Lenovo Flex 6-11IGM Laptop Review

Lenovo Flex 6-11IGM Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Hey everybody its la inside but now we’re taking a look today at the Lenovo flex 611 this is a low-cost laptop it’s about two hundred and eighty dollars right now on lenovo’s website and it is powered with a new Intel Gemini Lake processor and this is one of these two-in-ones that functions as a laptop but you can also swing the screen around into portrait mode here or you can put it into tent mode or you can even fold it up and have it act like a tablet as well and we’re going to be taking a closer look at this laptop in this review to see exactly what it can and can’t do in just a second but I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure this came in on loan from Lenovo so we’re done with this it goes back to them all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review and no one has reviewed what you’re about to see before it was uploaded let’s get into it now and see what this laptop is all about so let’s take a closer look now at the hardware I was very impressed with the overall build quality on this machine it feels really solid the top of the keyboard deck here is metal although the rest of the laptop is plastic but it really does have a nice rigid feel to it inside is a Gemini Lake Celeron n 4000 processor that is a dual-core chip and it’s the new low-end version of Intel’s product lines so last year we had the Apollo Lake chips this one is Gemini Lake which do sometimes perform better.


Lenovo Flex 6-11IGM Laptop

This is a fan ‘less laptop though so we’ll see how it does while it’s under load our previous experience with Gemini Lake chips were on the desktop nook computers from Intel that did have a fan so we’ll see how well these do when there’s no active cooling system on them to get rid of that heat now you’re going to roll your eyes now because it only has 2 gigabytes of RAM it is ddr4 Ram but not upgradeable it is salt soldered onto the motherboard here I would like to see 4 gigabytes in fact that’s been the minimum lately that we’ve been seeing in some of these low-cost laptops that was unfortunate it does though have 64 gigabytes of storage which is good because Windows is getting a lot more demanding on storage space these days so at least it’s got that going for it but I would have liked to have seen more especially at the price point here the display is probably the weakest point of this laptop behind the RAM it is an 11.6 inch display so of course it is going to be small which is what it was designed to be but it’s a TN display with not very good viewing angles on it you get a lot of finger prints on the screen it looks kind of washed out actually because of the touch layer that’s built into it so not a very nice display here there are certainly nicer displays on some of these lower-cost laptops that we’ve seen here on the channel in the past and it’s only running at 720p so you will not be impressed with a display on here but it is adequate enough for getting things done and you do of course get the touch functionality on it here as you can see but display quality is not all that great and it’s got some pretty huge bezels on it as well which is something we don’t see as much these days in 2018 the keyboard on it is very nice this is the standard Lenovo layout and it feels very much like some of the other more expensive lenovo laptops we’ve looked at very comfortable to type on it is not backlit though so just be aware of that the trackpad is not bad for a low-end trackpad attracks very well it’s very accurate feels pretty natural as I’m using it here and better than I’ve seen on some cheaper laptops so that was a good thing there the hinge mechanism here feels pretty solid it’s nice and rigid feels close to what I’ve seen on some of the more expensive yoga laptops that are often kind of in the middle of their price range there over here you’ve got your power adaptor for plugging in the power cable right here you’ve got a USB 2.0 slot this is the SD card slot so if you want to augment its storage or download stuff from your cameras or something you can do that but look how far the card sticks out on this thing so you’re not going to be able to walk around with this card inserted but you can put a large SD card in there if you want got your headphone micro phone combo jack over there on the other side we’ve got an HDMI output this will go out to 4k you also have a USB 3.0 slot here a USB C port but this is not a full service USB see it is data only I was not able to get this to charge with that USB C port it will also not drive a display which was disappointing it’s often nice to get a dock for one of these things plug in a single cable and off you go but this will only connect up USB see data devices and right here you have the power button overall weight is 2.6 pounds or 1.25 kilograms so not all that heavy and battery life came in around eight and a half hours or so doing low-end tasks like word processing and email and web browsing and that sort of thing so overall I think the battery life is adequate for the price point and I think you should be able to get by a full workday more or less if you don’t too heavily tax the device in the process of doing that it also has AC wireless built-in for connecting to AC radios but it’s only got a one by one radio built in so the performance on the AC Wireless here may not be as good as the AC wireless on a more expensive laptop but nonetheless it is good enough for what it has under the hood for processor and rams so that is the overall hardware let’s take a look now and see how it performs so let’s start off with some web browsing and we’ve got my YouTube channel here running with a 1080p video at 60 frames per second and like all of these low end Intel devices we’re not seeing any dropped frames when we’re running with the edge browser just note that Google Chrome isn’t all that optimized still for some of this higher-end YouTube video so edge on these does better I did a video about this a while back which I’ll link to down below yes you can get extensions but from a consumer standpoint if you want 60 frames per second 1080p video performance use edge for now on these low-end devices but it performs as I would expect it to and we also did some web browsing we went to using Chrome just to get a mix of browsers in there and the nasa website loaded up quickly on the AC wireless and seems to work as i would expect as well and on the browser bench dorg speedometer test we got a score of forty point three and i’m putting up two other results that I got from machines running with last year’s Apollo Lake processor an asus vivo book and an Acer Swift won those scored about the same but what’s interesting is that those devices running last year’s processor had a quad-core chip this one’s only dual-core yet gets the same score just gives you an idea as to how Intel is making these low-end processors more powerful as the years progressed here to the point that a dual-core at least on this test is performing as well as last year’s quad-core that’s progress and good to see here but we’re not seeing the kind of performance we saw out of the desktop variants of the Gemini Lake processors we also ran Microsoft Word and did our usual newsletter template and it was able to do that just fine as well so I think for a web browsing and basic tasks this is going to be a very useful little 2 in 1 laptop if you don’t mind the rather low resolution and low quality screen all right so let’s move on now to some gaming we’re gonna take a look at Minecraft first and we were getting frame rates generally between 30 and 50 frames per second we did turn some of the graphics settings down to keep it above a steady 30 but we did notice that it was dropping out a lot and I think this is a result of having only 2 gigabytes of RAM on board the version of Minecraft we’re running is the Java based version of Minecraft and there is a pretty decent Ram requirement there in addition to keeping the overhead of the operating system going so this is where that two gigs of ram is going to start impacting things when we get over to the gaming side of the world here we did try to run rocket League and I think this is another area where RAM really makes an impact so what we were able to do was get it to run at about 20 to 30 frames per second if that when we turned down the resolution to 1024 by 768 that’s what I ran my laptop in 20 years ago so if you go down that low and turn all the settings down you should be able to get a somewhat playable experience out of it but nothing really worked any higher than that resolution and again I think it’s due to the RAM on board or the lack of RAM on board we also did boot up half-life which is an older game but older games do really well on the newer low-end devices and there we were getting a pretty nice frame rate of around 50 to 80 frames per second on the native resolution 720p and medium settings so I think overall if you’ve got a lot of older games in your Steam library those should do pretty well here but the lack of RAM is certainly going to impact a lot of newer games from running well on this one might actually run somewhat decently on devices with the same processor but having more RAM on board and on the 3dmark Cloud Gate test we got a score of two thousand three hundred and sixty one and this puts it very close to the performance we saw on last year’s Apollo Lake quad-core chips a very similar result to what we saw with that web browser test a little bit earlier so I’m really eager now to get in a quad-core Yemenite Lake fanless laptop device and see how well it does compared to last year’s devices I think we might actually see a performance increase on that one especially if our dual core device here with only two gigs of RAM is doing as well as the quad core did a year ago now with this being a fan ‘less device it’s going to slow itself down the hotter it gets in order to make that processor cool off a bit so we ran the 3d mark stress test to see how well it might handle that and we got a failing grade essentially of eighty nine point six percent passing is 97% and that’s to be expected on a fan ‘less laptop like this which means that if you are pushing it and it’s getting too hot it’s going to throttle itself down a bit in order to cool off so that means you’ll see lower CPU and graphics performance so if you are playing a game over a long period of time I think you might see it slow down or perhaps lag a bit as it is doing those adjustments to keep itself cool that again is a feature we’ve seen often on these fanless laptops but if you don’t like hearing your laptop running when you’re working on it especially if you’re doing word processing or something like that it will remain silent all the time which can be a good thing all right now one last thing to check out and that is it’s Kodi performance we’ve got our 140 megabits per second for khe bc file at 10 bit this usually used to choke a lot of other low-end machines but on this one we’re seeing some skip frames when it first starts up occasionally and I think that might be its lack of RAM that it’s got to swap things out a bit we found on subsequent playbacks it was playing these files back ok I think if you aren’t playing stuff like blu-ray movies and other 1080p content you should be fine especially h.264 stuff but I think the RAM here is go to limit you on some higher-end video but I think the kinds of video that most people will playback on a device like this should work just fine so overall this is a really nice laptop from a build quality perspective but they did have to pull some things out to hit the price point and it’s always interesting to see what companies do to try to get it under a certain price here it looks like they have reduced the RAM the two gigabytes which is unusual in 2018 even for a low-end laptop and of course we got the lackluster display here however if you are just doing some really basic stuff like word processing and general web browsing and you still want the Windows operating system you’ll get a tablet device here I think for a pretty fair price along with a really nice keyboard for typing typically these cheap laptops get a lousy keyboard this keyboard is nice but if you are looking for something that’s going to have some longevity this one is probably not going to be there for you primarily because it only has two gigs of RAM and can never be upgraded to more and that of course is going to limit you as operating systems and applications get more demanding on memories I’m going to be holding out to see what else comes out this year with this new Intel chipset I think the performance on the quad-core version of this chip is going to be exceptional.

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