Nikon Coolpix B500 Camera Review

Nikon Coolpix B500 Camera Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal
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What’s up guys it’s River Inn today we’re starting a new series called strange tech basically I’m picking up really unique and interesting cameras and checking them out for you so today we have the nikon d 500 for $200 this camera has a massive and I mean absolutely massive zoom which makes it a really interesting everyday camera plus an events camera a sports camera kind of into anything camera where something’s really far away from you and it’s probably the camera your mom has always wanted also this camera is really interesting low file look to it it kind of looks like an old camcorder or a point-and-shoot it’s definitely worth checking out so let’s do a deep tie I figured exactly what this camera does exactly what makes it so special that I’ve started shooting with it almost every day let’s get into it [Music] and before we get into the video just quickly want to say I’d love love love all the nice comments you guys leave me they genuinely make my day I love getting into all the weird quirky conversations about photo and video with you guys I genuinely look forward to those conversations so if you have anything you want to talk to me about or any questions I can answer hit me up in the comments down below I genuinely love having those conversations with you guys also any products that we discuss in this video links in the description down below let’s get into the review so let’s get right into the specs as you guys saw in the intro the zoom on this camera is absolutely bonkers but the thing that really surprised me was that the size isn’t that bad this would this is the camera for the extended and it’s not that big you could still easily put this into a purse or just walk around with this even with the lens fully extended.


Nikon Coolpix B500 Camera Review

I recently reviewed the Nikon P 50 and that thing is in absolute caning it is bigger than my head when it’s fully extended so this is a nice surprise as for the sensor in this camera it’s a 16 megapixel sensor and it’s about the same size as your cell phone so I’d look to this camera for about the same quality as your cell phone I wouldn’t really looked at this camera for point-and-shoot or DSLR level quality it’s about the same quality itself but massive lens rights also this camera does have a macro mode which allows you to get super up close to objects but it’s not particularly sharp and it’s really not something I’d look to this camera for also one thing that I do have to mention this camera is auto only it does not have a manual mode so you cannot control your aperture or your shutter speed it does have a dial up here at the top to take different scene modes depending on what you’re shooting like nighttime sports portraits we’ll get into that later but that’s something I have to mention I really wouldn’t look to this camera to do DSLR type work or anything where you need to really control your imagery it’s more of like just a whip it out and just have fun with it’s more of a disposable camera with a really awesome lens astrophotos this camera shoots at 7.4 frames per second which is not quite fast enough to do sports photography but it’s fast enough for shooting your kids basketball games soccer game can be like a dance recital or like a live concert you’ll be able to get it fast enough but you’re not gonna be able to get like intense sports or action shots and wouldn’t the 16-megapixel sensor those photos do come out to a 4k resolution.

So if you do want to print them out or display them on a large screen it should be good enough one really interesting thing about this camera is that it has a hundred and twenty frames per second mode in VGA quality what do I mean by that basically it allows you to take 120 frames per second 120 pictures per second but it’s at a super low like basically it looks like an old CRT monitor or like just like an old camcorder it’s not really something I would use to print stuff out or like to display on a big screen but if you’re like studying something like maybe if you work at like an athletic compound you’re studying a dancer or maybe it’s for like a science project you’ll totally get what you need also to be able to get a hundred and twenty frames per second in a two hundred dollar camera that’s kind of bonkers side note this is a great camera for skateboarders when it comes to skateboarding quality almost doesn’t matter you can get a hundred twenty four second super slow-mo for 200 bucks that’s such a deal as for video this camera does 1080p in both 35 and 25 frames per second sadly no 24 frames per second it also has 60 frames per second but that 60 frame is 60 I’m not 60 P which basically means those 60 frames per second are interlaced so if you slow it down you’ll get lines and you can see the scan lines it won’t really look good for slow motion and both the video in photos coming out of this camera are really interesting this camera has very low dynamic range so it kind of has like there’s a weird retro kind of like a camcorder look to it there’s a lot of rolling shutter and the video looks very very digital I kind of like it and it kind of has this really unique toy.

Camera look to it this camera definitely will replace a g7 X or a 6000 but for $200 this camera offers something really unique so it’s so pretty cold where I live but once the summer rolls around I’m definitely gonna take this camera to music festivals summer Day parties and capture like some summer adventures with a really unique look so as for autofocus I was really surprised it’s not quite as good as like a 500 or $600 Nikon camera but it’s pretty close it actually has face tracking and it does a really really good job tracking faces in both photo and video mode and in video mode he tends the a little bit but it will get autofocus it’s just not the quickest autofocus but as for photos the autofocus is totally fine I never really had any problems with it except for when I was shooting something zoomed all the way in but that’s probably because I’m shooting something a mile and a half away this autofocus is kind of like a Keanu Reeves movie it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either and you’re not mad at it but you don’t want to see it again does that make sense which brings me to audio sadly this camera does not have a mic jack so I cannot plug in my own microphone for better audio though I feel like plugging a microphone into this would kind of take away from like the whole vibe and like the whole like fun of this camera but if you’re someone that’s like looking to do something serious with it I can definitely see the lack of an external microphone jack kind of being a downer with this camera but camera is surprisingly solid audio as long as you’re close to it.

It will pick up your voice and it does a pretty good job getting the overall and means around you so it’s not the worst it’s about the same as your cell phone I think but here’s a quick test so you can see for yourself what’s up guys this is the audio test for the Nikon B 500 I think the audio this camera is pretty serviceable because I’ve done a few tests before but I don’t think it’s quite as good if you had an external mic plugged in but for 200 on the camera that you want to use casually to just shoot around for the summer just travelingirl just capture your life casually I think it’s pretty ok and I think you make a decent travel camera let me know what the comments down below what you guys think like chatting up with you guys so let’s talk about in the comments last but not least design and this is probably the part that surprised me the most I was expecting this thing to really just be a cheap toy camera but this camera actually has NFC and Wi-Fi built-in so you can send photos from your camera to your phone that’s really surprising in a 200 all camera on top of that the cameras are really well built it has a nice deep grip despite being made of plastic it doesn’t feel cheap at all all the buttons are nice and clicky the zoom extend is really smooth nothing about this camera feels like a $200 camera I’m really really impressed and even the screen on the back is really well built I was expecting this to be the critical failure point where this would probably break easily but no there is literally nothing bad with this camera design-wise except maybe the lack of external headphone jack but for $200 I’m all for it the software in this camera is surprisingly good something I quickly want to mention this camera actually has scene modes built into it so depending on what you’re shooting.

The camera can either auto detect or you can tell it while you’re shooting and it’ll automatically adjust the settings for you that’s pretty nice to have especially if you’re a casual shooter just shooting your family stuff very kid stuff or just like randomly roaming around like me with this camera through the summer it’s surprisingly easy to use and I was expecting the software to not be that great but the software is really really easy to use and as I mentioned earlier this camera’s auto only but if you do want to change something like white balance or ISO you actually have to go into the menu itself the person I just leave all of that on auto and the camera does a pretty good job so last but not least the batteries in this camera it’s kind of an interesting situation this camera actually does not use your standard Nikon battery it actually uses these ones it uses a double-a battery double-a that’s a double check but uses double aids you could easily get these from your local convenience store or Walmart I kind of thought it was a bit disappointing that they didn’t include a rechargeable battery pack with the camera but the camera actually does come with four batteries itself but I guess considering how low the cost of this camera is they probably couldn’t include rechargeable battery pack for you I ended up picking up this pack of rechargeable batteries so about sixteen or seventeen dollars for a six-pack of rechargeable batteries that’s a pretty good deal I’m not sure how long these batteries will last but I ended up getting four to five days of shooting out of it on a single charge so it’s a pretty good deal and on the bright side if I ever run out of battery in the middle of a shoot you can just run to a Walmart.

Shat goes to live events basketball or hockey games anywhere where your things are just really far away from you and you want to be closer but you’re not the zoom in this camera is a must-have it is such a lifesaver the quality of the photos probably won’t be much better than your cell phone this camera has a really interesting loaf I look to it that makes it more interesting camera to use in like a typical Nikon or a canon camera just cuz you’ll get such an interesting look out of your images and if your camera nerd like me that’s just like say experiment with weird cameras and get interesting looks out of this camera this camera is a must check out for $200 you’re gonna get a really unique look out of your images I would really think of this as a disposable digital camera with an amazing zoom lens hey guys thanks so much for checking out the video on the Nikon B 500 this was such an interesting camera review because they talk weird in quirky little camera if you have any questions about this camera whatsoever hit me up in the comments down below and I’ll make sure to get back to every single one of you also I’m gonna leave a link to this product in the description down below so if you do want to pick this one up make sure to check that out also make sure to leave me a like in a comment and subscribe to the channel really helps me figure out what kind of content you guys are fighting with what kind of content I should go making forward and you feel suggestions for future content hit me up I genuinely pay attention that’s up until next time guys see ya you.

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