Lenovo Ideapad 130S-11IGM 11.6″ HD Laptop Review

Lenovo Ideapad 130S-11IGM 11.6″ HD Laptop Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
Written by zeeshan

Do a little quick review try to make it quick but I’m trying I’m gonna try to get our specs of just laptop into this video first of all this is to lean over it’s pretty bad but here’s the build of it it’s very lightweight it comes with two USB ports one on the other side as well you have a HDMI you have a tight C power adapter have another USB headphone jack and you have a SD card slot all right trying to get a good angle a very nice laptop password-protected oh one thing you need to know about this laptop is very slow startup very slow gonna take you about five to ten minutes it’s very annoying very slow but the display is pretty good you’re running I know it’s a 1366 by 768 HD resolution screen so the display is really good it comes with a camera cameras nothing best record take pictures see this picture right there it’s not the best record video like I said run the window team don’t know if I said that already but it does run window 10 in s mode and with its moly it’s like a security protective and keep your computer running really good so in order to run more outlets you have to switch out of expo it’s a promo and once you do that you cannot go back to X molar.


Lenovo Ideapad 130S-11IGM 11.6″ HD Laptop

So I switch mine out because I used this for recording music and I also got a video for I put it after this video to record music so I had to switch out the expo alright come on Mitch crowd sometimes Mitch crappie playing but it see it comes up pretty quick and I did a whole session studio session with this laptop just to test the performance and the performance was really good however I did notice when you start to get a lot a lot mini mini tracks it started to pop with a little static and noise so but it runs pretty good though like I have a lot of trash here and it actually running pretty good now so my buddy so that’s how about right you get the vine is trash and that a lot run good for recording software volume is okay cameras okay the bill of this is pretty good I like the way the key feel feels like a Chromebook now we’re gonna get into some more specs the display like I said got a HD resolution it’s it has 11 by 6 display it has an Intel processor the end 4000 has 4 gigabytes of system memory it has 64 gigabyte of flash memory it weighs about 2 point 54 pounds and the damage is about point seven inch so it’s really thin and only weighs like two something 2 pounds it does comes with security anti-virus for 6 months and you get that via email if you purchase this to Best Buy Best Buy has this laptop himself or well it’s not real sale right now it’s 209 original price which is the price it is right now but they do bring this laptop on sale every now and then I caught my eyes on sale for about 139 so definitely keep looking out for this laptop it’s a really good laptop guys it’s a really good pickup I would try to put a video for you guys so you can see the display but I just gonna find a game or something and the battery life yep I’m not conducting my internet because I’ve been using this from user but the battery life lasts about eight hours eight hours left battery life I really don’t feel like doing all this right now I hate Microsoft I’m in Windows 10 sometime but that’s pretty much the specs of this he only does have a 1.1 gigahertz processor so all those run it runs good for music software and things you might want to get something more powerful with no thinking about it but for one point one processor this computer holds up pretty well pretty good performance in performance like I can’t laugh about it at all guys can’t lie about it at all so I’m just gonna connect just show you guys how it look I mean I know you guys can see it really good but but overall guys I like this laptop it’s pretty nice it’s pretty nice it’s pretty lightweight I love the way it feels I love the performance of it I haven’t had any problems with this thing whatsoever so it definitely looks good pick up and I would do performant tests to just show you guys more but I may just do another video for it possibly I don’t know.

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