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Oral b 7000 Toothbrush Review

what’s up guys ran a racer here with another tech video for guys today and today bring us a quick in-depth review of the oral-b white 7000 series bluetooth professional toothbrush so corsola further let’s slice this open so you get tested out and give you a smack quick in-depth review so I did pick up this toothbrush during Black Friday off of Amazon CA for 147 dollars which is so expensive for a toothbrush but for this particular model here this normally retails for over 250 for retail price Elysee in Canada here for those you who may or may not remember actually made a video of a toothbrush three years ago three or four years ago on the or B vitality toothbrush and that was only twenty bucks and it’s actually pretty awesome toothbrush but I notice the battery is starting to go the 7000 series toothbrushes from oral-b are their top align models and did you come in white as well as black this particular model here is also Bluetooth enabled so you can actually connect this to your smartphone to monitor and enhance your toothbrush experience this particular kit here is obviously the white model as I mentioned earlier you have the toothbrush itself the base station as well as an add-on station for additional brush heads which you do get two additional ones a travel case and a wireless smart guide system so toothbrush does come in your standard cardboard packaging here in two different pieces the first thing we introduced at the course is the oral-b white 7000 series toothbrush continuing on we also have another package it looks like this one contains the smart guide system which has the display sticker and mounting bracket to triple-a batteries the back lid as well as the mounting base or the smart guide continuing on we also have a cover for the extra toothbrushes and that cover II guy saw actually goes on top of this part here and of course you guys to see there’s slots for additional brush heads moving on to the second half of the box we have a single large piece of packaging here off to fit like a shoe box and looks like the first thing we get is two extra brush heads which do feature two different head designs here’s a quick look at the head design or the one that’s already on the toothbrush you also have your travel case which of course is in white to match the toothbrush and if you get the black model obviously it’s going to be in black maybe spot for the brush body or the toothbrush body and course two additional brush heads continuing on we also have a pouch here which looks like it just is meant to fit the smart guide if you want to carry that with you as well again box here which looks like is the charger for the toothbrush itself so we have the base station where your toothbrush just sits on top to charge and you can use the base station by itself or you can also attach it to the brush holder here like so and we’re almost done the last thing we get is of course a manual there’s actually one more thing coupons for future brush heads now these brushes do last for around three months which is the dentist’s recommended to change your toothbrush or in this case a toothbrush head and you get $10 off of future toothbrush head purchases so enemies that is pretty much it there’s a closer look at the case itself it’s made of this polycarbonate hardshell material with stainless steel brush a rush things to do tops and bottoms here and the outside has a nice silicon matte finish to it or B logo on the front here and inside so where your toothbrush is gonna go for sure you can’t use this case with the brush head attached on top as it does make longer but there’s an additional spot here for another brush head and the entire interior here which has made a silicon can be removed in case it gets dirty so you can clean it or throw in a dishwasher or even the washing machine here’s the charging base here which you guys saw can be removed from the holder here for additional brush heads and the base station is pretty simple to use they use inductive charging so there’s no actual metal contact you just sit on on top and it starts charging already so here is a toothbrush itself just a quick overview of it you have the head on the top here which course is removable and replaceable the body portion here has a rubber backing as well as a rubber front here to give you a nice grip when you’re brushing teeth it’s also pretty ergonomic so it doesn’t matter whether you’re right or left handed on the center here you have your power button which fires up as you guys see you kind of lights up all blue which looks pretty cool this button here switches between six different modes which is basically the amount of pulsations you have on the motions of the brush head on the top here I just said it at the normal mode as I find a most effective down here you have your bluetooth button or not button the LED lights and your battery status indicator light which mine is currently dying so definitely need to recharge this very soon the one thing I like about the setup here is that you have the smart guide system here which is pretty cool the happy face tells you whether or not doing a good job brushing your teeth and when you fire the toothbrush up a timer starts on the digital display here so the time here not only gives you the timer but also lets you know which side of your mouth you can switch at so generally I believe it’s 20 no 30 seconds per each side of your mouth top and bottom side side whatever and which is pretty cool it also vibrates the to Thresh itself to let you know when to switch over if you’re not looking at the digital display and lets you know about section here so these are two top sections they were teeth and these are two bottom sections when you hit the mode dial here it actually displays which mode you’re actually in if you just fired up for a second so we have six different modes here so what about the Bluetooth function which is kind of a tech feature of this – threshold oral-b provides an app for your iPhone which you can connect your phone to your toothbrush if you don’t like to use a smart guide here you can actually use the timer right on your phone which you guys can see here activates another cool feature is that if you press too hard this red light actually turns on to let you know you’re pushing too hard and also lets you know on the app here and in short if you press too hard the bristles on the toothbrush won’t be as effective and chances are you’ll probably be staring at your iPhone screen so the app also provides you with you know interesting tips about brushing your teeth some video news and this pretty much gives you a summary of your tooth brushing so if it’s saying you know you’re using too much pressure too much or you didn’t brush enough that kind of information it also doesn’t just record the time that you brushed your teeth it actually keeps track of how well you brush your teeth over here at a time so having an app like this and the ability to connect your toothbrush your phone it’s pretty cool records how well you brush your teeth and because we only have one set of permanent teeth in our lifetime it’s a pretty cool feature to have that you can monitor how well your brush so having all these high-tech features built in a toothbrush and having a smart guy system connected to your phone all that stuff is pretty cool but how well does it brush your teeth well I can’t really just show you guys my teeth because that’s not going really hope you guys but I can’t give you guys my experiences of using it since going to the dentist and my past experience of using the oral-b vitality toothbrush and you have to say these motorized toothbrushes really do make a big difference in terms of your brushing how clean your teeth are and just the overall effectiveness effectiveness area of the using this toothbrush and my dentist has said it is a pretty big difference coming from a manual toothbrush to one of these in comparison to the Philips the toothbrush I can’t remember the exact name but that’s also a pretty interesting competitor remodel I don’t have personal experience by that by understand Philips uses like vibration technology versus a motorized brush head Percy I think the physical movement of the brush head would be more effective than just vibrations but people have said that Philip does perform very well as well that being said from my experience with the Orbeez 7000 series toothbrush here it has been a very pleasure thing to use but the results from my dentist has given me and as well as my experiences with it if there’s any cons were things I don’t like about this toothbrush here I know is the battery doesn’t last too long I could say I can get away with roughly two weeks without having to charge it in addition to that this is pretty much the thing with all toothbrushes is that because you have to flip it up like this any excess toothpaste or water that’s on the top here kind of drips all the way down so that’s why I say I recommend the white one over the black one in conclusion guys if you’re looking for a high tech toothbrush that does more than just brush your teeth each selfie can’t go wrong to oral-b 7000 series toothbrush anyway it’s nice to watch a guy I hope you enjoyed the video and if you guys had your questions or comments about this toothbrush ask me in the comment section down below hit that like button is also its meal and I’ll see you next video

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