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Oral b Pro 1000 Electric Toothbrush Review

hey guys one back to my Channel today I want to do a quick review of this oral-b pro $1.00 electric rechargeable toothbrush that I purchased from my mom for thirty nine ninety seven from Amazon you and also the Runza replacement brush heads for $8.99 that’s the value pack let’s take a quick look at the our OB Pro 1000 comes to this nice little container and turns out MSM it delivers on the weekends being a Sunday today it’s got a real nice color it’s got the rotating heads as that cross action or it basically perfectly aligns its angle get a deep clean in between teeth removes three hundred percent more plaque along the gum line then you the traditional toothbrush and here’s what the box looks like the back also shows you a little bit about the item description very simplistic of the oscillating head let’s open this up see what’s inside of packaging fortunately I forgot to bring my she I can’t bring my shower pad with me because you’re on vacation bye-bye Seattle today otherwise I’m gonna be holding this I’m going to review it comes a couple of days on comes with coupons instruction manual all be head so looks like this electric toothbrush handle nice little turquoise color with white nicely designed and this must be the charge station it’s got the oral-b Brown logo got two indicators we tell you when these charging there is the end where it goes into the retirement units charging unit got a nice little goo right here to provide nice grip rubberized handle right here nice feeling design I like the cover pretty nice pretty nice pull this out charge up the toothbrush and see how it performs alright so I have the unit connected I’m going to do this place electric toothbrush on here it’s a lot of charges I’m going to put the washer the red washer on here clip the toothbrush head inside the engineer then it snaps into place let’s see if it works if it’s really charged a little bit why was that we have no clue as it shows right here it needs more charge more juice so I’m pretty sure when I insert it in the charge cable charge station went until I turn solid green then I’ll be ready to use so notice is charging it flashes green I’m pretty sure we in terms of solid green it’s ready to use it might take a couple hours for first charge I notice the instruction manual is said it takes 22 hours of our first full electric charge so I think my just gonna have to review it like it is because I’m actually bought a head to the head airport so I’m gonna test this out option so the oral-b pro 1000 takes a little bit getting used to because I’m still basing off my Philips Sonicare toothbrush which I use three times a day as opposed to rotating motion it has more like a vibrating motion where it goes up and down along the teeth and a gum line I think I prefer that over that harsher rotary action let’s call it 3d action so that definitely takes some getting used to and I know it’s definitely noise zero they’re my personal toothbrush otherwise if you in the market for something affordable with a nice brand and does its job nicely this will be the perfect one for you only thirty nine ninety seven boom Amazon I’m I probably have to hook this up with a 82 percent hey guys thanks for watching don’t forget like comment share subscribe take yourselves and your teeth

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