Olee Sleep 13 Inch Galaxy Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam Review

welcome to liquor talk TV I’m cooter this is mojo and today I’ll be unboxing and reviewing the Olli hybrid 13-inch memory foam mattress from Amazon so check it out looks like the new bed has arrived check that thing out let’s get it inside all right it’s in the bedroom the old mattress has been removed all right so in like three minutes I’ve already got this thing set up and it looks like it’s almost a bed I guess it takes a couple days to get fully fully filled up with air and good to go but that was that was really easy and quick I think I’ll be sleeping on this bad boy tonight I’m definitely gonna ventilate a little bit it doesn’t smell great because it just smells like new plastic and rubber parts yeah hmm I get a step turn again all right so this is the 13 inch Olli hybrid memory foam mattress from Amazon you just saw the unboxing I would say if we’re gonna quickly go through the pros and cons there are a lot of pros number one it’s cheap and super cheap for the Queen which this is it’s 250 bucks and that’s shipped directly to your front door like you saw in the unboxing I think the king is maybe 300 bucks and code out of like 220 for the other sizes I besides price it’s super convenient it shows up at your door and within I don’t know 10 minutes it was up and ready to go protip you’re gonna want to open up your windows because it does have that fresh new bed smell straight off the factory line and it’s wrapped in plastic so you’re gonna want to ventilate properly and also it takes I mean it was up pretty quickly for me but it couldn’t take up to like a whole day to get to the full sides but it popped up pretty quick for me other nice thing that’s it’s very soft the last but I had was super firm and we just put a memory foam mattress on top of it or topper and that was just too firm this is really nice and comfortable so I definitely recommend it for that as far as cons go you do sort of sink in so as you can see I’m only about 165 pounds and I’m sort of sinking in a little bit it’s not super noticeable there’s not any dents or permanent sink spots but when you are sleeping you do notice that you you sort of go towards the center of the bed eventually I also think that potentially when he gets hot with memory foam it could as you sink in kind of heat you up I had other complete memory foam beds before and that happens so right now it’s a weird time so I’m not sure but that’s another potential pitfall the last thing I would say as far as a con is if you’re the type of person that’s gonna sit on the edge of your bed it’s very tight on the edge of the bed so it kind of squashes down but that’s a that’s what it looks like so this is all coils and this is the memory foam part I would say I highly recommend it for 250 bucks and delivered straight to your door and extremely easy to set up it just it’s a really good deal even if it only lasts you a couple years it seems seems legit Amazon is not paying me and saying this stuff but I recommend it and if you are going to buy one check out the link that would be cool oh one last thing as far as sex in the bed goes it’s it’s really good it’s nice and soft and you can easily flip your laptop up and set it right next to you so that way you can really take your time master mastering the art of sex I’m sorry yeah so seven out of ten you know it’s really comfortable and quiet for those lovemaking sessions anyway I give this bed like a eight out of ten I would say it’s good if it’s just gonna be something for the next couple years if you got a bunch of money spend maybe maybe go with something better but there is Birds

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