Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 14 Laptop Review

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 14 Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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So a bunch of you like three have asked me to review this laptop Lenovo IdeaPad flex 14 and this is super exciting because not only does it cost five hundred ninety US dollars for a rise in five forty five hundred you but it’s also eight hundred fifty dollars Canadian which is unheard of because the most decent laptops in Canada costs at least four hundred thousand dollars so when you pair good performance with a price and the fact that this budget two and one is beating out more premium laptops in some cases it’s a laptop you want to talk about now it is made out of plastic it’s not metal and it shouldn’t be for that price and the plastic is not going to pick up a lot of fingerprints they’re using this very grippy material so it just feels good to hold very secure but it’s not gonna pick up the oils display there’s a bit of flex when you open it up but very typical for it too and one of course you can flip it 360 degrees right on the display if you want to buy the optional pen the keyboard I love these keys like for a budget laptop they feel great to type on even though there’s a bit of flex on the deck itself there’s a tactile feel that other budget laptops don’t have speakers they sound great.


Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 14

They’re not super loud there’s no bass on the bottom end but because the forward facing everything’s nice and clear touchpad is made out of plastic but it’s using Windows precision drivers so everything’s nice and accurate when you’re moving around sticker placement this is one area that Intel is investing a lot of money into where AMD is kind of falling behind because the stickers between the 4000 series and the Radeon graphics is crooked ports there’s tons to choose from you have your power connector HDMI USB type-c obviously not Thunderbolt 3 and your audio jack and then on the other side you have two more USB ports SD card slot and your power button now to display is the one area they had to make a sacrifice to I mean it looked good visually but once you measure it the color accuracy is not the best brightness is average it is touch it is 14 inches it is IPS but I wouldn’t trust it to do design work like you probably want to hook it up to a more color accurate external monitor now there is a webcam and just like most webcams out there it doesn’t look that great but you do have a sync shutter on top to turn it off if you want to use its privacy features there’s no Windows hello for facial recognition but you do have a fingerprint scanner on the deck of the laptop internally not much is upgradeable the only thing you can technically swap out is the Wi-Fi card and the m2 nvme SSD which gets pretty good read and write speeds the RAM is completely soldered on to the motherboard so whatever model you buy I think most on the Lenovo website only have eight make sure it’s exactly what you want for the next few years because you’re not going to be able to upgrade it you have to heat pipes with one fan to cool the CPU and GPU you have a 51 watt out or battery and battery life on this is pretty good 9 hours and 13 minutes using the intelligent cooling profile before needing to charge now there’s probably some of you out there thinking that this laptop is not gonna perform well especially at $590 but by god you are absolutely wrong especially the fact that it was beating out really expensive Intel ultrabooks for half the cost same if you’re a developer like if you’re compiling code and you’re basically using the CPU mostly you’re gonna love this thing it does such a great job but if you’re a designer or a creative and you’re using the Adobe suite this thing is not that great Adobe Photoshop it works it runs and it does decent but as soon as you use Adobe Premiere Pro this laptop falls apart it was one of the worst scoring laptops that I’ve tested this year and this is not an AMD problem AMD is not doing anything wrong this is an Adobe problem now the GPU inside of here is no slouch either like this thing is equivalent to an MX 115 if you want a game on this you can do it like I was playing overwatch with settings medium or low and still getting pretty good frame rates lenovo also has a really piece of cool software called lenovo advantage you can hit function q and you can change between three specific profiles and this determines how you laptop sounds in terms of fan noise and how hot it can get if you leave it on intelligent cooling the hottest it will get is around 85 to 90 degrees Celsius if it’s performing under full load this means fan noise will be between 40 and 43 decibels if you leave it on battery or quiet mode fan noise will always be below 40 decibels giving you a very quiet setting to work in however just be careful with performance mode because I’ve seen the temperatures on this get up to a hundred and five degrees Celsius which is absolutely bananas so look at the end of the day it’s it’s not perfect and and no laptop really is but four five hundred and ninety dollars this thing is destroying some of the more expensive products out there if you’re using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Premiere I suggest looking at other laptops but if you’re looking for a two and one that has a good battery life has a decent screen good speakers and you’re into development.

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