Lenovo Chromebook S330 Laptop Review

Lenovo Chromebook S330 Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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So this is the Lenovo s 330 Chromebook which while being nearly 12 month old he’s probably still one of the best entry-level laptops on the market but let’s find out why thanks for watching 95 Google on YouTube be sure to thumbs up hit subscribe and then enable notifications with the bell icon so that you don’t miss any of our upcoming videos so under $200 the s 330 Chromebook still managed to be a fantastic laptop for the vast majority of people out there because it offers you just enough of everything you’ll likely need our daily basis for starters at this price the build is never going to be considered the most premium it is almost exclusively plastic but the deep gray come black clay is actually pretty sleek weedy textured lid feeling pretty nice when gripped let’s quickly talk about ports as for such a cheap machine there are a decent selection on offer here you get a full size HDMI port USB C that supports DisplayPort out on power in while standard USB 3.0 and SD card readers are also included on the right you get a Kensington lock and a headphone port.


Lenovo Chromebook S330 Laptop

I think that is a selection all things considered open up the laptop and you are greeted with a plenty of bezel on the 14 inch display this model has a 1366 by 768 pixel display so it’s just a smidgen over HD there is a 1080p touchscreen display VOAD but I think this display isn’t too bad all things considered for starters is matte and the hinge can go all the way up to 180 degrees so you can find the right comfort level for you when using the s 330 and Sabbath foot away the display isn’t in any way grainy but the colors could be a little bit deeper that said for video more is more than adequate in my experience the audio out of the chassis though is a little bit poor though I would suggest sticking in Wired or wireless headphones and enjoying the audio that way I will say the keyboard is impressive I do like the spongy feel of the keys while they have plenty of travel when typing the plastic body does produce some flex which also adds to the spongy feel the trackpad is not too bad I wouldn’t call it particularly great though as it has a good size it responds well to swipes and touches they click though isn’t all too fun to use so in my experience how would just stick to taps and touches as it does improve the overall experience quite substantially so the hardware isn’t too bad what about the performance though well here have been the most impressed with the media TechSoup set in four gigabytes of RAM I haven’t noticed any experience killing slowdowns unless I really abuse the number of browser tab to have open at once watching multiple videos at above 1080p resolution does cause some issues but nothing game breaking per se compared to similarly priced Windows machines the performances actually a dream been almost entirely browser-based ensures that it feels fast most of the time as a basic browsing laptop text and document editor this is great although the lack of a touchscreen means that some Android games and apps are probably not worth installing yes you can game with android games but I would avoid 3d titles answered s3 30 has modest hardware even by 2019 Android standards because this is of course Chrome OS the battery life is one area where the s3 13 manages to exceed is similarly priced arrival machines I have managed around 7 hours regularly but that is a little short of the 10 hours at the Nova does claim in its marketing material one thing to note though is by closing the s3 30 they can bring some serious battery bleed I would suggest powering down before shut in the lid and despite being charged by USB see there is actually no faster charging on the s3 30 and that does mean around 3 hours from 0 to 100% battery life when you stick it on a charger it’s definitely worth noting that the battery is one of the few sore points in my opinion with the s3 13 that said I do have to say that anyone looking for an entry-level or first laptop to help them do the basics like word processing spreadsheets browsing or even video viewing the s3 30 is really a superb option under $200 it’s worth noting that there are some hardware refresh is coming soon which might offer a similar value but if you need a new laptop right now and just want the basics then you could do much worse than the Lenovo s3 13 Chromebook of course.

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