Nectar Mattress Review

what up guys it’s James and Sam and we put on this mattress for three years so we want to go over the pros the cons with that people ask us all the time you know how do you like it still after three years let’s get into it so before we get into the nectar mattress video I want to kind of go over like where I think this lands in the cost for comfort ratio so let me just kind of show you guys here real quick so let’s just say this side is called cost and let’s call this side Comfort where I think you should be if you’re gonna go right down the line you should probably be somewhere a little bit more comfortable in a little bit you know less costly so I’m gonna say that this area is good this is where you want to be you want to be down here and that’s where I think this nectar mattress is it’s a little less expensive but it’s a little bit more comfortable than average and then you know a lot of people ask us well what about this mattress what about that mattress I’m going to say that if you’re gonna take this line all the way up this average line I’m gonna say the avocado or purple mattress you know those high-end beds those are probably up here yes they’re more comfortable yes they are more expensive but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you know you’re getting more for what you pay for there’s sort of a diminishing return here so that might not be your budget so you know you can really get a lot for your money for a nectar or a tough needle like tough needle I would say is like right here maybe I would say maybe Laila is like right around here maybe it’s a little less comfortable but very similar this whole entire area I would say is where you want to be let’s get back to the video James and I are super excited right now to be back on the nectar I mean we’ve had this thing for almost four years now this this kind of like started it all for us this and a Tufton needle and since we’ve reviewed this mattress we’ve reviewed upwards of a I would say like 20 at least other mattresses but there are so many reasons why we keep coming back to this one we’re genuinely excited whenever it’s time to switch out and put the nectar back on and let me tell you why first thing what is most important never you’re buying a mattress is the comfort of it if you are not comfortable on the thing then then what’s the point I mean you can add all this fancy technology the selling technology the copper infused but at the end of the day does any of that matter if it’s not even comfortable I mean do you not I mean do you have that kind of experience where you’re like yeah they threw in all this stuff but it doesn’t make a difference at the end of the day if it’s not comfortable this is like a no frills just straight-up comfy mattress I would say this about a medium firmness and both James and I enjoy sleeping on it and we do sleep differently I like to sleep on my side my stomach James sleeps on his back a lot and as a couple it could be really hard to find something that you both really enjoy without some kind of like sacrifice this there is no sacrifice for either of us we both love it even though we sleep differently so this thing it’s just no frills super comfy and that is the number one reason why we just keep coming back so the second thing you need to know second reason why we love this is its price point so not only are you getting the comfort but the price point with it is great because you could have a comfy mattress like the avocado I think is upwards of three grand like that’s a lot of coin yeah it’s a good mattress but it’s also busting up your bank this does not which is awesome because you compare it to other things like it and for what you’re getting the price point is great it’s phenomenal and then with that you also get an entire year of a trial period I mean they’re that confident that they’re willing to give you an entire year to try out their mattress and if you don’t like it it’s just a free return they’ll give you your money back and they’ll either have this donated or recycled but the fact that they’re willing to give you an entire four seasons to try this thing out is really awesome they’re very confident in what they’re offering and then also I think I only know a other mattress company that does is but they offer a warranty for the life of the mattress like think about that for a sec the entire life of the mattress a forever warranty that’s like unheard of I mean normally it’s like 10 to 15 years that you’re gonna get out of a mattress warranty but this one they are so confident that for the life of the mattress they give you a warranty we have to show you guys the motion isolation because this is probably one of the best ones I’ve ever seen you know there’s no Springs so when this kettlebell lands it just plops right in place so you’re not going to feel your partner at all so that’s definitely a bonus so here’s the edge retention as you can see I’m 200 pounds and this is just about average for a foam mattress I would say if you’re a larger person maybe consider getting a hybrid bed because that has coils and but you know this is not bad at all for being an all foam mattress we have some cat scratches some claw marks we have a stain up here so I wouldn’t say this is ultra durable mattress I would say you know just get a protector or maybe a pad for it because this is very soft like cotton feel and con number three is that this actually is made in Malaysia or China or Vietnam so a lot of people care that it’s made in the USA but some people don’t care you know for this price point you might not care where it’s made as long as it’s comfy and it’s well-made so we’re lifting up the bottom and we also want to show you guys this actually has a removable cover here with a zipper and it also has grippy dots everywhere so this is gonna you know stay in place and if you need to wash the cover you can but I’m honestly just get a mattress protector and you’ll be alright so when it comes to the price for comfort level this is like right in the wheelhouse it has a lot going for it and we keep coming back to it for all those reasons I’m also I would say get a protective for this one and click the link below there should be a special Memorial Day deal or Mother’s Day deal coming up so always check out those links for special deals and was there anything else yes of course if you guys are interested check out our original nectar video over here we’ve got a mattress playlist of reviews over here and be sure to subscribe before you leave so you miss out on some fine content I will see you all in the next video peace [Music]

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