Lenovo Tab 4 10 Review

Lenovo Tab 4 10 Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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You guys and welcome to another episode of quick expert reviews today we’ve got a review of a tab for 10-inch a latest addition to the entry-level market from Lenovo now the tab itself price adds I believe hundred and thirty nine pounds those pack quite a lot of interesting features however in my opinion it is a bit too much entry-level in terms of specs but yeah I’ll explain everything in the review in a sec so as usual unboxing at the very beginning to see what’s in the box as it is a tablet there’s not not really forty at least you can see for yourself so a charger is always a nice addition especially considering that some of the products I’ve reviewed recently didn’t even support a charger but yeah apart from the plug the charger the plug itself obviously we do have some leaflets which again isn’t as standards nowadays so sometimes you have to go to the phone itself or a tablet device to find a manual and before you after you turn it on so with this one explains to you how to put the SIM card in how to put the memory card in because the device does support memory cards and then we’ve got the micro USB cable which is always interesting in 2018 I thought we are in the type C standard by now but we would be by now but yeah you had to cost the costs somewhere so that’s the tab itself I really like that texture on the back not sure.


Lenovo Tab 4.10 Review

What it is it looks like a bit of a rub but it is very firm especially when you touch it with your hands it’s very non slippery so it’s really really really difficult and to drop this thing so yeah that goes as a plus for lenovo so we’ve got the micro USB port the headphone jack and dad was a sim and memory card tray slot we’ve got a 2 megapixel camera on the front and and we’ve got the power button and volume up and volume down on the side so the silver button is your power button to turn the device off and on yeah and then on the bottom there is nothing and then we’ve missed the speaker’s there are but upwards firing speakers as you can see now on the top I think that’s the first tablet I’ve ever reviewed with a upwards facing speakers but yeah now in terms of the device itself as you can see the picture quality isn’t the best unfortunately the top spots only a 720p screen now it is an IPS LCD display however I mean it’s a 10-inch device so not the highest resolution obviously it does helps in games but then you are you might ask a question why is the tablet advertised as a brilliant device for watching movies and why do you have an IPS LCD display if the display itself is only 720p now if you want a game on that device you only get a snapdragon 4 to 5 processor and 2 gigabytes of RAM which is very very entry-level so yeah I think there are more there are better options in that price range in terms of the tab itself it is running on a two-year old now Android 7.1 which again I believe nothing would happen if he if they would put a Android or you want it but again I believe you had to cost it cut the costs somewhere in terms of storage 32 gigabytes of internal memory but like I did mention you can expand it with a memory cards and then there is a nice addition in terms of sound so if you go into sound you actually get Dolby Atmos which is always a nice thing to have now in terms of the Dolby Atmos it actually has its own app so you’ve got your presets for gaming music and movies but obviously if you’d like to you’ve got a manual equaliser as well to adjust that so yeah that’s nice any types of sound quality actually those two speakers I do play really nice the quality is dissents weirdly enough it’s actually on par with the s4 tablet I have currently as my personal tablet not as good as the iPad pro nine point seven round ten point five I used to have but it is I mean it’s it’s still pretty decent so yeah in terms of connectivity obviously if you like to you can wireless wirelessly connect a controller like a Dual Shock 4 for example there is no native support for that but it does work pretty well and obviously if you like to concussed as well to a Google chromecast or at or at a lead that does support casting in terms of pre-installed apps we do get the camera we’ve got the file manager we even have an FM radio but do marine bear in mind that if you want to use the FM radio you obviously have to connect the headphones that do double up as an antenna.

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