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Miele Electro Canister Vacuum Marine Blue (Compact C2) Review

Miele Electro Canister Vacuum Marine Blue (Compact C2) Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Hello everyone today we’re going to be taking a look at a popular Miele vacuum this is the Miele compact c2 electro plus powerline vacuum cleaner Miele is a German appliance company that is renowned worldwide for their high-quality products the Miele c2 electro plus is currently the cheapest canister in their us lineup that comes with a full size electric power head which is great for deep cleaning carpets about a year ago this vacuum retailed for $5.99 now likely due to trade agreement changes within the United States this vacuum now retails for $6.99 well expensive I still think that for the price this is the best full-featured canister vacuum you can buy today this meal is a canister vacuum meaning the suction motor and bag are a separate compact unit that stays on the floor during use although I tend to prefer uprights there’s nice benefits that come with canister vacuums because the heaviest parts of the machine stay on the floor the power nozzle is extremely lightweight to push around the quality attachments of wand are easy to change out and they all work well in the score map right onboard the vacuum features three attachments there’s a crevice tool in upholstery tool and a soft dusting brush the crevice tool and dusting brush are both on the small side but they are well-made perform well and should last life of the vacuum.


Miele Electro Canister Vacuum Marine Blue (Compact C2)

Miele also offers a lot of great optional accessories that can be purchased for an additional cost all the cleaning tools can be attached to the end of the hose or to the end of the extendable wand on the back of the canister the miele features an adjustable dial the lets you control the suction for different cleaning tasks no matter the setting the vacuum is remarkably quiet this miele features a 20 foot power cord and a nifty OneTouch corte-real just tap the button and the cord flies back into the back end changing the bag is very clean and easy you have to remove the hoses pigtail cord to open the latch on the front of the canister when you lift the back door the HEPA bag self seals to help prevent dust from linking out although small these banks will a lot before they need to be replaced behind the bag there’s a premotor filter replacements of which come with genuine packs of miele bags and on top of the vacuum there’s a large HEPA exhaust filter Milla’s generally feature industry-leading filtration the genuine bags do a great job of keeping in dust and the quality seals and filters mean that only clean air exits the vacuum and although pricey I would only recommend using genuine miele bags is there much higher quality than even the decent generic bags using genuine bags will greatly prolong the life of the filters and keep the inside of the vacuum spotless even at $700 this is the least expensive Miele canister that features their full size se B 228 power nozzle which on its own retails for over two hundred dollars although lacking a headlight this is one of the best power heads I’ve ever used with a vacuum thanks to a generous height adjustment it can clean any type of carpeting from patio carpeting and Berber to frisée and shag rugs the Direct Connect wand attaches and removes easily it features a wide cleaning path an aggressive brush roll and a lifetime bail it grooms beautifully vibrates dirt out of the carpeting effectively and gobbles up pet hair quickly it’s really an excellent attachment and anyone interested in a Miele with more than small light area rugs should consider this model at the very least thanks to three smooth swivel casters the vacuum glides around on any type of flooring easily let’s see how the Miele handles ground and pet hair glitter and shredded paper when passed forward and back that did a fantastic job I really brightened up the carpet too you can see what a difference that made it only left just a couple small pieces of glitter behind this is a great power head this is one of the best cleaning power heads have ever used with any vacuum [Music] for the start but I’m going to raise the height up to a two maybe a three but we’ll leave it on – for now [Music] [Music] for cleaning hard floors I’m gonna demonstrate to miele attachments the brush in the front was included with this vacuum and the one behind it was an extra purchase this is the standard Miele hard floor tool that this model was supplied with Miele has offered this hard floor tool for years and it’s one of my all-time favorites it’s very lightweight to use has large teeth for picking up larger debris as well as smaller particles and has non marring wheels that help it glide around here’s the miele park a twister tool although this tool is more maneuverable than the old one it really seals down to the floor and is admittedly more tiring to use because of that to my surprise I prefer the hard floor brush the vacuum came with both deliver excellent results and won’t damage your heart flooring now I’ll show you how you can use the various tools the vacuum comes with along with the optional Miele mini turbo brush this one extends right here after using this machine for several months I only have two issues with it the first thing is that although high quality the genuine replacement bags are pretty pricey the other issue I have with it is that I wish the attachment hose were longer here I lined up the miele hose with the Dyson canister hose and a rainbow hose it just under six feet the hose included with the Miele is right at the edge of acceptable if it were any shorter it would make the machine more annoying to use and affect usability although it doesn’t look like much of a difference the longer hose on the rainbow makes a big difference in overall usability the Miele may be more cumbersome for taller users as well if the Miele hose were just a little longer it would allow both higher reach with the wand and better coverage when cleaning flooring before you need to pull the vacuum around I really prefer canisters that have hoses that are eight feet or longer sadly Miele doesn’t offer longer electric hoses even as an extra option if they did I buy one so there you have it this is the Miele compact c2 electro + powerline vacuum I have very little issues with this machine the canister unit is compact lightweight quiet and very powerful the performance across all floor types is excellent and the vacuum is great for furniture stairs and general dusting high and low it’s also very user friendly and easy to maintain it’s $700 this vacuum is quite investment but Miele is known for the reliability and the backing should perform well in your home for years to come currently in the industry.

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