Logitech Circle 2 Camera Review

Logitech Circle 2 Camera Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal
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Now if you’ve been looking for a way to upgrade your security game whether it be indoor or outdoor this product may be something worth checking out what is up guys Joe here back with another video and this is the circle – it’s going to be a weatherproof security camera from not only inside but also outside so Logitech which is the makers of this circle – recently reached out asking if I wanted to check out their security camera and something that really intrigued me about it is the fact of how versatile it is so I was like hey let’s check it out so the circle – comes in two different models you have a wired version but you also can get a wire free version this here is the wired version which comes supplied with the circle – camera along with the camera cover a swivel mount with a tethered ten-foot cable a USB power adapter also you get a wall bracket for screws to cable clips and for wall anchors so if you do want to mount this you have the right materials to do so now if you opt for the wire free version you get your circle – camera with the battery camera cover a rechargeable battery a swivel base with quick-release plate a two-foot micro USB charging cable with a USB power adapter and also you get a wall bracket two screws and two wall anchors in case you do want to also hang this up now get in the circle to set up was quite easy all you got to do is first make sure you have a Wi-Fi connection because it is a Wi-Fi enabled camera.


Logitech Circle 2 Camera

Next we put the camera together by simply lighting up the indicators attach the camera to the mount and then just rotate it to whatever orientation you’d like after that just plug it into power and then download the logitech circle app whether you are on iOS or Android once we have the circle to set up – the app that’s pretty much it you’re ready to start securing your place now after using the circle – for a little while one of the things that I’ve really enjoyed is the fact that it’s so versatile and what I mean by that is that I can pretty much put it anywhere I want whether it be in a corner or on a shelf but also you can even customize it with the different accessories that you can get for the circle – like this window mounts so if you don’t want to actually put the camera outside you can always just mount it inside on a window with this window mount and then be secured also you can even just plug it in to an outlet with the plug mount and not have any wires going into where it’s directly connected to power so that’s a definite win for this circle tube it’s customizable you can put it pretty much anywhere so whether you get the wired version or the wired free version you can always customize it with these accessories which is pretty dope now going into the circle app you’re able to view your camera’s live feed and also see any other activity that camera has detected it definitely saved me some time because I don’t have to scrub through hours of footage just to find a certain part of what I was looking for now also in the app.

You’re able to filter it so whether you want to see events by viewing all the activity the high activity or just certain days or when it detects a person because the circle – also has the ability to detect a person which is really cool it even looks your device if it does detect activity or a person and then sends you a snapshot now you also get a day brief so you can quickly get a 30-second a brief of the important moments that happened within the last 24 hours so that way you can just recap it real quick and see if you missed any activity now with the circle – because it does have a microphone and speaker built-in you can always chime in and talk or listen to those at home or for instance if you had it outside securing your front door it could also be useful to say speak to a delivery driver and tell them to leave a package there or something like that as far as quality the circle – provides it does have the capability to stream up to 1080p full-hd and also has night vision so you won’t have any issues whether it is day or night and having a hundred and eighty degree ultra-wide lens I was able to monitor pretty much everything in my apartment from my front door to the kitchen and even to the living room with just one camera so besides the circle – being so versatile really enjoyed about is the integration with not only Amazon Alexa Google assistant but also apple’s homekit by using the home app on my iOS device. I was easily able to view my camera and also control my other smart home devices with just the home app also the circle to does work as a motion detector so with using the home kit app you can set another feature when it detects motion so since I have a circle to camera in the kitchen I had it set to when in detects motion in the kitchen to turn on my kitchen lights so that is a plus if you use home kit now the circle 2 uses a thing called circle safe which are different plans that you can opt in for depending on your needs so if you ever do want to download recorded footage from your circle 2.

You can do so because you do get 24 hours of cloud storage unlimited streaming and downloads and you also get this smart time-lapse debrief and smart alerts all for free but in case you need more storage you can opt for the basic plan which gives you 14 days of cloud storage or you can also get the premium plan which gives you 31 days of cloud storage person detection custom smart time-lapse day briefs and motion zones which you can set through the web app so you can set up different zones so it’ll alert you if someone goes into that specific zone you set up but you do get a premium trial for free so you can try that out see how it works out and see if that’s something that you need but pricing does depend on how many cameras you use the more cameras you have the cheaper it is per month or per year overall my opinion on the circle 2 is that it’s an excellent option if you do want to secure your home from pretty much anywhere it’s small has a great quality video whether you need it during the day or night also it’s versatile I think that’s one of my favorite features is the fact that you can place it pretty much anywhere you can think of with the different accessories that you can put the camera into definitely look into this if you’re looking to secure your home.

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