Olympus TOUGH TG5 Camera Review

Olympus TOUGH TG5 Camera Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal
Written by zeeshan

Today we’re doing something a little bit different we’re going to go underwater and do some underwater photography it should be absolutely epic here in Egypt so stick around yes thank you for joining me today guys that is what we are going to go underwater I knew the Fujifilm was such a good camera but I never knew it was waterproof no I’m joking I’ve got this Olympus tuff camera I want to test it out I’ve rented it just for this part of the trip when you’re underwater here into hub in Egypt it’s one of the best places to do diving and snortings we’re under some snorkeling today and a play place called the Blue Hole but I want to really test this camera out I’ve read some reviews online and it’s the best camera for the budget style that we want to do that I want to do right now it does shoot 4k at 30 frames those shoot Full HD at 120 frames.


Olympus TOUGH TG5 Camera Review

Obviously, 30 frames but the biggest problem is the sensor size is so bloody small it suffers from really bad noise I’ve done some testing already in really basically like like this a lot of lawyer and you still get a lot of grain because a sensor is so small but that’s what we’re gonna do right now head out to this blue hole get all the equipment organized for only five US dollars for six hours absolutely incredible it should say this on the slightest off-chance that couldn’t be it should be absolutely epic here in the hub in Egypt [Music] so a riot at the Blue Hole here into hub after one or two many more Egyptian scans they try and do here but good idea got that stuff it want to head into the blue hole.

Now I’m gonna cross over to the Olympus tough camera and do all the filming from there [Music] snorkeling session number one down number two to hop in this side and explore the other side of the blue hole let’s go [Music] so the fish is finally out of water well worth the five euros I said before it was only $5 to come here but when we got to the place they said 7 euros 50 then we said to him hang on it’s only meant to be $5 they said that was an old brochure it’s now 5 euros that’s probably the biggest issue I’ve got with Europe they just see when they think that we’ve got plenty of money and I’ll be honest with you I’ve got hardly any money so 5 euros is still a little bit of me to spend then on the way here on the car they try and say to you are you but the mask and flipper rental costs more money also but in the brochure already says that it’s included in the price everything I mean everything they try and charge you for here just to try and get money out of you I don’t have a problem with that if there is justification for spending the money but if there’s not I’m not just going to give money out to any willy-nilly out there but enough of that said absolutely fantastic I mean fantastic time here hopefully the footage lives up to the expectations I haven’t seen it yet you guys have but the location Saudi Arabia just over there I’m sitting on top of this mountain overlooking the Blue Hole a hundred and twenty meters deep that hole is we just stalk it around then looking over at Stella Arabia and Israel in the far distance incredible like location incredible place incredible things to do here into harm for fairly cheap prices backpacking prices now I’m going to head back into the hub.

Look at this footage I’ve got then take you through what I think of this Olympus tuff camera and is it worth four hundred and something issue euros or should you save your money and get a good camera and a housing or should you get a GoPro guys I’m going to jump back knee out and speak to you then okay guys I am back and I want to review the Olympus tg5 tough camera it’s it’s right in the middle of a market between the Canon 200 D and that range of DSLR small DSLR range and the GoPro the new GoPro Hero 7 so who is this middle market for and would you buy this camera that’s what I want to talk about right now so it’s got great things such as image stabilization it’s small tough rugged lightweight can fit in your pocket and also shoots 4k the little problem is as I sit in this middle market you’ve got the GoPro at about 320 euros incredible incredible Image Stabilizer shoots 4k at 60 frames a second and can shoot stills which is what they live has tough camera can do they’re on the other side of the spectrum you’ve got the Canon 200 d where if your wanted to go underwater you have to buy the whole housing they’ve got interchangeable lenses a bigger sense of size so you’re going to get better image quality and more capable video out of it so that’s where I don’t understand where the Lupus guys I think the only market is what people would buy this for and this is my personal opinion is if you just want to dive a little bit into underwater photography no pun intended but then again the image quality of the GoPro and the video capability of the GoPro would match that just as quickly if you ask me because I always had to shoot a plus on the e V plus 0.7 to get a usable image out of it yes it shot 4k and yes it’s got image stabilizer but you get massive crop out of the olympus go over to the gopro to smaller you’ve got third-party accessories as far as a dime for 45 euros you can get a double-handed dying where you can get for the gopro such as this and you’re gonna get the image stabilizing capability.

Inside of the gopro plus holding it with two hands and swimming through you’re gonna get a much more stable image without the huge crop that limb forces got so that’s right i understand where olympus is done with this you go into getting something like this the olympus it’s a hundred euro then you have to buy a light which would highly recommend to get you’re just adding on all this money but then you take the GoPro out of water and it’s adventure Pat you can go snowboarding hiking you know basically anything you want jumping out of a plane it’s got stabilizing which is incredible it’s got so many third-party accessories we can just attach to a car helmet and probably with all those attachments you’re still less than the four hundred and nineteen euros ally Olympus this is my personal opinion let me know in the comments below what Avenue would you go the GoPro route and getting all the accessories for probably 500 euros or less the Olympus at four hundred and nineteen euros on special right now and then you still have to get a few accessories or would you just go into the Canon 200 d range and I mean buying a housing for that is probably a little bit stupid but it’s more versatile outside of boiler I mean I understand you don’t shoot water photography or videography it’s a bit of a weird situation to be in but for me it’s not everyone’s niche to get into that and I think if you did get into underwater photography you would spend that extra money on a better housing a better camera than the Olympus Range go play winds for me but let me know in the comments below have you ever used this Olympus middle-range unknown market or would you just prefer to jump in the GoPro like everyone else and capture incredible footage out of a tiny tiny little camera or just be a fish out of water and get everything you need on a good little DSLR.

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