Lucid l300 Adjustable Bed Base 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress Review

hey everyone welcome back to inside sleep reviews today we’re doing something a little bit different we’ve got an adjustable bed frame to take a look at this is the Lucid 300 series we’ve got two twin size frames check out the links below on Amazon for all the specs in the pricing lucid is one of the first companies we ever worked with and we loved their products and our daughter still sleeps on a lucid bed so and she loves it we’re excited to take a look at these bed frames we have been wanting one for a while the adjustable kind but we were kind of scared off by the price point and these two were the best price by far that we saw so we’re really excited to get them and take a look the set up is supposed to be really easy so we’re going to stick around and give an inside look at how everything works out stay tuned getting the box off of the bed frame was a cinch all we had to do was cut off the wrappings now we’re going to take a look at the inside of the bed so this is the bottom of the bed frame and you’ve got a little a little holder here for the support so we’re gonna open it up and take a look at the inside now again this is heavy so be real careful while handling the actual equipment because it is pretty substantially constructed so we’ve got really nice upholstery here it feels really high-quality there is a box of parts these are probably gonna be the supports and additional legs or underneath the bed so we’ve got an instruction manual and it looks like we have an adapter and also for additional support legs for underneath the bed and then this one like batteries oh and they’re in low control so it comes with all the parts that you need what else so I see you have all the motors here you’ve got USB ports and also you have an additional support for the mattress obviously you want to make sure the mattress doesn’t slide off the frame so this support attaches to the edge of the bed for that purpose and this is what we would plug into that little support that we saw earlier keeping mattress and sliding off the bed free you have the motors here we think this is gonna be the foot of the bed and that’s gonna be the head so we need to figure out a way to turn it around and install it inside our bed frame so stay tuned we are gonna do just that in a minute we have our bed frame completely out of the box and we were brainstorming some ways to safely get it into the bed frame where we can install it and we actually discovered that these legs screw off they’re removable so for us that’s perfect because we could actually slide this bed for this adjustable bed frame underneath our current bed frame and now what we don’t have to do any lifting so that makes things a lot easier for us the motor is about four inches off the ground so if you or if you’re gonna do this you need about four inches of clearance underneath your bed in order to slide it under so let’s let’s see how this works before we flip our frame over we wanted to give you a final look at the guts underneath to see how everything works so this bed comes with actually four USB ports and there on either side you can use them to charge your phones your tablets or you can even add LED lights underneath so that’s a really useful feature you’ve got the two motors one for the foot one for the head and those are gonna be there – of course lift lift and lower the bed as you see fit and of course you have the power adapter that’s all the way over there there’s only three things that you need to do the first thing you need to do is of course get the frame out of the box second thing is to screw in the legs into the desired positions and then what you do is you plug in the adapter and which of course will supply power to the bed once the adapter is connected you’re ready to flip your frame over and then all you have to do is plug it in and you’re ready to go last thing to do is to install the retainer bars and then we’re good to go so we’ve got our bed frame all set up it looks great we’re really excited about it but we do want to mention one thing and that is the dimensions both of these bed frames are 37.5 each so it adds up to 75 total and with this fit exactly right into our existing furniture so you want to check your furniture to make sure that they do fit a lot of competitors they’re off by an inch maybe they’re 38 they’re 39 if these had been off by another inch it would not have fit in our furniture and it would have been a big mess the length is seventy nine point five inches and again we’re looking at thirty seven point five perf rain because we got two twins because we have a king so it adds up together to be 75 inches wide and again this fit perfectly in our furniture the upholstery we’re really happy with its high quality and very grown-up looking the gray color is very classic and then there’s a high quality material here it feels like it’s gonna last forever so we’re very impressed with the with the materials and the way it’s constructed and again it just fit perfectly inside our existing bed frame so we’re pretty thrilled about that let’s have a look at the remotes that came with the bed on the back is the battery compartment it comes with two triple A batteries just make sure you put them in the right direction the remote also has a really useful feature which is a flashlight we thought that was pretty great the button is in the front all I gotta do is just turn it on and turn it off you’ve also got the two up buttons and the two buttons one for the head one for the feet that’s pretty self-explanatory there’s a memory button if you want to save a particular position and of course there’s a flat button so if you want to bring your bed back down to the flat position all you have to do is press that button and everything goes down to flat we wanted to show you guys the moving parts of the bed before we loaded our mattress on here each section can take on 750 pounds of weight and that’s including the mattress and a person sleeping on it so it’s plenty of strength to withstand pretty much any person who sleeps on these beds so let’s take a look at the motor and see how far up the bed can go from the head and the foot and how fast it moves so as you can see it moves along at a pretty comfortable pace not too fast not too slow and the head this is the head coming up so it does come up pretty significantly so you’ll you’d be in a comfortable sitting position as you watch TV or eat in bed or read or do all your activities so this is the maximum this is this is as far up as a bed will go so let’s bring it back down to flat see how long it takes to come back down to a completely flat position so as you can see the speed is pretty steady it’s fast enough to not be tedious but it’s slow enough to still be comfortable right now we have two remotes for each side since we have two twins because we have a king-sized bed we have a king-size bed but we are going to show you how to pair one remote to work both halves at the same time so as you can see this remote only controls one of the bed frames and we want to make it so that it controls both the bed frames at one time so we don’t have one half of the bed elevated which is super uncomfortable so we’re going to pair this remote like this you’re going to press the two up buttons at the same time and then hit the blue button on the control box and they once you hear the beeps they’re both paired very cool so now we have the rope we have the remote that controls both halves at once and they move as one piece so now that we’ve got our mattress loaded back onto the bed frame we’re gonna show you how the motors work with the mattress on it as well as two bodies on top of it so first we’re gonna go up as you can see the motors work great he comes up nice and slow and steady then we’re gonna come up on the feet to again the motor is just very strong comes up nice and steady it’s super comfortable and then when I go back to flat so as you can see the motors handle two sleepers and a king-sized mattress just fine our mattress is 13 inches thick probably weighs about over a hundred pounds so it’s pretty it’s it’s it’s a pretty substantial mattress and the motors have no problem raising and lowering anything let’s go back down to flat pretty cool stuff we love this bed frame it’s so comfortable that’s gonna make watching TV easier if we have reflux we could raise our heads if we want to raise our feet to maybe eat some pressure on our backs we could do that too this is gonna be great for our health we love everything about the setup it was easy the price point was terrific and overall this is just the best adjustable bed frame that we can recommend some final cloth this lucid bed frame comes with a warranty that’s bumper to bumper for the first three years the price point is amazing you will not find a bed frame of this quality for this price point period we loved everything about the setup it was easy and quick and loose it is also doing a giveaway after this video so all you have to do is like comment and subscribe and loose it will take a lucky winner to send one twin size foldable mattress to so it’s not an inflatable mattress it’s a foldable mattress and it’s great for camp outs and play rooms so we really enjoy sharing this with you we hope the video was useful thanks for watching and we’ll see you guys next time [Music]

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