Novogratz Brittany Sleeper Sofa With Memory Foam Mattress Review

hey everybody welcome to super digest my name is Bobby and today we’re going to be looking at the Amazon Novogratz futon this is a very different type of sofa that we’re normally looking at we’re normally looking at nicer sofas by brands such as cratenbarrel Pottery Barn and campaign things like that either very well-established brands or new of incoming brands but we were thinking to ourselves that we’d also like to cover the super affordable end of the spectrum there’s a lot of people out there who aren’t in a position to spend a thousand let alone two or three thousand dollars on a sofa you may not even have five hundred dollars to spend on a sofa so what’s available to you at that super low affordable price range we went on to Amazon to answer this question as most people probably would these days and we saw a number of sofas in the 5 to $600 range some of them are alright and we’re actually going to cover those in a separate review but we wanted to drive all the way to the bottom what can you get if you’re really on a budget there were a couple of options most of them were pretty ugly and then we found this the Novogratz futon and you know what it’s actually kind of handsome in our opinion it costs about $240 if that’s on prymatt include shipping if it’s not on prime then you have to pay extra for shipping and it comes in a couple different colors this is the navy blue color that’s available and we had no idea what to expect Novogratz is a hyper affordable brand you can find their wares at Walmart on weight they’re calm and then a number of their things on Amazon no idea what to expect but I gotta say it’s a pretty damn good value don’t get me wrong this is never going to compete with or replace a nicer sofa if you consider yourself to be decorating and furnishing a home this is not gonna cut it but if you are just trying to get a sofa into your space because you need somewhere to sit this might be the one for you came in about six days standard Amazon Prime delivery for something this large it came in one box which you can see in our full review on our website the Burrow sofa is a very deliverable so if it comes in a few different boxes campaign is another deliverable soap that comes in one very heavy box and one slightly smaller box this came in one medium-sized box that was not that heavy it was really quite nice and the assembly process was smooth I would say easy you know we had to hang out with our good old friend Alan right she knew that little l-shaped thing from the IKEA days a little bit of tight spaces to get in there with that thing but overall assembly was pretty good and what really struck us has clearly been in business for a while this is a very inexpensive sofa and yet it feels solid I’m not worried about it breaking to be honest this 230 $240 futon feels every bit as structurally sound as the $1200 Boro the legs are actually sturdier on this thing they are they fit very snugly into a wood on wood joint and then have a very long threaded screw that holds them together when putting this together given the price we were shocked at how sturdy it felt now how does it feel to sit on you know when you burst it down it’s like we might be in for a rough ride here folks but if you’re on a budget and you get this thing from Amazon in six days and put it together I think you’re gonna be happy the fabric is smooth clean and it doesn’t feel like it’s gonna rip or fall apart it’s soft enough for what you would expect in this price range it’s very firm you can sit on it you can definitely work on it you can eat your meals on it lying down to watch a movie you know you can do it if you’re alone single person can watch a movie just about anywhere I suppose it’s a little firm and a little snug for having multiple people watching a movie on it for a long time perhaps very interestingly to our customers our audience I should say we’re not really the one selling the sofas it very easily converts into a futon and this may or may not have added benefit to some people but as you can see it’s about as smooth a transition as you can possibly expect from any futon harder than this to put together so where does that leave us the bottom line on the Novogratz futon from Amazon is if you are looking for something that is hyper affordable because you’re a student or you’re in a starter apartment or you might be moving in a few months and you don’t know how long things are gonna last or you’re waiting for your first couple paychecks to come in but you need a sofa in the meantime any number of circumstances where you’d be looking at a fast delivery super affordable but not total piece of crap sofa this is going to be a great purchase for you and for the price range we highly recommend it be sure to go to our website at the link in the description below to read the full review there’s even more information there and thanks for watching [Music]

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