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Oral b 8000 Toothbrush Review

this is the oral-b genius Pro 8000 the flagship electric toothbrush from oral-b in the USA I’ve been testing it for a good few weeks and I’m here to give you my feedback so where to start with the genius Pro 8000 there’s so many features to this electric toothbrush it’s the flagship model from oral-b it pushes the boundary of oral healthcare and well it’s a fantastic brush there are a few little criticisms that I’ve got about it and there’s a lot to cover so much so that this video would go on too long if I covered all of the features in detail there is a full written review that accompanies this video over electric teeth co uk where you can get a lot more information on the brush but let’s get through it let’s show you some of the key features and the benefits of this brush so the genius Pro comes in this black color it has an excellent box contents with the genius Pro you get the brush handle itself you get a premium travel case you get a smart phone holder you get multiple brush heads you get a brush head storage compartment as well as the charging stand so you’ve got everything to get you up and going and a little bit more let’s just touch on that premium travel case so it holds the brush and up to two brush heads it’s a premium quality case it feels very solid is well built it’s soft to the touch it has a smartphone holder built into it as well but most importantly and what’s unique about it is you can actually charge the genius pro in the case it comes with its own charger that connects to the case and allows the brush to charge in that travel case if you want to there’s also a full-sized USB port on that case so you could connect the USB cable for your smartphone and providing the power cable is connected to the case your smart phone will charge from the case as well there’s no battery built into the case just to make that clear so that lovely case is a great way of traveling with this toothbrush and up to two heads and makes it good for sort of premium travelers you know business travelers I’m thinking of you so as you can see here you’ve got a lovely handle you’ve got a power button on the front you’ve got a cleaning mode butter and you may just see we’ve got a few icons down on the front here to indicate the cleaning modes there’s six cleaning modes on this brush you’ve got Bluetooth a battery status icon and the logos on the back you’ve got a rubber grip here which makes it really nice and easy to hold in the hand now you may pick up there’s a few white speckles on here this is where toothpaste and stuff it gets into the grip though it’s just a small criticism of it it’s not the end of the world but the the white toothpaste off she picks up against the black now you may better clean that a bit better than I actually have there so at the top you’ve got an LED smart ring this also doubles up as a pressure sensor this can be customized one of 12 colors from the oral-b application that’s available for Android and iOS now if you’re brushing too hard during your clean this will actually light up red to alert you to that fact you’ll also hear the brush motor slowed down the sound changed number of movements in the brush head will change as well and because brushing too hard is dangerous basically you need to relieve that pressure and once that pressure has been relieved the brush will power back up the bristles of the brush head need only skim the surface of your teeth now most of the modes on here run for two minutes and built into the brush is a two minute timer in Quad pacer that encourages you to clean for the right amount of time you get slight pauses in the motor at 30-second intervals and then again at the two minutes to signify that you need to change quadrant and the clean is now over now when the clean is over the brush continues to run it doesn’t automatically power off like some models do now the cleaning modes on here you’ve got daily clean gunk air sensitive whitening Pro clean and a tongue cleaner but you’ve actually only got five icons on the front of the brush handle which frustrates me a little bit now these modes light up when each one is selected but you don’t have an icon for daily clean mode that’s the standard mode the brush will launch in when you power the brush on now it would just be nice to have that there another thing you’ve got to remember is that if you want to change the cleaning mode you have to do it when the brush is powered on you can change it mid clean if you like but you’ve got to remember kind of how many presses because it can be a bit awkward with this in your mouth and trying to find out which mode you’re on now the good news about the genius Pro 8000 is that it will remember the last cleaning mode that you had so if it was set to the you know whitening mode then it will stay on that whitening mode next time you power the brush on so in here is a lithium ion battery which gives you 12 days of usage that’s 48 minutes of usage time so the newer lithium ion technology not the nickel metal hydride batteries that are being seen in older brushes that’s also allowed oral-b to slim the handle down a bit compared to the very popular oral-b pro 7000 that uses a nickel metal hydride battery you get a little bit of feedback through the battery status icon on the front here but not as much as I’d like I’d like to see sort of like a percentage feedback or a little bit more and indeed a little bit more battery life from the genius Pro because 12 days is good but it’s not quite the two or three weeks of a sunny care brush so there’s no percentage feedback in the the app and that app that is the main way in which you interact with this brush on an Android or iOS device download the app from the relevant application store and it connects to this toothbrush and you can see in real time what’s happening as you clean your teeth so it will give you feedback on how well your brushing where you can improve it breathing information such as news and events and your calendar appointments you can set specific cleaning routines you want to help achieve or health care goals you can share the information with your dentist because it actually logs all of the cleans from this brush now you don’t have to have the brush with you all the time it will store up to 20 cleans worth of data and next time the brush from the smartphone come together it will sync that data now one of the key selling points of the genius Pro 8000 is that it comes with a smartphone holder a little bit like a suction cup mount you’d use in your vehicle to attach to the windshield this sort of universal holder will hold most smartphones and it has a suction cup which could attach to a mirror or the tiles and the idea is you line it up with your face and the front-facing camera on the smartphone tracks the position of the brush in your mouth as you’re cleaning to give you more realistic and real-time feedback on your brush we’re to improve and overall help you achieve better oral health that’s the whole idea of the app it’s not to complain it’s to educate you to clean better so that’s built into the brush as well it’s a feature that is good it’s clever I find it a little bit awkward to actually get used to using it takes a bit of sort of setting up adds to the cleaning time for me it’s not something I can really stick with long term but it’s nice to have it there to sort of check in every now and again so when cleaning the brush head cleans really well here obviously you’ve got a few different brush heads included in the box and you can pick up different styles of brush heads there’s a range available from all will be all the brush heads are interchangeable and work with any of the different cleaning modes albeit some brush heads are better suited to particular cleaning modes so for example you get a pro wide brush head that works well with the whitening mode typically a brush head works out about five dollars to pick a replacement one up of these they come in different packs eise’s the retail price of this brush is somewhere between 200 and 250 dollars that’s quite expensive for an electric toothbrush but it’s got loads of features built in the good news you don’t need to pay this much you can pick it up for around about one hundred and sixty-five dollars or less so as a guide over three years that works out about 22 cents per day to use now you could extend the value of this handle by sharing with family members remember to change the brush head the downside to that is the Bluetooth functionality only works with one user you can’t have two users both logging their dates with this it gets confused it’s got no way of knowing which users who so that’s a bit of a downside so it’s a fully waterproof handle it comes with a 2-year warranty so overall the genius Pro 8000 is an excellent toothbrush there’s no denying its gonna leave your teeth and mouth beating great it’s gonna make you better at cleaning your teeth is going to help your oral health it could bring your dental bills down because you need less treatment because it’s cleaning your teeth better so it’s well worth consideration but if you can’t stretch this far there are some very good alternatives a cheaper price you’re getting a lot of bells and whistles on here that you may not necessarily need or want so do consider that as I say there’s a full written review that accompanies this video over electric teeth co uk but we have to give this a 5 out of 5 rating here electric teeth because it’s an excellent electric toothbrush so if you liked this video be sure to give it a thumbs up but until next time thanks for watching

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