Nest Cam Outdoor Camera Review

Nest Cam Outdoor Camera Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal
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Today we’re going to be talking about the nest outdoor cameras we’re going to be comparing the features and the stats of each one to help you make a better decision on which one to get so stay tuned hey everyone my name is Steve from the YouTube channel Steve does and I want to thank you for joining me here at reviews dot-org last week we posted a video comparing the nest indoor cameras and today we’re going to be talking about their outdoor cameras now the differences are pretty similar between the outdoor and indoor cameras but there are some slight differences so we will be talking about those today but before we get started don’t forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell so you don’t miss out on future videos like this one also I’m gonna have a links for all the products that we talk about in this video below so check those out with that said let’s get started so kicking it off we are going to be talking about the designs of each of these we came out door has a classic Nest look with the white housing and the nest logo on the front it also has a magnetic mount a 25-foot cable that is not removable it also has a small two prong plug and has a bulky AC adapter in the middle of that cable taking a look at the cam IQ it comes with the same white housing only about twice as big as the normal outdoor version it does have a 25-foot USBC cable that is removable but it doesn’t lock into place when you put it into the camera with this one.


Nest Outdoor Security Camera

AC adapter is not in the middle of the cable but it is at the end where the plug is which makes the plug pretty bulky and not ideal for sharing that outlet with anything else that you want to have plugged in the mount is a solid metal plate that does lock into place and you do need the included tool if you want to take it off so you would use that tool to unlock the plate to take the camera down but that just provides extra security and locking it in a place which is nice for a security camera so take a look at the specs of these cameras this cam outdoor is pretty similar to the cam indoor as far as specs it has a 1080p 3 megapixel camera with each x digital zoom shoots at 1080p at 30 frames a second has a hundred and thirty degree field of view comes with night vision has one mic and speaker and also has an LED status light above the camera comparing that with the cam IQ that one comes with a 4k 8 megapixel sensor with a 12 x digital zoom and HDR it also shoots at 1080p 30 frames a second has a hundred and thirty degree view angle comes with an LED light ring around the edge also has a night vision this one has a high quality speaker and this one does come with three microphones two in the front and one underneath and it does come with noise and echo suppression so take a look at the features of what these cameras provide they both shoot at 1080p resolution they have 24/7 livestream so you can bring up a live if you have the camera at any time whether you have a subscription or not they both have a motion and sound alerts talk to listen so you do have two-way audio on here they both come with three hours of photo activity so if you do not purchase the subscription with these you do get to pass three hours of photos so you can see a snapshot of what was happening if anything was triggered another thing that both of these cameras provide is that they both also connect to the 2.4 and the 5 gigahertz Wi-Fi connection now a couple differences between these cameras is that the cam outdoor does come with a person alert but to get the person alert you do have to be signed up for the nest aware subscription the operating temperature of this camera is a negative 4 to 104 Fahrenheit and it does have a detection range of 20 feet now comparing this to the cam IQ it that does come with person alerts built into the camera so you do not need a subscription for that what’s nice about that is that it does keep alerts down because it’s able to differentiate between a person or an actual thing like a tree blowing or something like that another thing that the cam IQ comes with is something called super sight and essentially what that is is that with it having a 4k sensor but only a 1080p resolution it allows the camera to zoom in on an object so if it is zooming in it’ll keep the quality of that image up to a 4-time zoom in so the camera will zoom in and it’ll actually track somebody walking in the frame now keep in mind this only does this within the app if you take that clip and download it to your phone or a computer it won’t automatically show that zoom in part it’s just going to show you the native clip but through the app if you take a look at it it’s going to show you the zoomed in super sights of that image the next thing this camera offers is a familiar faces now this is only available with the nest aware subscription but it’s going to start recognizing faces that are in the camera you can either tag that person as a familiar face or you can list them as an person this way when you get your notifications in the notification it’ll either say it is an unfamiliar person or it is a familiar person on the camera one thing that I wish that it had is that it could only notify me if it was an unfamiliar face and not notifying me if it was a familiar face that seems like a pretty easy fix in the software to be able to decide between the two but as of right now it’ll matter what it detects it is going to notify you it’s just gonna have the extra text above letting you know if it’s unfamiliar or a familiar face the operating temperature with this camera is a negative forty to a hundred and thirteen Fahrenheit which is quite a bit better than the cam outdoor provides also another thing that blows the cam out door away is that it has a 50 foot motion detection range which is quite substantial I’ve actually never seen anything that has a 50 foot range but the cam IQ comes with that which is really impressive so talking about features I also want to talk about their subscription which is called a nest aware with Nesta where you would get features that include anywhere from five to ten days of cloud storage you’ll also receive a 24/7 continuous recording intelligent alerts clips and time lapse and also the ability to set up activity zones now I wanted to talk about the pricing of these cameras the cam out door comes in at $199 the cam IQ retails for 399 that is double the price for the cam IQ which is really expensive I also wanted to talk about the pricing for the Nesta where subscription the pricing breakdown is $5 a month for five days $10 a month for 10 days and $30 a month for 30 days of cloud storage now keep in mind that is a price per camera another thing that I noticed on their website is it looks like they are actually redoing it their subscription pricing structure it says coming soon so keep an eye open for that okay so now that we’ve talked about to everything at that the outdoor cam has compared it to the cam IQ I wanted to give you guys my final thoughts on these cameras I think to get the most out of these cameras you really need to sign up for their nest eyewear subscription for those of you who are serious about your security cameras and money is not an issue you want all the bells and whistles the nest IQ is the way to go it’s got the upgraded security mount that locks into place you can also just drill a hole through your wall drop that cable through so that way you’re not seeing any cables with that camera right there it’s got to the 4k sensor the 50 foot detection range 24/7 recording on this thing it definitely ticks all the boxes but is super expensive I think for most people though the cam out door is going to be the way to go it comes with a lot of similar features it may not be as state-of-the-art as the other one but it does provide the 24/7 recording and a lot of great features with that subscription so if you are in the Google ecosystem and really like nest products I think that the nest outdoor cam is probably gonna be the best bang for your buck.

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