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Masterbuilt 20070910 30 Inch Smoker Review

Masterbuilt 20070910 30 Inch Smoker Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
Written by zeeshan

At the masterbuilt 30 and San Diego the ones out here is awesome it’s 77 degrees today I just wanted to talk about a few features of the masterbuilt well I think it makes a perfect smoker for the novice pitmaster or the pitmaster who just want to set it and forget it right here is the 30 model it’s the smaller of the two if I had the chance I would get to 40 but this 30 works well for me let’s talk about a couple of aspects of it here you have the remote control let’s see if I can pick it up here you have what temp is set at and a good thing about this get your smokeless plugged up from in the house you can cut it on and set your temp and have it ready to go just press this on and off button it comes on and then to set it up first you press off first you press the set temp and then you use the plus or minus button and you grow up and set your smoker this smoker can go up to 275 so you press your set temp go up down to the temp depression sets up again and then it’s going to start blinking for your time you press set time and then you can go up or down I set it for 12 hours to cook these are beef short ribs I don’t anticipate it taking that long but you can set it from 0 up to 24 hours and this thing the whole temp marvelously here you have the meat probe if you press your meat probe here it gives you temperature to meet Pro and it flexes back and forth Oh your meat probe Hey you’re a smoker temp I need to post we can’t get in the pool right now ah ok we’ll get in the pool late ok I am and also has a light feature so if you add in the dark or nighttime you can press the light here and your light comes on you can cut it off and this can stay in your pocket inside the house and you can monitor the temperature of your meat and of your smoker this master bill 30 holes temp whatever you said to that pretty much to more mine is maybe two to three degrees off which is outstanding the secondary feature is the blame on the masterbuilt all the features that you can do from the remote you also can do from the brain you have the on and off button you have your meat probe you like up or down feature set time you can see I got my green button here is lit it’s powered up and it’s heating because I have yet to come up to 250 degrees let’s open up and get a look at the inside you have three racks watching for rex cooking one two three four another awesome feature about the masterbuilt is the trays in racks the curb in the box like a kitchen rack so you can take your product out season smart for whatever you have to worry about losing your product you have the water pan for getting them into keeping the admitted to in your smoker and what I like to do and what is advised to do is that you wrap your water pan and you wrap your drip pan in aluminum foil but this right here you don’t have to do it but I was eyes doing it because if not clean up can be a mess as you can see from my smoker it’s well-seasoned I never clean it because I quit it – like a good season coffee cup one good thing too about the drip pan is that in the very back is a small hole we see if I pull it out here sit at home that’s where you’re dripping whatever from your meat and then again in a small chip pan in the back let’s take a look at that let me close the shop clear on the back of your smoker you have the drip pan here that small hole I was telling about all your drippings are drip here to keep it out of your smokes one of the most unique things about the masterbuilt 30 is the ship hopper you can add chips to your smoker slightly left without actually opening you’re doing losing 10 here’s the chip hopper you take and put your chips in you can wet them but I use I never wet my chips I just put them in and let it go you put them in put it here drop it down it drops in and starts creating smoke this is our standing smoker it holds Kemp marvelously and I would recommend the masterbuilt 30 to anyone who is just getting into smoking or have trouble maintaining tips in your kit I’m going to do a video later about suggestions on maintaining temp on the weber kettle or offset but all intensive purposes this is an outstanding smoker post temp beautifully I recommend the masterbuilt 30 outstanding smoke you

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