch but i ended up going with the leather and they have a whole array of colors as well in the leather they have the tan which i think is the nicest but the blue also looks really interesting you don’t often see a blue leather couch so these are the color options in the leather um the one i purchased is obviously the tan color so it came to me in one solid steady piece so i personally was looking for a bit of a smaller couch to use in my space because my space is designed in a modular fashion where i’m constantly shifting around furniture and stuff uh to do videos to do photo shoots things of that nature i wanted something small that wasn’t going to get in my way but something that you know also looks really good so when i saw this couch i fell in love no i when i saw this couch i thought hey here’s a great contender it looks to be well made i think this couch will last me hopefully a lifetime if it’s taken care of well and that was part of the reason why i chose to go with a leather finish because in my mind you can keep the leather finish a lot cleaner you can wipe it down and it’s less susceptible to staining because it’s leather um it reflects light it has more texture and over time the leather is going to get more worn down and it’s only going to add and look better in my opinion as the couch gains more soul as the couch gains more character over time right when i order the couch they will ask you do you want us to bring the couch inside your home and assemble it for you or there’s another option to just bring it to your front door if you have a condo or what have you do not order the inside and assembly on the sven sofa couch i made that mistake i got dinged 170 bucks as you can see right here because the sofa comes assembled already so literally the guys bring it up and they told me yeah you know if you order again don’t pay for the assembly on the couch because all it is is screwing in the four legs to the couch so literally the guys dropped it off and they screwed in the four uh feet or legs whatever you want to call them to the couch we all had a good laugh about it and they went on their way if i could go back i would definitely not pay for that and i would just screw in the legs myself as the couch did come in one full piece however moving on um you know the couch it looks awesome i’m really happy with it it’s really served this purpose it looks great in the space you know if you do spill something on it yeah if you have to clean it you just you can wipe it down with some soap and water as you’re seeing here and it actually dries pretty quick so you’re seeing a time lapse over about 10 minutes you can see the water dries no problem so cleaning and dry time is pretty good um in terms of my thoughts on the couch so first and foremost i gotta say this is one of the most comfortable couches you will sit on not only do i have people tell me how comfortable it is when they do sit on it oh this couch looks great it’s comfortable a whole array of adjectives used to describe the couch it’s got style it’s got flare it’s got a nice color to it it’s super comfortable and i love the look for so yeah in that department it definitely gets a win in terms of the comfort the style you can get a larger one i’ve had people crash on this couch even though it’s small and no problem it was actually quite comfortable i really do love this couch i’m one year in and it’s held up great the quality is held up i have nothing but good things to say about the quality and the build of it you can tell it’s well made you know and part of the reason i i chose this couch was because i wanted to use it not only in my videos but for the space and in my photo shoots and stuff so whenever i’m doing a photo shoot i love to use this couch when taking photos here’s a few photos on screen here yeah so overall the couch is a buy for me it is i mean approaching the more expensive side but you get what you pay for and i love the couch um you know it looks great in the daytime as well i’ve done some many many shoots with it um under more low-key lighting low-key lighting style being uh where most of the frame is is darker so here’s a few shots of that um in sort of in sort of a darker more intimate setting and um yeah you know i really love this couch i highly recommend it so in conclusion i really hope um seeing all these different sort of shots of the couch and you know it being used in photographs and under some different lighting conditions and hearing my experience about it helps you guys make an informed decision whether or not this is the couch for you what color would you get it in i’m curious you know i i the blue seems really interesting to me um then we got the classic black the charm tam and a darker uh chocolate color what color are you guys most interested in let me know in the comments below if you found this video helpful i please ask you to subscribe to the channel hit that like button basically any engagement on the video will help to grow the channel so i can make better and bigger videos review explore cooler products cooler things cooler stuff so i think that just about covers it for today’s video if you have any further questions about the couch i’m happy to answer them down below i’m trying to inspire a community here of like-minded individuals who are all kind of interested in the same stuff um so i’m happy i will respond to the comments let me know if you have any further questions or opinions on the couch or if you have any wanna know about anything else in the space that you see i’m gonna try to get to making videos on just about everything if i can so hit that subscribe button to stay tuned for that i hope this was informative i hope you guys enjoy and we will see you in the next one

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