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hi everybody Justin and crystal here with our sleep calm today we’re gonna do a review on the Lucid mattress this is the 10 inch gel memory foam mattress and we’re just gonna do a short preview and then we’re just gonna get into it and tell you what we know let’s get started [Music] so many of you might know that this mattress is going to be found on Amazon and it’s quite popular on Amazon with over 8000 reviews alone on Amazon you can see that it’s gonna be quite a popular but for a lot of people and it’s gonna offer 10 inches to layered build that’s gonna feature two and a half inches of memory foam over seven and a half inches of face foam so it does come in saying it is supposed to be the more medium feel of the mattress but once we get into comfort we can kind of look at that a little bit more closely but this is going to be featured on our one of our best mattresses to find on Amazon page so definitely check that out if you are on a tighter budget or just looking for a mattress through Amazon this is going to be a great place to start so let’s talk about the comfort of the Lucid 10 inch mattress this is like Christo I just said this is gonna have the two and a half inches of memory foam GL that runs on the top of it and then you’re gonna have your base home beneath that you can definitely feel the memory foam so this is more of a traditional memory foam type feel where it is very slow moving so if you are transitioning from your back to your side you are gonna create a little bit of a ditch or well inside of that memory foam so it does take some time to be able to have that foam come back up if you were transitioning from back to side or stomach so keep that in mind the other really the biggest thing right out of the gate this is supposed to be the medium few of this is the medium feel to us this definitely feels much more on the firm side of things for me liking something that’s more of a luxury firm type feel because I’m predominantly a back sleeper I actually like this type of feel it is a little bit on the firm side even for me but comfort wise it is gonna be a comfortable bed for Crystal who sleeps more on her side what do you think Krystal yeah I think it was just a little bit more firm than I would prefer the fact that there’s only two and a half inches of memory foam and no transition foam kind of doesn’t allow you to sink in as much as you really need to to really alleviate that pressure on your shoulder and your hip when you are sleeping on it another thing that kind didn’t work so well for me is the fact that I do switch between sides so turning from one side to the other having that memory-foam was pretty pretty slow responding where it made me kind of felt like I was stuck in a little bit of my own ditch when changing positions but that’s kind of something that does kind of come with the territory sometimes with memory foam mattresses I did find it that it was pretty good for sleeping on my stomach though the fact that it’s pretty pretty dense but conforming allowed my hips to kind of sink in a little bit more and be pretty nice from back or stomach sleeping so if you are stomach sleeper I think it’d be pretty good for that okay let’s talk about edge support motion transfer and whether or not this mattress slept cool for us so right out of the gate edge support wise this is going to be 10 inches all foam so when I sit right on the edge of it you are going to notice that it is gonna create a little bit of the slide out of the bed type effect you’re not gonna have any type of a border rod that runs around the outer edge of the mattress to really secure it and hold it up for me I don’t know I don’t really worry too much about edge support just from a sitting standpoint my biggest thing is edge support from a sleeping standpoint so we’re crystal is right now when she was laying on the side of the bed crystal what does it feel like for you yeah I mean surprisingly you try to get right up to the edge of this mattress and it doesn’t really actually change too much in feeling I think the fact that there is so much base from there does kind of help attribute to keeping it a little bit more consistent as far as sleeping goes so that is a positive for this bed right and then as far as sleeping cool goals it does have memory from gel that runs out right through the top of it but it’s a very dense memory foam and because you’re not going to have that pocketed coil system that runs throughout the mattress heat dissipation isn’t going to be the greatest in this mattress so if you’re so many more like me where you get hot in the middle of the night you may want to look in a different direction because this does retain some of that heat inside of the mattress yep and as far as motion transfer that is one Pro that does come with have that memory foam that is a little bit more dense is the fact that when you are kind of moving throughout the night or tossing and turning and getting in and out of bed that memory foam does a really good job of kind of absorbing that motion and really kind of deadening it before it gets to anyone else so transfer in this mattress it’s gonna be a pretty good one thing that I did want to say though is this is a very firm mattress or it’s a pretty firm mattress so anytime something is a little bit more firm you will get a little bit extra vibration that runs through it it isn’t a whole mattress it doesn’t have coils so it is going to perform well but for somebody out there that’s really really picky and you want to have something that is really going to absorb that movement this may not be the world’s best for that so one of the great things with a lot of the mattresses that you’re really only going to find on Amazon is the fact they’re gonna come in at a really nice price point this does vary from time to time because of the fact that there are gonna be multiple people selling it on Amazon so you are gonna get it for a reasonable cost but the price may differ just slightly the other thing is is there are gonna be several options that are included from this brand so there will be variances as far as comfort firmness level as well as thickness of actual mattress this again is going to be the 10 inch model another thing to keep in mind with Amazon is the fact that if you are buying through Amazon you aren’t gonna get a trial period with this mattress so once you do buy it you are committing to keeping it you’re not going to have you know a hundred days to try it out and send it back however if you are Prime member I know you will get free shipping if you aren’t a prime member I’m not sure if shipping will be included or not or if that’s gonna be extra and lastly this does come with a 10 year warranty regardless of whether or not you buy it on Amazon so that is one good thing that comes with that as well I would definitely check our page for the best mattresses on Amazon cuz we’re gonna talk a little bit more about this mattress as well as some of the other popular brands you’re gonna find on Amazon too so definitely go back over to our seat guy com2 check that out so thank you for joining us for our review of the lucid 10 inch memory foam mattress this is Justin and crystal here is our sleep guide take care [Music]

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